Introduction to Disappointed

Hope is the belief in the goodness of God despite disappointments. It’s not whether disappointment will come; it’s what we will do when it does. Finding hope in the midst of disappointment is the pathway to our destiny!

So, here are some practical reminders before we jump in:

  • Engage – find a distraction-free environment to listen to these messages so you can really lean into what the Holy Spirit is saying.
  • Take your time – there are six sessions in this experience. Some may take an hour, some longer. Block off an appropriate amount of time to get the most out of the experience.
  • We are better together – reach out to a friend and do this together. You will be surprised by how much revelation you will gain in both your relationship with Jesus and with your friend.
  • Hit the pause button – don’t be afraid to hit the pause button and really sit in the midst of the revelation He is giving you.
  • Pray – we are praying that the Holy Spirit would be your guide through this whole experience!
  • Activate – do something with what you’re learning!
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