Soul Detox

July 11, 2021

Circle Guide

  1. If the pain of repentance feels higher than the pain of tolerance we have dropped the guard off our heart. Where are you tolerating toxins versus repenting and turning away from them?
  2. Here are five ways to have a toxic-free heart. Which one do you need to start taking next steps in today?
    Engaging the word of God
    Repenting to gain the perspective of God
    Declaring the promises of God
    Gathering with the people of God
    Worshipping and giving your heart to God

Matthew 8:3-4 (MSG)

How can you express gratitude to God for what he has done for you?


Jesus, will you give us a desire to live toxic-free lives. May we lean in and plant your promises in our hearts.


When are you planning to go to the Soul Detox experience? Have you encouraged those in your Circle to go? Details at

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