Fill It Up

So many people wandering on their own
Looking for a home, not sure where to go
Trying to fit into the crowd
There’s a party going on, but how are they gonna come?
They don’t know where it’s at, so we can be the ones
To bring them into His house
And the Father is calling us now

Fill it up, fill it up, ‘til joy overflows
Fill it up, fill it up, ‘til everybody knows
God’s love is sweeter than any other
Fill it up, fill it up, ‘cause everyone needs hope
Fill it up, fill it up, so no one is alone
There’s room in His family
So bring everyone
And fill it up, up, up

In the Father’s heart, there’s plenty of room
He’s opening our eyes to a new point of view
He’s breaking down all our walls
Doesn’t matter who we are or what we have done
Doesn’t matter where we’ve been or where we are from
His door is open to all

Everybody sing oooo-oo-oooo
At this party, we’re all welcomed to
Everybody sing oooo-oo-oooo
There’s a place for me and a place for you
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