Introduction to Jesus: More Than Enough

This series is all about freeing our hearts from the things that hold us back from experiencing the freedom Jesus has created us to experience. We will take a hard look at our lives and discover what is really relevant to us. We will learn what it really means to follow Jesus and the difference between forcing our way through life and following Jesus every day.

So, here are some practical reminders before we jump in:

  • Engage – find a distraction-free environment to listen to these messages so you can really lean into what the Holy Spirit is saying.
  • Take your time – there are six sessions in this experience. Some may take an hour, some longer. Block off an appropriate amount of time to get the most out of the experience.
  • We are better together – reach out to a friend and do this together. You will be surprised by how much revelation you will gain in both your relationship with Jesus and with your friend.
  • Hit the pause button – don’t be afraid to hit the pause button and really sit in the midst of the revelation He is giving you.
  • Pray – we are praying that the Holy Spirit would be your guide through this whole experience!
  • Activate – do something with what you’re learning!
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