Some of life’s biggest blessings come disguised as disappointments. In fact, some of the most incredible leaders in the history of the family of God didn’t just survive disappointments – they thrived in them. How we handle disappointment determines the quality of our life, the health of our heart, and can lead us to the abundant life God has for us.

Have you ever been passed over, year after year, for a promised promotion? David can relate. Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth all spent years waiting for a child. Moses and Job had good reason to be disappointed, too, both in people and in God. Elijah expected the great evidence of God’s power on Mount Carmel would bring revival, but instead it only put a price on his head. He was so disappointed that he asked to die! At the end of Jesus’ life, almost everyone He had invested in ended up denying, disowning, and deserting Him. Can you imagine that?

Disappointment is a part of living on earth in this broken world, but as the people of God, we have HOPE! Our hope isn’t dependent upon politics, weather, the economy, a pandemic, our career, or our family. Our hope is a person and His name is Jesus. He walks with us through the hills and the valleys as our good Shepherd, and He is always taking us places for our good and His glory!

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