Awaken Challenge


In this message, we learn that while we can’t awaken our heart, we can position it to be awakened.

What do you need to surrender today? Maybe it’s a hurt. Maybe it’s some pain. Maybe it’s a relationship or child, your job, your future. Maybe it’s an area, you have been trying to hold on to control. All you need to just surrender to him today. Because whatever you let go off, he will pick up for you. And sometimes we don’t feel or see God moving in our lives, because we’re the ones holding onto everything. And he is just waiting for us to surrender.

That he might pick up the load and carry it for us. And so here is what I would like to ask you to do. You just go ahead and have a seat right where you are. And today is going to be little bit of a different service as we are finishing our 21 days of praying and fasting together as a church. And so if you are here with us for the first time and you are new, I mean, I am so glad that you are here. Today is a little bit of different service because the last 21 days as a Church, we have been fasting and praying, creating spaces in our lives for God to come and fill. And really the whole service today is designed around and Jesus. It’s about you, meeting with Jesus. And so in a moment, we are going to take Communion together to break this fast to end it, but I first want to read to you, Luke Chapter 7, starting in Verse 36 it states – When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him.

So he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. When a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, she brought an alabaster jar of perfume. And as she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, and kissed them and poured perfume on them. When the Pharisee who invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.” Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Tell me, teacher,” he said. “Two people owed money to a certain moneylender. One owed him five hundred denarii, and the other owed him fifty. Neither had the money to pay him back, so he cancelled debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?” Simon replied, “I suppose the one who had the bigger debt cancelled.”

“You have judged correctly,” Jesus said. Then he turned towards the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I came into your house. And you did not give me any water for my feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You did not give me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I have entered, has not stopped kissing my feet. You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet. Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—for she loved much, but he who has been forgiven little loves little.” This woman with a broken sinful past, probably a whole lot of pain and baggage in her life, had an encounter with the Grace of Jesus. And she hears that he is at Simon’s house, having a meal. And so goes and she goes right in. And she goes to his feet and she is weeping and wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair and pouring perfume on them. She is serving Jesus.

She is worshipping Jesus. She is honoring Jesus. And when we read this story, what we realize is that it’s her revelation of how much she has been forgiven that awakens her heart. So here was a broken woman caught in the carnage of this world, who is now living an awakened life, why? Because she has a revelation of how much she has been forgiven, so our Jesus says he who has been forgiven much, loves much. In other words, when you understand how much Jesus has really forgiven you, you heart awakens to life. And all the while this is happening, Simon the Pharisee, he is standing over here and he is watching this happen. And he is actually disgusted with this woman. You see, he wanted Jesus to come into his house, he wanted Jesus to sit in his table and have a meal, but he certainly didn’t want to give control of his life to Jesus.

And what we learn in that moment is that Jesus can be right next to you, and you can still have a numb heart. Jesus is sitting at Simon’s table and Simon still has a numb heart. Because, he who has been forgiven little, loves little. You don’t have a revelation of what Jesus has come to do. And that’s why Jesus says Simon “Let me tell you a story. Two guys owed money; one owed 500 and one owed 50. The deaths are cancelled. Who is gonna love more? Says the one who owed 500. And the truth of the matter is that every person in this room owed the debt of 500.

There’s not one person in this room that only owed 50. And we sit there and like Simon, we often think on the guy that owes 50. “I need Jesus for Salvation, but I can control the rest of my life.” “I can do it pretty well, I mean I am not like them. I mean, I haven’t done with what they have done.” “I haven’t been where they. I haven’t behaved like, I mean that’s worse.

Then, I only owe 50 and you owe 500.” “You owe 500 and you don’t have a chance of every being able to pay it off in a 1000 lifetimes.” “Without Jesus, you have no hope.” “Without Jesus, you are lost.” “Without Jesus, you are defeated.” “Without Jesus, you are broken and yet Jesus has come to say “I am here, that you might live.” He says “I have come to take away that debt you can never pay away.” “I have come to take it from you and when you understand, what I have done for you, your heart will awaken.” And so here is what we are gonna do. “Archers are gonna come forward and they are going to start passing out the elements of Communion.” And this is for everybody who has put their faith in Jesus. If you are here today and you haven’t done that yet, maybe today is your day. Maybe today is your day when you are tired of being in control of your own life. Because it is not working out all that well. And you say “man Jesus I am ready to make you Lord of my Life. I will follow you.”

