Face Your Giants Recap in 10 Minutes


We’ve said that a giant is anything that stands in between you and the promises of God that feels impossible to overcome. We believe God’s word is alive and active. Because we don’t want to be just hearers of the word but doers of the word it’s time to respond. It’s time to pause, remind ourselves of what God has been saying, and put our faith into action and face the giant in our life.

Alright. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Valley Creek. We’re really glad that you’re here on this special Sunday. My name is Jason. I get to serve as the Campus Pastor here at the Flower Mound Campus. And if this is your first time with us, I want to give you an especially warm welcome. We’re really glad that you are here with us today.

If you could look at the seat back in front of you and pull out that guide, inside of that is a little bit of information about Valley Creek. We love for you to fill that out for us and take it out to the Information Center where we love to shake your hand. We got a gift for you. We love to give you. So you can do that right after services.

Also, I want to make you aware of what you just saw on the video which is that on Tuesday Night. We have the Tuesday Night of Prayer. That is where we seek God first. The people who are cheering for that are probably people that have had a chance to experience that this year and we’ve had an amazing year of prayer here at Valley Creek. We are taking ground in that. We are learning to really navigate all areas of our life by seeking God first. So we would love to invite you to join us on Tuesday. It’s 6:45 at the venue here on the Flower Mound Worship Center where we’re just taking — you know what? Here’s the thing. None of us are great at praying. We’re learning how to do it together. But in Jesus’ name, we’re going to keep learning how to pray and keep stepping forward into that next season.

Okay. We also have some good news which is that we have baptisms coming up at the end of November. On the weekend of November 24, we’re going to celebrate baptisms. If that is your next step, we invite you take that step, draw a line in the sand, and believe by faith that as you step into the waters of baptism, everything about life means it’s going to change because Jesus is Lord and if he’s Lord, then that means all your past and all your history, it can never chase you through those waters. You go into the waters, you come up brand-new because Jesus is changing your life. So we would love to have you join us in the waters of baptism on November 24th. You can go sign up online, valleycreek.org/baptisms. Join us for one of the classes and we will cheer you on in that next step. Okay. Well, this is a really, really special weekend here at Valley Creek because for the last six weeks, we have been in a series called Face Your Giants. This weekend, we are pulling it all together.

So when you came in and you got one of these cards right here, take it — take that out for just a second. Take a look at that. On one side of it, it just says, “Face Your Giants”. On the other side, it says, “A Manifesto.” So this is a guide for our life to face the giants that we had been facing together. If you don’t have one of those cards, there’ll be some guys that can hand those out to you. They’re walking around the room.

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to just take a look at this for just a second and what we’re going to do is we’re going to recap these six weeks in ten minutes and that recap is going to be a possibility for us to bring up to speed anybody who wasn’t here or just for the rest of us. Remember what was spoken. Remember what Jesus did. Whatever he spoke, whatever he did, whatever he reminded you of, let it remind you and let it refresh you. Here’s what I want to encourage you to do. As we listen to this recap right now, don’t just listen with physical ears. Listen with your hearts. Don’t just hear it. Hear it for yourself. Have a willingness and a humility and an openness to receive whatever Jesus wants to speak to us.

He’s got some great reminders for us of what he’s spoken over these last six weeks. So six weeks, ten minutes. Here’s the Giants recap. Let’s open up our hearts to receive right now.

We’re going to start a new series today called Face Your Giants. And for the next few weeks, I want to talk about the giants in our lives, that things that are holding us back, the stuff that keeps from moving forward and in Jesus’ name, we’re going to figure out how to face the giants that keep us from the life that God has for us.

And so we’ve said, a giant is simply anything that stands in between you and the promises of God that feels impossible to overcome. Giants are things like anxiety, shame, guilt, jealousy, anger, bitterness, control, responsibility, religion. I mean, you name it. There is no end to the limit of the giants that can exist in our lives. Your future is on the other side of the giant that you are afraid to face. Just because he hasn’t fallen yet, doesn’t mean he won’t.

