Resurrection Experience – Day 2

Confess & Repent

Jesus, today we confess & repent.

Confession & Repentance. If we’re honest, we tend to dislike these words. But these 2 concepts are a gift from God & are the foundation of a resurrected life. They keep our heart healthy & our mind free. They keep us from going back into the darkness Jesus set us free from. Confession is simply acknowledging our sins to God. It’s choosing to admit that there are areas of our life that are not aligned with what He says is true, right, & good. Repentance is changing the way we think. It’s choosing to realign our thoughts & actions to come into agreement with God’s truth. And when we change the way we think, it changes the way we live. While confession brings things out of the darkness & into the light, repentance allows us to start walking in His light. Like a loving Father, God’s kindness empowers us to confess & repent so that we can live free in a world that’s trying to keep us in darkness. No matter how far our hearts may drift, a resurrected life is never out of reach.

Let’s do this! Take at least 10 mins & go through these steps:

PREPARE – Find a quiet place & listen to Valley Creek’s worship song “Behold.” Allow those words to wash over your heart & turn your attention to Jesus. (Behold is available in our stories above)

DISCOVER – Read Isaiah 53 – a declaration of what Jesus did for you on the cross. What are you discovering about who He is & what He did for you? Let the gravity of that settle in your heart.

RESPOND – In light of your discovery, take some time to confess & repent to God. Just talk to Him. Confess your sins to Jesus thanking Him for His forgiveness. Remember that, in Jesus, there is no condemnation, only grace & freedom. Then repent – change your mind & choose to believe that what God says is true about who you are, who He is, & what you were created to do.

DECLARE – As you finish praying, declare out loud, “Jesus has fully forgiven me & set me free.” Now say it again & again until you start to believe it.

SHARE – Write down & share with someone something you discovered or experienced.

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