“Because you see these elements. The broken body and the shed of Jesus, the cracker in grape juice.” “This right here, this is your awakening.” “This is your awakening.” “When we take this together and you stop for a moment of revelation of how much he has truly forgiven you. This is the thing that awakens your heart. And you start to realize, man “without Him, I have nothing.” And so as you are getting the elements and you are holding them in your hands, can you just think for a moment. “Can you stop it and have a revelation of how much you have been forgiven.” Can you just think about your life for a moment and realize and acknowledge, who Jesus is and what he has done.

You see, do you remember the story of Abraham and Isaac? One day God comes to Abraham and he says “Abraham, I want you to give me your one and only son.” “And Abraham says okay Lord.” So Abraham chops up the wood for the sacrifice and he puts the wood on the back of his son Isaac, and they go on a 3 day journey up the hill. And just as Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, God speaks from Heaven and he stops him. He says “Abraham, he says now I know that you love Me.” “Because you have not withheld your one and only son for Me.” And that’s not a story about Abraham and Isaac. That’s a story about Jesus and the father. You see, it was the father who cut the wood for the Cross. It was his idea to send Jesus. And Jesus took the wood on his back and he carried it up the hill and it was 3 days. Three days from the time the father lost Jesus to when he got Jesus back.”

And you and I need to realize, as we get to say, now we know that he loves us. Because he has not held his one and only son from us. You see, this forgiveness, this redemption, this is what will awaken your heart. This is the thing that sets you free. And so maybe can you just close your eyes for a moment. For those of you, who haven’t got the elements, you go ahead and get those quick, but can you just acknowledge, that you owed 500. And maybe like this woman, can you say that you want more just for Jesus t sit at your table before you to control your own life and you want to live an awakened life.

You see, I was this woman. “I was lost, broken, living my own life, doing my own thing, until I had a revelation of the Grace of Jesus that awakened me to life. You see on the night that Lord Jesus was betrayed after he had given thanks. He took the bread and he broke it. He said “this is my body, which is broken for you. I am going to be broken. I am going to die, so that you can live.” Can we receive the life of Jesus together in this moment. And in the same way after the supper, Jesus took the cup. He said “This is the cup of the New Covenant in My blood, which is going to be poured out for you. He states “My blood is going to be spilled, so that you can be brought to life.” In other words, at the end of the Cross when Jesus cried out “it is finished.” The Bible says “he breathed his last, so you can breathe your first.

Jesus breaths out, so you can breathe in. Jesus went, so you could go. Can you take a big breath and receive the Life of Jesus together. “Thank you Lord, that You are our miracle. That you have brought us from death to life.” And so here is what I want to ask you to do. “Can you stay in that frame of mind and take out this card you got when you walked in.” If you didn’t get one, you can raise your hands and the Archers will give you know, but basically, here is what I want you to do. Grab a pen, grab your card, and for the next few moments I just want you to write the things that you are praying about on here. We did this last year. You get it started. As soon as you get it out, but basically I want you to write some of the things that you are asking God for on this card and in a moment, you put it in a envelope, you write your address on it and next January 2016, we will send it to you.

No one is going to look at it. We will just hold on it for a year because what will happen is, next year when you get it in the mail, it will remind you of the goodness of God. It will remind you of his faithfulness and how you are desperate for him now in 2015 and how he showed up and revealed himself to you. And so just water some thoughts, water some things over this 21 days you have been praying and fasting for. Some areas you want God to move. Some areas you are asking Him to awaken your heart and you don’t have to make this complex. Don’t have to be like grammatically right or, you know, old English, just whatever is on your heart and your mind. Just write it down. In fact, if you are new with us and you haven’t been here before, maybe you don’t even believe in Jesus, why not just write some things down? You would like to see a God you don’t believe in and move in your life. It’s has got kindness that would lead you to repentance. Let Him show Himself to you. Maybe by faith and write some things down. Lord is where I would like to see you move.

