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What do you do with what God has said? What is the condition of your heart? Are you allowing others to keep you accountable to stewarding the word of God that is spoken over your life every week?

What up Valley Creek Students you are a Student Circles and this weekend we talked about…. Circles.
And you are at circles right now. You are sitting at a table with your leaders and with other students. And what we do at student circles is discuss the weekend message through a video recap, we engage the scriptures and we pray together. Your leaders aren’t doing those things for you, they’re encouraging you, teaching you and helping you discuss, engage and pray with and for each other. We invite you to bring your pen, bible, and journal. But have you ever wondered… Why?
Because circles was Jesus’ model for discipleship and by coming to circles, you’re saying that you want to become a disciple. And throughout the gospels, we see that Jesus would teach the crowds, but then he gave revelation to the disciples. After Jesus taught the crowds, the crowd would go home and move on with their lives, but the disciples wanted more, so they got into a circle with Jesus where he explained the mystery of the kingdom to them.
And what they did was that they went and talked about the message they just heard, they engaged the scriptures, and they prayed together. Sound familiar? That’s what we do every week in Circles! discuss the weekend message, engage the scriptures, and pray together.
And this weekend, we broke down the analogy about how the word of God is like a seed. This is from a parable Jesus told in Mark 4. The word of God is like a seed and our hearts are like the soil it is planted in. God gives the same seed to everyone. But it is the soil, the condition of our hearts, that determines if it grows. And the soils that get the most out of what God has given us is the one that is actively being cultivated by others. Which is what we do in circles.
Its not showing up to the event of “circles” that makes you a disciple, it’s about the level that your heart is engaged, it’s the level that you are desperate for more of God, it’s the level that you apply what you have heard to your life… that is what makes you a disciple. Check this out –
So, Valley Creek students, what do you do with what God has said, the seed? What is the condition of the soil of your heart? Are you allowing others (your circle) to keep you accountable to stewarding the word of God that is spoken over your life every week? Or, are you jumping from content to content and event to event?
It’s when you tend to the revelation you have been given, that it starts to take root, starts to grow and produces a 30, 60, 100 fold return. Let’s not be content with the 30, let the teaching lead to revelation, the revelation lead you to experience all that God has for you and let’s pursue the 100 fold return. And let’s make circles a priority in our life this year so we can keep cultivating the soil of our hearts. Now let’s talk about it.

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