Over the next few weeks, we’re just going to go through these lessons, a manifesto, a guide book on how to face your giant. First lesson is simply this; admit that there are giants in your life. Really simple, huh? You’re like, “I was expecting something more than that.” I know. We got to start by admitting that there are giants in our lives. It’s okay to struggle. It’s not okay to lie about it. If there is a giant in your life, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s not okay to act like it’s not there like it’s not holding you back. You got to confess it. You got to bring it out of the darkness, into the light. Don’t let the giant of shame keep you from facing the rest of the giants in your life.

Now some of you is this side. It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way. Your giant is not your friend. Never be okay with something stealing, killing and destroying the life that God brought for you. Lesson number 2, we’re going to face our giants, just remember who you are, you are not defined by the giants you faced but by the God that you follow. And you know who you are? A beloved son or daughter fearfully and wonderfully made, made in the image and likeness of God. You are a conqueror, you are victorious, you are an overcomer and you’ve been empowered by Jesus to destroy the works of the devil. You don’t have to be afraid of your giant because your giant is terrified at you. The giants of darkness are just hoping that the people of God will never figure out who they really are. So stop looking at God through your giant. Start looking at your giant through your God.

Lesson 3, you have to get 1 and 1 to get 3 and this is huge. Know that your giant has already been defeated. Every giant you ever have or ever will face has already been defeated. It’s just a matter of time until he falls. The moment Jesus said, “It is finished” every giant in your life has already been defeated. See, I realized some of you are sitting here you’re like, “That all sounds really good bro, but my giant is really real. And every day he roars, and he growls, and he drools, and he is ruthless and he is relentless.” You’re right. See, your giant wants to intimidate you to make you forget that you’re already victorious. See, the story of David and Goliath is not about you. You’re not David. Jesus is David. Do you know who you are? You’re the afraid army that every day wakes up and can’t defeat its giant and turns around and runs away. So am I. It’s about Jesus. Come on, this is why 1 Samuel says, “The battle is the Lord’s.” It’s not your battle. This series is not called fight your giants, it’s called face your giants. I don’t have to fight you. I don’t have to defeat you.

You’re not going to fall at my name, I couldn’t do it. But you’re going to fall at the name of Jesus. My job, is not to fight the giant, my job is to be focused on the hero and the champion of the story and his name is Jesus. Lesson 4. If you’re going to face the giant in your life, whatever it may be, is simply this, discover and hold on to the promises of God. If you want to prosper and succeed over the giants in your life, you’ve got to arm yourself with the word of God. And it’s really hard to experience the promises of God if you don’t know what they are. The giants have got a lot to say, but you know who else does? God. And so my question for you is, “Are you discovering and holding on to the roar of the giants with a whisper of God? In this our promises for every giant you face. Every giant you face, there’s a promise for it in in here. And when those giants show up and start roaring lies, you got to be able to knock down the lie and hold on to truth. If you are serious about facing your giant, at some point you are going to have to pick up the sword for yourself.

Lesson 5 is, be aware that God is with you. Giant killers are more aware of the God who is for them than the giants who are against them. In fact, if you read the scriptures, one of the most often repeated phrases all throughout the Bible, God constantly says, “Do not be afraid for I am with you.” If God is for us, who can be against us? That’s a great question. If God is with you, it means he’s for you and if God is for you, what giant can possibly be against you? The real question is not, “Is God with you? It’s are you aware that he already is?”

Lesson 6. Worship is a warrior’s greatest weapon. You will not find one giant killer in the Bible that didn’t have a heart for God and didn’t have a heart for worship. Moses, Joshua, David, the disciples, the people in our church that find victory over their giants. They’re all worshippers. Do you know what Jesus did right before he went to the cross to face the giant of sin, death and the grave? And since they worship together, Jesus worshipped before he faced the giant of death. If he needed to worship to face his giant, how much more do we? You say, “Well, what’s worship?” Worship is taking your heart and it’s just turning it towards God and that’s the greatest weapon you have. Not your intellect, not your effort, not your plan, worship is your greatest weapon against the giants in your life.