And the reason we take Communion first, is because when you have been reminded of the forgiveness of your sins, it gives you courage and a boldness to walk into the Throne room of God and ask Him to move. Hebrews 4:16 says “Therefore let us boldly approach the throne of grace in our time of need and we may find mercy. The Bible always talks about forgiveness of sins first and then you experience the move of God. Because when we believe that He has forgiven us, we have the faith to receive that which He wants to do. In fact, that’s what Jesus says, “When you pray, say our Father.” The “our” is you and Jesus. Keep writing what you have done. I am just talking. You keep writing. The “our” is you and Jesus. He says, “It’s not my father and your father and when you pray, your prayers go through me and the Father hears them as if I myself were praying them.” Because I took all the wrath and the anger and the shame and the separation because of sin on the Cross and now the Father sees you cleansed and righteous and pure and holy. So pray! Believe!

Ask God to move. Order some things, you are going to pray about this year. Some of you it’s a healing, a miracle, a relationship, a provision, some of you it’s a secret thing in your heart. This is between you and Jesus. So can you go ahead and write some of those down and then put your address on the front of the envelope and when you finished, put it in and seal up the envelope and you will get that from us next January. If you write your address down on the envelope and you don’t move over this next year, you will get it back from us. If you move, take it up with the postman. I got nothing for you. Okay. So can you go ahead and finish that up. Put your address on the front. You finish that up.

And I am just going to pray Lord’s prayer, for every prayer that has been written down. Jesus because we have been forgiven and we can believe that you will heal. Because we have been forgiven, we believe that you will move. Because we have been forgiven, we believe that you are going to respond to our faith, our cries, and our brokenness. So when we say “come Lord Jesus come this year, will you answer and move the prayers that have been written down on these cards and when you come show yourself strong and mighty, would you build our faith and answer our prayers. Thank you Lord. Alright, Archers are going to come forward and they are just going to just pass the basket. You just take that card, you throw it in, put your address on it, seal it up, and you will get it back next January and you will be inspired as you are reminded by the goodness of God in your life. And as they are passing those baskets, you are dropping the cards and I am just going to start talking here for a few moments.

So pay attention as you can as people are just going to walk around here for a moment. We have been in our series called to awaken. And we have been talking about living with whole hearts and passion at lives. Sadness comes to steal, kill and destroy. He wants to steal your affection, he wants to kill your heart and he wants to destroy your faith, but Jesus has come to give you and awaken life. And God has been moving in a profound way in our Church of this series and I hope you have experienced it. My God, I hope you can see the faith level rising. I hope you can feel God moving in this place, because God has been moving so profoundly this January. It’s literally been blowing us away, like I just hope you have been aware of how God is moving and the answers to prayers are the way people have been getting healed of cancer during these 21 days of praying and fasting.

We have got domestic abuse marriages that are getting restored over these 21 days. We have got students that have been locked in to demonic bondage of self harm and have been harming themselves, and are getting set free from that demonic oppression.

We have got people that have been thinking about suicide, they have a plan to do it because of hopelessness and despair, but Jesus is breaking into their lives and is giving them hope and freedom and purpose. We have got people with 10 of 1000s of Dollars of debt that they owed in penalties levied against them that have been literally been cancelled miraculously, been cancelled and forgiven just like our story.
God has been moving and doing some amazing things. The water level of faith in our Church is rising and as our hearts are becoming awakened, we are becoming more passionate. You know your heart is awakening, when you start to become more passionate. Because passion is a response to seeing God. Passion is evidence of following him. Passion authenticates your walk with God.

And there’s a big difference between hype and passion. Hype is man motivated and man maintained. Passion is Jesus inspired and spirits sustained. Okay? Hype is man motivated and man maintained. You can create hype around anything you want in this world, but passion is Jesus inspired and spirits sustained. And we were created to live passionate loving lives with God. So you are made for. In fact in Revelation Chapter 2 – Jesus talking to the Church in Ephesus. Which in the first century, the Church in Ephesus is one of the most profound Churches. In fact, it’s really the only Church that Paul writes too that he doesn’t have anything negative to stay. It’s the Church that he writes to and says “I pray that you may know how wide, how deep, how long, how high is the love that God has for you. In the first Century they were the Church that guarded. They were on passionate fire for Jesus and yet somewhere along the way their hearts went numb.

