New Year Online Service

December 27, 2020

Circle Guide

  1. All In with Jesus and His Church is: following Jesus, obeying His commands, unifying with His Church, and engaging in His mission. In which of these areas are you living an All In life? In which areas have you leaned out versus leaned in?
  2. Where do you need to go back and get God’s heavenly perspective on any and every area of your earthly realities? Where do you need to agree and align with God’s truth in order to experience righteousness, peace, and joy in your life?

Mark 4:15-20

How have you stewarded God’s revelation to you in 2020; how has this changed the way you’re living? Is there revelation that you’ve resisted in 2020; areas where you’ve stopped growing and where you need to repent and change the way you’re thinking?


Jesus, give me a heart and spirit of repentance to move the line I have drawn in following You. Give me a renewed passion to experience the fullness of life that You have for me.

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