As Circle Leaders, we follow Jesus as we help others follow Jesus. In the process of doing this, we make disciples! When a group of people follows Jesus together, they become a movement of hope. That’s why Circles have a huge part to play in Valley Creek’s vision to be a movement of hope for the city and beyond!

Circle Leaders have three responsibilities:

  1. Build Your Circle
  2. Facilitate Jesus-Focused, Spirit-Filled, Life-Giving Conversations
  3. Help People Take Next Steps

We will continually add resources and we’d love to hear from you on specific topics that will help you grow as a leader. Let us know here!

Manage your Circle roster, report attendance, and update your Circle events

Discipleship Thoughts

These short, 3-5 minute videos cover topics that every Circle Leader has faced or will face as they make disciples. No matter what you’re experiencing, you’re not alone! We encourage you to invest a little time in yourself by reviewing these now and bookmarking this page for future reference. We’ll keep adding new content. You can help us keep this relevant and valuable by letting us know specific topics you can use some help with. Let us know here!

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