And so in Revelation Chapter 2 – the Resurrected Jesus is writing to the Church in Ephesus. In Verse 4 He says “you have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you will fall and repent and do the things you did it first. In other words, Jesus says “hey, you were created to be passionate about Me. You were created to be in love with Me, to receive My love and to give it back.” And then He says something amazing. He says “I want you to remember, repent and do the things you did it first.” In other words, Jesus is telling them and He is telling us how we can position our heart for a passionate life. He says remember “what it was like when you first met Me. When you first started following me, you are full of passion. You wanted to be with Me, you wanted to talk to Me, you wanted to gather around Me. You wanted to tell other people about Me, you couldn’t wait to be with Me. Some of you that are in this room, maybe you have been walking with God for years.

Like you go all the way back to when you are a child. When you first met Jesus and if you remember back, it was like amazing when you first started walking with Him. Some of you are just starting to walk with God now. It’s all new to you. So you are on fire and you are remembering that “I just want everything about Jesus right now.” He says remember and then repent. Repent, which literally means to change your mind, to confess your sins and says “I am going to stop going this way, but I am going to start going this way and then do the things you did it first.” He says “do the things you did it first.” Like when you first started following Jesus, you wanted to talk to Him and come to Church and read your Bible and tell other people about him. I mean, you remember when you first started following Jesus, how passionate you were about Him. In fact, you remember when you first started following Jesus, crazy things would happen like you pull into a parking lot and you get like a front row space every time.

You’d be like, “Jesus, my whole life is changed.” I mean, “Not only am I getting eternal life and forgiveness of sins, I now get front row parking spots everywhere I go.” And then like two years go by and you pull into a parking lot. You get the last spot every time.

You’re like, “Jesus, what’s the deal with that? He’s like, “We are working on character and humility now.” You know?
I wanted you to know how good I was in the beginning. I want to work on the humility, but I mean, when you first started following Jesus, you just were passing. You did all these things. It’s kind of like a marriage. Like no one gets married, thinking they are not going to be passionate about that person in a few years. No one gets married thinking, that is great now, but in a few years we are probably not going to be in love with each other. You get married and you think that person is the greatest thing in slice bread. I mean, they take all your time, all your thoughts, you just want to be with them, you think they are incredible. You want to spend your time with them and then what happens? Life happens. Unknown expectations, disappointments, hurts, wounds, offences, unforgiveness; you start to drift, and you wake up one morning and you realize you are living with a person that you are not passionate about, and you are certainly not in love with, and you wonder “How on Earth did we get to this point?.”

And if those were your friends and they came to you for marriage counseling, you would probably tell them the same thing that Jesus told the Church in Ephesus, the same thing Jesus tells us. You would probably say “remember, repent, and do the things you did it first.” Like remember how much you love them when you first met them. And you told everybody about them, and you wanted to talk and remember how good it was when you were together, and then you got to repent like you probably done something to each other, and you need to confess and ask for forgiveness and say “I am sorry. I was wrong. Will you please forgive me up and be specific repent, change your mind, confessions, go in a different direction and then you will tell him do the things you did at first. Like you got to go back and do some things you used to do, like hold hands and go walk for walks, and talk about things besides just the kids and bills. You got to dream a little bit and go on vacation and tell other people about your specimen. We now will be the stuff that you will tell them.

Because can instantly create love or passion in their heart for another person, but you can certainly position your heart in a way, that it will start to be created within you. In fact, love is a whole lot more about commitment than it is about feelings. And when you are committed the feelings will follow. And that’s really is what Jesus is telling us. As he is saying, “you can’t awaken your heart, you can position it before him to be awakened.” “You are on your own, can’t just make your heart awake and be passionate about God and be in love with him, but you can position it in such a way that it will be awakened through some simple acts of obedience and through some simple action steps, your heart can be positioned to thrive.” Remember, repent, and do the things you did at first and so here is what we are going to do as a Church. I am about to thrown down a challenge to you. Okay? You take a challenge?