Lesson 7. If you want to face your giants, change your thinking and change your living. And if we’re honest, our thoughts are often more influenced by our giants than they are by our God. The battle is not out there; the battle is in here. Anxiety is not out there, it’s here. Stress is not out there, it’s here. Depression is not out there, it’s here. When you believe a lie, you empower the liar and you’re allowing him to shape your thoughts which ultimately shapes your life.

He says, “You have strongholds in your life.” You say, “What’s a stronghold?” It’s anything that has a strong hold on you. What would that be? The giant has a strong hold on you. It keeps you from moving forward and experiencing the life that God has for you. And he says, “We have divine power to demolish strongholds or to defeat the giants in our life.” How? By taking captive of our thoughts and bringing them into submission and surrender to the finished work of Jesus. When you think of the giants or your thought life, every time you have a thought you can ask yourself these two questions, “Is this thought glorify God? And is it in alignment with the finished work of Jesus?” And if it’s not, you got to capture it. Here’s what you got to do, you got to remove it, release it, replace it.

Do your thoughts glorify God? And are they in alignment with the finished work of Jesus? If not, remove, release, replace. Half the time we’re waiting for Jesus to defeat the giant in our mind when he says, “No. I’ve given you divine power to take him down by capturing that thought and bring it into submission to what I’ve already done out there.” It’s not just about changing your thing; it is actually by changing your living. We got to learn to starve our giant. When you stop feeding something, eventually it dies. So stop feeding your giant and start defeating your giant in Jesus’ name.

Lesson 8. Hang out with giant killers. Hang out with people who have found victory and are battle-tested and are warriors and know how to use the weapons of God and have stories to tell and scars to show and have a faith to move forward. That’s who you got to hang out with.

When you got a giant in your life, who do you gather around? You gather around people who face their giants or run from their giants. You say, “Where do I find them?” Right here. This church is full of giant killers. But you know what that means? You’re probably going to have to get in a group, join a team, go to first step, come early, stay late, whoever you hang out with, you’re going to become like. So look into people you hang out with, do you want to be like them?

Lesson 9 is this. Get up again, because guess what? Some days it feels like the giant won. You may have lost that battle but remember Jesus has already won the war. When you get knocked down go back to lesson 3 that says, “Know your giant has already been defeated in Jesus’ name.” His mercies are new every morning. Every morning there’s a fresh mercy and a grace from God. There’s no shame, there’s no condemnation. God’s not out to get you, he’s not mad at you, he’s saying to you, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, let’s get up again. Let’s do it again today.” Come on. We got this thing today. So even when I’m knocked down, I will get up again. Get up again. Hey, get up again.

Bonus lesson, deal with your giants so the next generation doesn’t have to. David should’ve never had to fight Goliath because Goliath should’ve been defeated by his father’s generation. When you refused to deal with the giants in your life, you have to understand that they multiply in your children’s life. Some of you are in this room, you have to spend your entire life fighting giants that your parents should have defeated. Don’t make that same mistake for your children. And yes it’s going to cost you something now, but it could cost them everything later.

Come on, don’t hand your kids a battle that God has empowered you to win. It’s time to face our giants. It’s time to rise up. It’s time to say, “I’m tired of you squatting on my life. That is mine, it belongs to me, because of the finished work of Jesus. And I’m going to take these lessons, I’m going to apply them to my life and I’m going to be victorious in Jesus’ name.” Whether that giant falls today or at the end of my life, I don’t really care, because I know I’m going to stand and endure. I will overcome because of what Jesus has done.

Come on didn’t that stir something in your soul? Something rises up when you hear those words. Something rises on the inside and you think, “Okay. All right. Maybe. Maybe that’s for me. Maybe that’s true. Maybe there’s breakthrough in my life.” I’m thankful to be a part of a church that values the voice of God. I’m thankful to be a part of a church that honors the revelation that he gives us, revelation, when something that has been covered is now revealed in his name.

