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At Valley Creek, we take God’s revelation pretty seriously. We want to steward what God has spoken to us, and we want to apply it to our lives. So, before we move on to something new, what revelation is God asking you to steward today in your own life?

Well, hey, everybody. Welcome to Valley Creek in our online services. We’re so glad that you’re with us today. Wherever you’re joining us from, if this is your first time or if you’ve been with us for a while, we are glad that you chose to spend time with us on this holiday weekend. That’s right, happy 4th of July.

And with everything that’s going on, I’m sure that your 4th of July holiday, it probably looks so different than it has in times past, but we just want to say, wherever you are and whoever you’re spending it with, we hope that you have a ton of fun, we hope that you stay safe, and we’re glad to spend time together with you today. For those of you that have been tracking with us for the last few weeks, you know that we just wrapped up an amazing series called 167: Activating Your Faith Where It Matters Most. And if you haven’t had a chance to catch all of those messages of that series, I want to encourage you to jump on our YouTube channel and go check them out because there are some good stuff in there.

Actually, over the course of this season, while we’ve been gathering together as the church online, God has been so faithful. He has been faithful to us. He has shared things with us. He has given us amazing content.

He has given us lessons. We’ve learned things that have encouraged us and inspired us. Given us peace. He has given us a ton of revelation. Revelation is when God reveals something that we didn’t know before. And his revelation is powerful. It can change our entire life if we simply receive it.

And at Valley Creek, we take God’s revelation and the responsibility of stewarding it, we take that pretty seriously. I mean it’s revelation from God. We don’t want to just quickly rush on to the next thing. We don’t want to take it for granted, we want to steward it. And we steward it best when we apply it the most. And in order to apply God’s revelation to our lives, you know, we just sometimes need to sit with it. We need to spend time with it. We need to watch that message maybe a second time. Maybe we need to take notes from it and process it with God, and He will show us new things and more things.

It’s all about stewarding God’s revelation. And the content we’ve had in this recent season, there’s a lot. There’s a lot to soak in. So today, we want to do something a little different. If it’s okay with you today, we are not going to jump into another series. We’re not going to jump in to even a new message with new content. Today, I just want to share something. I want to share something with you from my heart to your heart. It is one verse. It is one verse that is simple and it is profound. It’s a verse that Jesus spoke. In one verse, he told us his purpose, why he came to the earth and what it means for us. And I’ll tell you what, it’s really relevant today.

The verse that I want to share with you, it’s in the Book of Luke, it’s Luke chapter 4 verse 18. And it says this, Jesus is speaking, and he says, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, and set the oppressed free.”

I’m going to tell you something, he had me right here at good news, because over the past season, you and I, we have had ourselves some news, but it’s mostly been bad news. And this is a great reminder that Jesus came. He came here to bring us good news. And I don’t know about you, but today I could use some good news. And he came to proclaim freedom. It’s the 4th of July weekend, there’s going to be freedom celebrations going on all over the place. And I am all for that. I will also tell you that there is no earthly freedom that can even come close to the freedom we have in Jesus. He came to proclaim freedom. He came to recover the sight for the blind. Can I ask you this? In this season, where do you feel like you’re blind?

Let me ask it this way, in this season, what have you lost sight of? Have you lost sight of God? Have you lost sight of His goodness? Have you lost sight of His blessings amidst the burden of this time? Have you lost sight of hope? Because the consequences of the world, sometimes they can look pretty hopeless. Jesus says, I’m here to recover your sight. Today, we can close our eyes and focus on Jesus, and he will give us a kingdom perspective that will help us persevere through the season ahead. He recovers the sight for the blind, and he sets the oppressed free.

Maybe you haven’t lost sight of anything, but do you just feel heavy? Do you feel burdened? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Boy, I can relate to that, but Jesus comes and he says, hey, I’ve come that I can set that oppression off of you. I actually took it on me. It is finished, it is done, so you are free.

One verse. I think this, this can be enough for us to sit with today. Because there’s a lot of revelation to unpack in that. And as you do that, as you begin to sit with that verse and unpack it, you might be surprised that you may sense some things in your heart. You may have some feelings bubble up. You may have some emotions bubble up. That’s okay. That could very well be God’s voice inviting you to say, hey, come on, I want to process some things with you. I want to give you your own revelation in this season today.

And we want to help with that. We want to put some resources together. We’ve done that to make them available to you to help you steward the voice of God, to steward that revelation in your life. See, as I read that verse, you may be thinking, man, I’m just ready to come back. I’m ready to come back to our in-person gatherings and see everybody. Oh, man, I am too. And we’re going to do that soon.

But until then, you know what, we’ve got some room that we can still take ground in the 167. So once again, I want to draw your attention, we have these resources for you. They are on our YouTube. These are all of the messages part of that series. If you haven’t watched them, go check it out. And if you have, can I invite you, just ask the Lord, is there something else that you want me to have a greater revelation on and just watch and see what He might show you.

Maybe today, you’re feeling a little anxious. You know, in the past week, our state has been in the noise because of the coronavirus. And maybe that’s kind of taken you back. Maybe you’re feeling worried. Maybe you’re just nervous about that. There’s a resource online for you for that too. We have three messages, these are messages, it’s messages of hope that God has given us. These three messages have inspiration and encouragement. It’s got ways to stay Jesus-focused, instead of COVID-focused. So today, if you’re fearful or you’re worried, man, I would encourage you to check these out.

Or maybe you’re like me, this past week, a really good of mine said, listen, I just had enough. I had enough. I had enough of all of it. I’m just done. I hit a wall. And if you have hit a wall, I want to direct your attention to some online resources. These are from our Jesus Is More Than Enough series because you know what, when I’ve had enough, I need to remember that Jesus, oh, he’s more than enough. He’s more than enough today and tomorrow and next week. And as long as the season lasts, he’s more than enough for me and he’s more than enough for you too.

See, God has given us some great revelation. So let’s not take it for granted. Let’s lead into it. Let’s spend time and let’s soak it all up and let’s take everything that Jesus has for us because all of that is what’s going to equip us to carry hope to the world when they need it now more than ever before. So take heart. Take heart and be encouraged that Jesus has come.

He has come to give us new sight. He has come to set us free from oppression. He has come to bring hope and to bring freedom. And that is what we pray for you today. So let me wrap it up by praying. Would you just close your eyes with me? Lord, I thank you. I thank you that you love us so much that you give us revelation, kingdom perspective that can change our life if we receive it and we apply it.

So Father, I pray that you would just give us all your words so that we would know where to step, which resource to pull in, how to engage with you on it, knowing that everything that is better is what we have to look forward to, God. Where we’re going is better than where we’ve been, and we believe that. And so I pray blessing over everyone who is hearing this today, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Hey, we’re so glad that you are with us today. We would love to pray for you. If there’s anything that you specifically need prayer on, man, we’ve got resources for that too.

You can just click the prayer button on our website. If you want to give, you can go online at and you can give, what a great expression of worship and being grateful for the freedom we have in Jesus. So we will see you next Sunday, but until then, have a great holiday weekend. God in faith, go in freedom, and go spread some hope in Jesus’ name.

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