Do You Even Worship?


Worship is our heart’s natural response to the highest value in our life. Whatever we hold onto as the most important thing in our life is actually the very thing that gets all of our worship because it gets all of our heart’s attention, affection, and focus.

What’s up students! My name is Jonathan and I am our Flower Mound Worship Leader here at Valley Creek- and just like you, I was once a Valley Creek student! In fact, it was here that I met my wife Leslie; who you probably know she talks to you guys a lot!
But anyway, I’m really excited because over the next 2 weeks, our Valley Creek family is changing things up and we’re doing something super cool. This coming Sunday, we’re going to take some time as a whole church and celebrate all that Jesus has done within our family this year; and after that, we’re going to take a break and just rest and enjoy the summer for a whole week! And what I want you to catch going into these next 2 weeks is that whole thing IS worship. It’s worship! Now some of you may be a little confused like, “hold up bro- like how is this worship? I thought worship was the thing the band did for like 20 minutes on Sunday?” Okay well, you’re not wrong- but worship is actually so much more than that! We worship all the time! Every part of our life is an act of worship- every breath, every thought, every word we say, I mean every meal we eat- it’s all worship! So, we never actually have to stop and think “am I worshipping right now?” but instead “who or what am I worshipping right now?”
You see, the way I like to put it is- worship is our heart’s natural response to the highest value in our life. So, whatever it is that we hold onto as the MOST important thing in our life is actually the very thing that gets all of our worship- because it gets all of our heart’s attention, affection, and focus. Jesus puts it like this in Matthew 6:21, “For wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Whatever is your treasure, gets your heart. That is the essence of worship. And we can always tell what our treasure is based on if we’re willing to sacrifice any and everything for it.
You know it actually reminds me of this time in my life when I really got into this one specific video game; and for a while it became the center of my world, it became my treasure! I played it every single day without fail for like a year. When I wasn’t playing, I was watching YouTube videos about this game and it was all my friends and I would ever talk about. Honestly, I was so obsessed with it that I even got into some beef with friends and lost a few friendships over the game. And if I’m honest, during this time in my life there was literally nothing more important to me than to finish school or leave church and just come straight home, go into my room, and play this game with my buddies into the late late late hours of the night. And one day, Jesus began to show me that I was actually worshipping this game and NOT Him because this game was more important to me than He was. I mean, this game was getting my attention, my affection, my focus- I was literally sacrificing sleep for it! And wow, was that eye opening! And the truth is we do this kind of thing all the time! For you, your treasure may not be video games, but it could be sports or social media or maybe even a specific relationship! Those things are not bad in and of themselves, they’re meant for us to enjoy, but the issue is when we take a good thing and turn it into the main thing. But God didn’t make you to worship other things, He made you to worship Him. Check this verse out…
Romans 12:1 says, “I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your true and proper worship.”
What this verse is really saying to us is “Because of what Jesus has done for you, make Him the most important thing in your life, your treasure, and give Him your heart in all you do. This is what real worship looks like.” So that means every aspect of our life can become an act of worship when Jesus is the focus- that’s why the verse says “offer your bodies”, bodies- your whole self, every part of you; every heartbeat, every video game, every post you put on your story, and yes- every song you sing on Sunday; it all becomes worship when focusing on Jesus. Real worship is more than just a handful of songs on a Sunday, it’s not just a genre of music, it isn’t exclusive to a platform- it’s living and enjoying your life with Jesus as your treasure, that’s why the verse says “this is your true and proper worship” because this is what God designed it to be and all other forms are counterfeit- they’re fake.
When we make Jesus our main thing He begins to walk with us in the day to day and He brings more and more of the realities of the Kingdom into everyday life He changes OUR world. All that happens when we choose to worship Jesus. And that’s a choice that we have to intentionally make every single day. We have to be the ones who wake up every day and say “Okay Jesus, you are the most important thing to me today” even when it’s hard, even when we don’t feel like it- remember, it takes a sacrifice to make Jesus your treasure.
So, as we go into these next 2 weeks and as we celebrate on Sunday and we rest next week, I want to encourage you with this: be intentional to make Jesus your treasure every day. That looks different for each of us, so take some time and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what that looks like for you, and then do something with that! There’s an entire 2 week span ahead of you where you can worship Jesus every day, invite Him into every moment of your life, and experience The Kingdom in a new way for yourself if you just position your heart to make Jesus your treasure.
So, let’s talk about it!

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