It’s like I will know, you got to tell me what it is first. That’s not how challenge goes. I will just give you it and you say “okay I will do it.” And then when I tell what it is. I am going to give you the awaken challenge. The whole Church the Awaken Challenge. Okay? I think God has been moving so profoundly in this series. “I had no intention of doing this when we started the series. I had a fourth message for you today, but God is moving and I don’t want to lose it. And so the Awaken Challenge is going to be simply this. For the next 90 days, I am going to challenge you to position your heart before God that he may awaken it for you. If you say “why I am being awakened. I know I am too, but I want to keep positioning my heart to be ever more awakened, like the woman that anoints Jesus’ feet. I will never want to be like Simon. “I don’t ever want to be right next to Jesus and still have a numb heart or be offended that other people are excited about Jesus. I want to be as excited as they are. I want that kind of people.” So I am going to challenge you from now, this weekend until the first weekend in May, which is our next Baptism celebration, to position your heart before God and five simple easy things. You don’t have to write these down, because I am going to give them to you in a moment.

First thing is this. For the next 90 days, the Awaken Challenge. Will you constantly be aware of God’s presence. Will you just choose to be aware of his presence everywhere you go in your life. I told you a few weeks ago that God’s presence is in everything. That is present, it is literally holding your body together right now. That his presence is in you as the spirit of the living God and upon you, and you are filled with his spirit. That his presence is in Godly relationships when you gather with two or three other people and talk about Jesus and his presence is literally in this room right now, that in the spiritual round, your praises have literally built a throne right in the middle of this room and God himself has come to sit upon it and take this place of Lordship over your circumstances, your fear, and the brokenness in your life. And so for the next 90 days, can you just choose to be aware of his presence wherever you go to acknowledge that he will never leave it, nor forsake you. Just like when you fall in love with somebody, you think about them all the time. That’s what I am saying. Be aware of his presence. Second this is this; to engage the scriptures and talk with God at least 15 minutes three times a week.

To literally engage the scriptures, talk with God just 15 minutes three times a week. I mean, you remember in Luke 24 – Jesus has died and the disciples are defeated. They are walking down the road of Emmaus. And the resurrected Jesus comes and walks with them, but they don’t realize that it’s Jesus, so they are defeated. Their hearts are numb, they are broken. And in Luke 24:32 they say “where our hearts not burning within us as he talked with us on the road and opened the scriptures to us.” “Where our hearts are not burning, being awakened within us as we talk to him and it is He who opened the scriptures to us. If you will talk with God and engage the scriptures, it will literally awaken your heart. And I realize some of you, you are way past three times a week to find and raise the challenge for you, but this is for everybody. So, we can all be on the same page and we can engage the scriptures together. Okay? Are you with me so far. Okay? Third thing is this.

Forgive those who have hurt you and release your offences. Forgive those who have hurt you and release your offences. I am convinced that the primary reason, most of our heart stay hard and numb, is because we refuse to forgive others and release our offences. In fact, Proverbs 18:19 says an offended brother is more on yielding than a fortified city. An offended heart, a heart full of unforgiveness is harder to penetrate than a fortified city. How is God is going to awaken your heart if you are constantly keeping it hard. And so you have to forgive and let go. In fact, unforgiveness is agreement with Satan. Okay? Unforgiveness is agreement with Satan because he is the Lord of offences and our God is the Lord of forgiveness. Our God has already made the decision to forgive everything in everyone who will submit to the Lordship of Jesus. Satan is the God of offences and unforgiveness.

How is your heart going to be awakened, when you are in agreement with him, who wants to kill your heart. So you got to forgive and let go and some of you. You are not offended at another person. You are actually offended at God. Not that he has done anything wrong, but because of some unman expectations in your life, some disappointments you thought God should have done this or you thought God should not allow that to happen because of the brokenness of humanity and the sin within this World, some of us are offended at God. Your heart will never be awakened, so long as you hold on to a offence to him. You need to release that offence. You need to let it go. That he may awaken your heart. Okay? Fourth thing is this, to intentionally pursue Godly relationships in this Church. Just two or three people in this Church. If you were here a few weeks, I told you the treasure hunting body. That the miseries of the kingdom of God are treasure that we need to seek after. And you need treasure hunting bodies to encourage you and to go with you, and so you need to intentionally pursue this.

