Resurrection Experience – Day 4

Give Thanks

Jesus, today we thank you for EVERYTHING!

Give thanks. Gratitude. Worship. Praise. Regardless of which of those words you prefer, they all have the same heart – responding to the goodness of God in our lives. In a world of entitlement, complaining, & grumbling – gratitude feels more countercultural than ever before, but it’s also more important than ever before. While giving thanks may not be natural or normal, it’s part of the resurrected life. When we choose to give thanks to God for His goodness, His grace, & His kindness, we start to arise from the circumstances around us. Gratitude helps us shift our perspective from what’s wrong with us, to what’s right with God. From what the world is doing to us, to what God is doing for us. Gratitude changes us! It reminds us that God is good & every good thing in our life comes from Him. And because of that truth, we know there is always more to celebrate than to complain about. There is always more to be grateful for than to grumble about. And, there are always more reasons to worship than to worry.

So let’s take a few mins & allow gratitude to shift the atmosphere of our life.

PREPARE – Find a place where you can turn it up & then tell God you’re ready to meet with Him.

DISCOVER – Read Philippians 2:1-11 & Colossians 1:15-23. What do these verses show you about the goodness of Jesus?

RESPOND – Turn up Valley Creek worship song, “The One”. Listen & sing along (hey, if you can sing your favorite Beatles, U2, Bieber, or Garth songs when you’re by yourself, why can’t you sing about Jesus). As the song finishes, start thanking God out loud, for all the good things He has done for you. Thank Him for all the things He has given you. For all the ways He has blessed you. Thank Him for your family, freedom, church, life, future, & for this experience. Just go for it!

DECLARE – Now declare out loud, “Thank you God that you always have been, & always will be, good to ME.” Now do it again.

SHARE – Write down something you are grateful for. Then, reach out to one person in your life & tell them why you are thankful for them!

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