Resurrection Experience – Day 1

Acknowledge Your Need For Jesus

Jesus, we acknowledge our need for you!

It’s amazing how much of our life we live without being aware of Jesus. If we’re honest, we often go through much of our daily lives without looking to Jesus for His provision, protection, or presence. And then, all of the sudden life feels like it falls apart & we quickly remember how desperately dependent we are on Him – not just for salvation, but for all of life. The beginning of a resurrection is simply acknowledging our need for Jesus. It’s only when we get to the end of ourselves that we find the beginning of life. You see, we need Jesus whether we admit it or not. Acknowledging our need for Him simply allows us to stop resisting His relentless grace & to start receiving it. There is an undeserved favor & a supernatural empowerment (a resurrection) when we choose to humble ourselves & admit that we aren’t in control of our own lives.

Today, God wants to meet you right where you are, and it all starts by acknowledging that you need Jesus! So, you ready? You got this! For the next 10 min walk through these steps:

PREPARE – Find a quiet place & remove all distractions. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, & for at least 60 seconds focus your attention on the fact that God is with you. Become aware that His Presence is with you, in you, & around you.

DISCOVER – Slowly read Ephesians 2. Take a moment and write down the answers to: What are you discovering about who Jesus is? What He did for you? And what does this now mean for your life?

RESPOND – In light of your discoveries, take a few moments & tell Jesus you need Him. Just talk to God. Out loud, acknowledge you need HIS grace, HIS mercy, HIS forgiveness, HIS healing, & HIS love. As you start to respond, humble yourself and just pour out your heart to him. “Jesus I need you…”

DECLARE – Your words shape your life, so as you finish praying, by faith declare, “Jesus I need you & I welcome you into every area of my life.”

SHARE – Share this with someone in your life today.

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