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If Jesus is Lord, and you want him to be, then let’s not do it half-hearted. Let’s not play the church game without actually letting it change us. Because knowing about truth isn’t what makes you a disciple. It’s having an experience with the truth and in response you change your life, that’s what makes you a disciple.

What’s up Valley Creek Students right now we are in a series called becoming where we are looking at what the life of a disciple looks like and asking the question “Who am I really becoming?”

All of this goes back to the fact that we are called to be disciples, to learn from, to follow, and to imitate Jesus in every way. That we are always being discipled by something or someone, but the question is just what or who. And today we are talking about something really important.

This weekend we talked about the difference between two people in the Bible, the rich young ruler who went up to Jesus saying that he had kept every commandment, he has lived a good life, he came to church once a month but was unwilling to give up his money when Jesus asked him to. Verses Peter who started his relationship with Jesus by saying “whatever you say to do, Jesus, I will do it, just because you’re the one who said it.” The difference between these two men and why one, Peter, was a disciple while the other wasn’t – was because Peter was willing to obey. And you are a disciple of whoever you obey.

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This is where we need to think differently about salvation because while we might have heard the gospel before, we know that we are saved when we start to see things in our life change, when your actual life, what you say, what you do, how you use social media, how you treat people, the way you think, when those things actually begin to come into alignment with what Jesus says is true. And it’s not about doing a bunch of stuff, it’s looking at your behaviors saying, does this behavior show me that I believe that Jesus is Lord? Because your beliefs always show up in your behaviors. And when we’re talking about salvation, we need to ask the question of is there any evidence in your life that you truly believe that Jesus is Lord? Are we growing in faith, hope and love? Are we giving up our previous way of life the more that we learn who we are in Jesus? Because what’s the point of calling him Lord if we don’t do what he says?

And it’s not about being perfect, like after you are saved, made into a new creation, you’re not always going to get it right and that’s okay. Being a disciple isn’t about perfection it’s about repentance. Check this out.


Discipleship isn’t about doing, discipleship is about being that’s religion, discipleship is having the heart posture that if Jesus says something, and Jesus is Lord, and he’s also a good father, then I can trust it, and wholeheartedly even if I don’t understand it and even if I don’t like it, I am going to submit to it, and sacrifice for it, because I want God’s best for my life.

And I don’t know about you but whenever I hear clearly that I am supposed to do something, like sometimes I start trying to compromise with God. Well God, you didn’t actually mean that you wanted me to break up with them, I’ll just take a week break. Or God you don’t actually want me to stop watching that TV show, because like, all my other church friends are watching it. Or how about this it’s okay that I gossip and treat my family poorly because I’m not drinking or having sex, and God, I could be. Or well you are not asking this person to follow you in that way, and I don’t think that’s really fair.

And I’m just calling myself out here like those are real life convos I had with God in high school. The truth is that Jesus is either Lord of all it, or he is Lord of none of it and how Jesus asks you to follow him is going to look different than the person sitting next to you. Check this out…


What was the last thing God asked you to do, and did you do it? Come on guys. Don’t be satisfied with just coming to church and “following the rules” like, is Jesus Lord? And if he’s Lord then let’s actually act like it. Because let’s be clear, you don’t have to follow Jesus. He doesn’t have to be Lord over your life, that is your decision to make. But if Jesus is Lord, and you want him to be, then let’s not do it half-hearted. Let’s not play the church game without actually letting it change us. Because knowing about truth isn’t what makes you a disciple, it’s having an experience with the truth that in response you change your life is what makes you a disciple.

And here in a moment we’re going to talk about 3 questions and these are the 3 questions that someone who has Jesus as their Lord should be able to answer at any time.
What has Jesus been saying to me?
Where is Jesus inviting me to submit to his Lordship?
What is my next step?

These answers will and should look different to the people sitting next to you, and an easy way to know if you’re growing and changing and really following, is that your answers to these questions should change pretty often. If you go one month, two months, 6 months, with the same next step it means you’re not actually obeying, and if you have the same thing he’s saying it means either you’re not listening or you haven’t done anything with what he said so he’s repeating himself. So we’re going to answer these today, but.

The last thing is this, Jesus says that if you love me you will obey what I command. This isn’t about religion, this isn’t about having to, it’s about love. And Jesus loves you enough to want you to experience more than just heaven one day, but for you to experience abundant new-creation life today. So, Valley Creek Students, who are you becoming? Let’s be honest, let’s be vulnerable, let’s be real, let’s talk about it.

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