The Lord’s Prayer Experience – Day 3


As we read through the Lord’s Prayer today, let’s activate our AUTHORITY. When you know who you’re praying to and tell Him how grateful you are for Him, then you have a boldness to take authority and invite His will into your life and this world. Let’s bring Heaven into the circumstances around us!

The Lord's Prayer Action Step:

Hey Dad! You’re a really good Dad, and You have a great perspective on life. I’m so grateful You’re my Dad because You’re kind, compassionate, loving, and generous. I know You have great plans for my life. So I don’t want my plans for my life, I want Your plans for my life. I want Your Kingdom to come into my world, and I know because You love me, You’re gonna meet all my needs. I know that when I mess up I can go right to You because You’re gonna forgive me, and as You forgive me, You teach me how to forgive those who have hurt me. I know You are going to protect me and give me victory. Dad, You’re a great Dad!

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