And so that was an amazing recap. That’s an amazing look at the revelation that God has spoken to us over these weeks and now really the question is what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do to take a step of faith? When you came in, you got one of these cards. Go ahead and pull this out right now. On the front of that it just says, “I will face my giants.” And then there’s an open side here that says, “In Jesus’ name, I will face blank.”

Pull that card out. And over this time, what giants have been coming to mind in your life? What has God revealed to you? Which ones have been roaring? Which ones have been drooling? Which ones have been trying to scare you and hold their position in your life? The position that by the way, they have no right to keep, no right to be in position in, because Jesus in enthroned, he is the one that gets to win. What do those look like? So could it be a giant of apathy or a giant of anxiety, a giant of addiction, a giant of control, a giant of fear?

Maybe it’s one that you haven’t even fully realized yet, and you’ve actually kind of struggled to think about it, what’s that? What if you just ask the Lord what it might be, one from way back when from when you were young, one from somewhere in the regions of your mind that you hadn’t even thought about in a long time? We had somebody this weekend, you guys, somebody this weekend, that had a realization of a giant they had been holding on for 54 years, 54 years.

That’s a long time of bondage, that’s a long time of having a giant roar in their life. So in Jesus’ name, we’re going to write that down, and we’re going to have come and sit, as we do, that’s a big step of faith, for some of you, this might be the biggest ever faith you will have taken all year long. We’re going to ask you to right that down, and then boldly come up to one of these stations, one of the places where the tables are, and we’re going to throw it on the ground, as a sign of defeat, as a sign that that giant must bow in the presence of Jesus, as a sign that that giant doesn’t get to win any longer, he doesn’t get to have a place and the position in your life.

And when we do that, we’re going to stomp on it, and literally walk on top of it, why? Because that’s what we do, we stand in the confidence of the finished victory of Jesus. We stand in the confidence of the finished work of Jesus, we stand on every giant that comes between us, and the life that Jesus has for us.

So some of you in this room right now, this is a bold step of faith to say, I’m going to write that down, I’m going to think about it, I’m going to write that down and I’m literally going to throw it on the ground, and it’s going to land where it lands, and we’re going to stand and worship and declare the finished work of Jesus in our life. Don’t pick it up, leave it there, that giant is defeated.

As you’re doing that, you’re removing and releasing and then it’s time to replace, but replace what? So we’re going to ask you to join us in taking communion. Communion is just a reminder that we get to take in Jesus, we get to be reminded of the victory that he won, the bread, that is that Jesus was the bread of life, he was the one that was broken on our behalf. He was broken to defeat our giants, and then we get to take the cup that’s a reminded of the new agreement between God and us, that God is making things right through his shed blood with us.

And so every believe is invited to take that communion. If you said, man, I don’t even know if I’ve even said yes to Jesus in the first place, well today is a great day to start, today is a great day to say yes, and then walk into the new life that Jesus offers all of us. So what we’re going to do is write down the name, write down the thing that control the fear, or whatever the giant is, throw it on the ground as we come up front, step on that, confidently, and receive the finished work of Jesus, receive communion.

As you take that back to your seats, I encourage you, when you’re finished up with that, man, we’re going to come back, we’re going to have some worship songs, I’m going to finish up at the very end of service, but just pray in your seats, worship in your seats, and worship for them, if not for you, worship on behalf of everybody else in this room, because we are defeating giants together.

If you think I barely have enough faith to do any of this, that’s okay, we got faith for you. We have faith for you, and we believe in Jesus’ name, your giant can be defeated, because, Jesus, because he’s already defeated every enemy that stands between us and the life that God has called us to.

So I’m going to invite you to do that, you don’t have to do that, but man, you get to do that. What an opportunity to right now, in your life, say, this is it, this is when things change, this is when I get to defeat every giant that stands between me and the life that Jesus has called me to. So begin to think of that right now, we’re going to ask the Lord to give you clarity into what that is, write it down, and then boldly come up, throw it to the ground, and receive everything that Jesus has for you. Okay, here we go, we’re going to face our giants. We’re going to do that in 3, 2, 1. Here we go.

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