Maybe it means you come in 10 minutes before service or stay in 10 minutes after service. You join in a group, join in a serving team, talking to somebody around, asking somebody for coffee. “I don’t know, but you need godly relationships in your heart if you ever really going to be awakened and the last thing is this. To take a next step and help somebody else to take theirs. To actually take a step that God has asked you to take, not just theory, like I came back to church last week or whatever. Like he asked me to do this and I did it and then I am going to actually help someone else to take the next step, maybe by sharing my story with them or inviting them to Church or praying for them or whatever it maybe. This is called obedience in service. Obedience Lordship that will awaken my heart. Service reminds me that life’s purpose is bigger than myself. And it is really hard to be passionate, if you don’t know what your purpose is. And your purpose is to release the kingdom of God all over this World.

Okay? Really simple. Five simple things, which are whole lot of the things you used to do when you first fall in love. Right? Whether it’s a marriage or with Jesus. You think about that person, you want to talk to them and learn about them. You are full of forgiveness when you first meet Jesus because you are so overwhelmed that he has forgiven you, you want to forgive everybody else. You want to meet other people in Godly relationships to talk about him. And you can’t wait to keep taking next steps in following him and you want to tell everybody else in your life you know about him. Because you want them to follow as well. And so it’s remember, repent, and do the things you did at first. In fact I would guess there is a whole lot of people sitting in this room that you will say, “you are mature, you have been following God for a while, but you don’t do any of those five things anymore.” I think He is inviting you to something more. And then I think there is a whole bunch of us that were new to this whole thing and we are just not sure what to do. He is inviting you to say, “Let’s start a relationship and here is what it looks like.”

And you will always make time for that what you value. And simple obedience releases significant breakthrough. If you get nothing else of what I am saying in this message, simple obedience will release significant breakthrough in your life. Because it positions your heart before God to be awakened by him. And so in a moment, here is what’s going to happen. Our Archers are going to come forward. They are like all starts today. You should join the team. And that for some of you, that’s your next step. You need to (laughs) join that team and amazing. They are going to pass out bracelets. Everybody is going to get a bracelet and you are going to get a card that has all this explained on it. And a bracelet is just a bracelet. Okay? Again, I didn’t have this in mind when we started this series. I just this it’s from the Lord. It’s just a silly little bracelet. What does the bracelet mean? Nothing, but by wearing it, you know what I believe? I believe it is a prophetic act. It’s in the sense, it’s my faith saying God “I want to take this Awaken Challenge.

And I believe if I position my heart before you, you will awaken my heart and the Bible is full of prophetic acts. Things like name and washing in the water seven times to get rid of leprosy, “washing in water doesn’t cure you of leprosy, but it does if are responding in faith.” Or how about the Israelites who put blood on the doorposts to believe that if death angel was going to pass by, that they be forgiven and freed. Blood on the doorpost, that don’t do much, but it does when you believe “God says your sins are forgiven.” Or how about the lepers when Jesus says “Go show yourself to the priest and you will be clanged. “Owing yourself to a priest, doesn’t get rid of leprosy. I am just saying, but it does if you are just being obedient to do what Jesus asked you to do and say prophetically I believe this is going to attract the movement of God in my life. And so that’s all these bracelets are. It’s a prophetic act. Hebrews 11:01 – Faith is being sure of what I hope for, certain of what I don’t see. “ Wearing this bracelet and saying “I am sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see. I am sure that I can hope “He will awaken my heart as my position myself before him.”

“And He is going to come and He is going to bring that, which I cannot see. The spiritual and into the physical, and He is going to bring my heart to a new place of being awakened to him. Okay? That’s the way I can challenge. Are you with me?

So, the archers are going to start passing them out. And here is the deal. There are two different kinds of bracelets. Okay? We gave you opinions.

“I just want you to wear the darn thing, so I wanted to make sure we had at least more than one option before you. It’s like a rubber one and it’s like a metal one. I don’t know. Whatever. You take whichever one you want. Don’t take forever, just pass the basket. If you don’t like what you got, go to the information center After Service and there is refunds, exchanges and returns.” Okay?

“As long as this is not opened and the tag is still on it. No. I am just kidding. If you don’t like the ones you got, you can exchange it. It’s just a simple prophetic act to remind us for the next 90 days to try to do these 5 things. And there is this little card that goes with it.

“That will explain it for you. That will help you walk it and if you see someone else with one of these bracelets on it, you can ask them and say “Man it’s part of the Community. How is your Awaken Challenge going?” Because some of it is very specific like take a next step and some of it is not, like being aware of God’s presence. You can hear all the rappers being opened.

