Resurrection Experience – Day 3

Receive His Grace

Jesus, today we receive your grace!

Grace. It changes everything. It’s more than just forgiveness – it’s the complete transformation of our identity. In Jesus, we have been resurrected – or in other words, born again. We are now a new creation with a completely new nature. We are no longer defined by what we do, what we did, or what others have done to us. We are now defined by what Jesus has done for us. We aren’t who the world says we are. We aren’t who we say we are. We aren’t our performance, looks, achievements, failures, or sins – we are who God says we are. Grace includes us in Christ, and everything that is true of Him is now true of us. As He is, so we are. We didn’t earn it. We don’t deserve it. But we can choose to receive it. So, let’s stop living down to who we WERE and start living up to who we now ARE!

Ok, ready? Today is gonna be the best day yet! Remember, this is all about turning your heart to Jesus. It’s choosing to pursue Him by faith regardless of what you think or feel is happening.

God is moving & You are growing!

PREPARE – Change it up and find a different quiet place today. Close your eyes, open your hands, & invite the Holy Spirit to fill you. “Holy Spirit, I invite you to fill me fresh.” Then, starting with your feet, picture His presence filling you up. Feel Him filling your feet, then your legs. Then, filling up your belly. Feel His presence in your chest, your arms, & then your face & head – overflowing your whole body! Feel His presence in you & upon you.

DISCOVER – Read Romans 8. Where do you see the grace of Jesus at work in your life? How has that grace changed you?

RESPOND – Now grab a journal or a piece of paper. At the top write, “In Jesus” & then write these identity statements. I am loved. I am forgiven. I am free. I am wanted. I am chosen. I am righteous. I am blessed. I am set apart. I am the Father’s beloved son/daughter. Then ask God to give you one more. I am _________!

DECLARE – Stand up & declare each of these statements out loud. Now, do it again like you mean it!

SHARE – Write down & share what you discovered or experienced.

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