Second Step

Next Step Course Second Step is an opportunity to take some next steps on your journey with Jesus. This course is broken up into three sessions where you’ll learn more about who you are in Jesus, how to get rooted more deeply in Him, who the Holy Spirit is, and how to hear God’s voice. […]

Gratitude Experience

Gratitude cleans out our hearts after a rough season, and it prepares our hearts to receive and release everything God has for us in the year to come. So, if you’re ready to experience fresh hope and joy in this season, join us for our Gratitude Experience! Each session will have a gratitude action step […]

The Lord’s Prayer Experience

If you’re looking to encounter God’s presence in a new way, join us for our Lord’s Prayer Experience! Every day this week, take some time to read the prayer focus and a modern-day version of the Lord’s Prayer. Who we’re talking to is more important than how we pray, so as you go through this […]

Resurrection Experience

In the midst of the storm that seems to be raging all around us, I think we are all ready for some fresh hope & new life. We’re ready for the circumstances to change. For the situation to be resolved. For a breakthrough to come. And while we wait for that to happen, Jesus offers […]