“If you haven’t got one yet, that’s the sound you are going to hear in your own lap in a moment. I lost all of you, give your toy and everybody just goes.

And whoever made these little things? It’s like opening in Fort Knox man.

They do not open in. so you have to try really hard and we are all going to be people of honor and take our garbage out of the worship center when we are done. Right? That’s how we are going to start by awakening our hearts. It is just using to believe life is bigger than me. Okay? So everybody is going to get one. Next 90 days, can we do this together and believe that God is going to move.

And by faith, we are going to believe that God is going to bring you to a new place. When the river of God is flowing, you don’t let it pass by you. You jump in. And God is moving and I didn’t want to let this pass by and just go to our next Sermon series. I wanted you to be able to jump in. And whether you have walked with God for a long time. He will tell you go back and do the things you did at first. That’s how people stay married for 50 years and my sense is “there is a whole lot of you in this room that this whole Jesus thing is new to. And you are excited about it and you are trying to figure it out. This is a great step. This is a great simple step to say “okay God I can do this three times a week 15 minutes. I am going to engage the scriptures. You are going to show yourself to me. And then when you see that little card, there is going to be all kinds of tips on the websites.

“We got all kinds of stuff for you. We are going to keep Tuesday night prayer going through the whole Awaken Challenge. So you can come every Tuesday night and be there. We are just going to believe that God is going to move.” Okay? Here is what I want to do. I want to close this also. If people didn’t get one, it’s coming. You are going to get one, but can you just listen to me for a second. Hold off on your wrappers. Let me close it. Luke Chapter 10 – Jesus goes to Mary and Martha’s house. And he comes in, and He sits down, and He begins to teach and Mary sits at His feet. She is listening to everything He has to say. And Martha is in the room and she is trying to make a meal for Jesus that He ordered. She is working like crazy. She is striving, she is struggling and she is stressed to the max. It sure sounds like a whole lot of people that live in the FW. And she walks into the other room, and she is offended and she says “Jesus don’t you care?”

“That Mary is just sitting there and I am doing all the work. Tell her to come and help me.” Jesus says “Martha, you are worried and upset about many things. Only one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that better thing and it will not be taken away from her.” In other words, “Martha, Mary has positioned her heart before Me and I am awakening it for her.” And “Martha no amount of striving, struggling, stress or working hard or religious activities will awaken your heart Martha.” “Come and sit down here. Position your heart before Me and I will awaken it for you.” That’s my hope of these bracelets. As that would be a prophetic act, prophetic reminder for you to position your heart before Him for these next 90 days just in the course of your life.

“And that He will awake it for you.” So here is how I invite you to do. You close your eyes. Maybe in your own way right now, can you just tell Jesus that “Jesus I accept this Awaken Challenge.” “I accept this Awaken Challenge and Lord I am going to position my heart before you for these next 90 days. I am going to try to be aware of your presence in my daily life. I am going to choose to engage the scriptures, just at least three times a week for a few minutes to talk to you. I am going to choose to forgive those that have hurt me and release these offences and believe that you are going to show them to me, which ones I need to let go off. God, I am going to intentionally pursue other people because I can’t do this by myself and you already have Godly relationships for me in this Church. Some of the best friends I will ever have are the people are the people I have yet to meet. “God, I believe You are going to bring me best friends in the midst of this.

And that I will take a next step and help somebody else to take theirs. Tell the Lord “I position my heart for You. I believe that you will awaken it. And so Lord right now, I pray for every person that is going to wear a bracelet. For every bracelet in this room. I pray that you would see those as a prophetic act, as a sign of faith as we say “our heart is ready for You to come and awaken us. And so Lord, I pray that you would keep moving with power and the miraculous and healings and restorations and redemptions, that you would come and do the things that only you can do that You would continue to raise us from death to life, from being numb to having passion that you would give us a whole heart and a passionate life as we just choose to wear this thing on our wrist and just say (laughs) “God, Holy Spirit, come and awaken my heart.” I believe that’s going to happen.

And so we say, “Come Lord Jesus come. Do for us what we could never do for ourselves. And may our simple obedience release significant breakthrough in our lives.”

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