God Has Been Dreaming Of You


God created you to dream, God wants to dream with you, and do you know what’s wild?
God has been dreaming of you the whole time!

What’s up Valley Creek Students This is MVMNT Night and right now there are students in four different cities all throughout the North Texas region and online who are coming together to activate hope in their lives and in their generation and that is worth celebrating so come on… Flower Mound Denton Lewisville and Gainesville… and we are? Gen Hope. I’m Jason, I’m Leslie and we typically get to hang out with you guys individually but tonight we get to have a conversation together. Are y’all with us? Tonight, we are talking about dreams. Everybody say dream. *Dream* Not talking about dreams that happen while you’re sleeping, and we’re not talking about when you get in trouble at school for daydreaming, any daydreamers in here? When we talk about dreaming, we’re talking about when you imagine what life could be like. When we say hopes and dreams it’s thinking about all the possibilities that are ahead of us and what it would take for those to become a reality. Think of a bucket list. A bucket list is a bunch of things you want to do in your life. Hey Leslie, what’s something on your bucket list? See the northern lights and help mistreated animals in a significant way. You? I feel like one of the things I have always wanted to do is go to Scotland and travel the land and see castles and enjoy the food and culture. It’s just so different than here, kilt? Well, we asked some of you guys & this is what you had to say.
Safe to say that y’all have some dreams I mean Spider-Man who
doesn’t want to be Spider-Man? That’s incredible, that’s all great and dreaming
about your own life is a good thing, but we’re going to take it a step further.
Just like you have all these hopes for your life, what if I told you that God
has even more dreams for your life than you do? That God has been actively
thinking about you, your life, the possibilities, the potential, and
desperately wants you to dream with him. And maybe you didn’t know this, but
God created you to dream. That’s why we even have things like bucket lists,
goals, personal dreams, ambitions. It’s how we’re wired. But we often struggle
to dream, and I think one of the reasons We might struggle to get there
sometimes is the way we think God views us. Like Does God even really think of
me? Often we think that Jesus did enough for our salvation, but we have to
figure the rest out on our own, or that maybe he isn’t too involved in the
details or he just doesn’t want to be that involved. I think another thing that
can keep us from really dreaming is our past Disappointing circumstances. So,
we actually get more focused on just surviving and never get past that hurdle
into dreaming for more. And my question tonight is, what if there was more? I
want you to hear this tonight, it’s time to dream again, and it’s time to dream
with God again. Check out Jeremiah 33:3 God says, “Call to me and I will answer
you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ There are
great and unsearchable things in this life. There is an element of mystery and
that’s on purpose because God wants you to call to Him. The only thing that God
has ever wanted from the beginning of time is to be in relationship with his
people, us. In Jesus, he removed every barrier that kept us from being in
relationship with him and he uses things in our life to invite us deeper into
relationship. God designed dreaming about your life to be something that he and
you do together, it’s something that he wants to be involved in. If you’re new,
one of the ways we understand the gospel is through these three circles. But you
need to know that backstory first. In the beginning God created everything and
it was awesome until Adam and Eve ate that fruit, rejecting God and broke
relationship forever for all of us. That’s why we see all the brokenness in the
world around us today. Enter three circles, Jesus showed up in the flesh 2,000
years ago, lived the perfect life we were meant to live, gave his life on the
cross to pay for all of our guilt shame, sin, ultimately everything that
separates us from God, and defeated death three days later when he came back to
life. Jesus came to restore all things and remove that separation from God. He
came to restore identity, reconcile relationship, and redeem purpose. Once you
know who you are, who he is, you’ll discover what you are created to do. Some
don’t know (circle one) Some sin management (circle two) Some checkboxes of
purpose (circle three) But once you know who you are, as a beloved son or
daughter, drawn by grace and start to experience his presence in relationship.
What do we mean when we say relationship? Quality and quantity of time spent
outside your church experience in your everyday life. This is where we start
dreaming with God. (circle 2.5) You were created to dream with God. Dreaming
with God happens where relationship meets purpose. This makes me think about
planning a trip. It could be as big as a trip to Disneyworld or as simple as a
trip to sonic with your friends. Those trips don’t just happen. With your
family it’s one day you’re sitting around the dinner table and your parents
suddenly say, you know what, why don’t we go to Disney for spring break? Or
you’re doing homework at your friend’s house and they suddenly say, do you want
to get some sonic? And you’re like ugh yes, I want to do whatever! It’s like
the best idea ever. I would say that these moments are some of the most
meaningful moments in a relationship. Because you don’t plan a trip with
someone that you don’t know. That’s strange/suspicious/weird. You don’t plan a
trip when you are just getting to know someone. You plan a trip when you are so
in relationship that you start dreaming. My best friend in high school and I
would always dream about going to college together. Me and my mom always dream
about the next road trip we can go on. Me and my husband dream about what our
life is going to look like. & this is the kind of relationship God wants to
have with you. So often we just want God to tell us what to do, what’s next,
what’s the plan, and that we should do it by ourselves and report back to him.
But God wants to be a part of the planning, he wants to be so in relationship
with you that you can’t help but dream together, he wants to be part of the
missteps when everything goes wrong, he wants you to be a part of setting the
agenda, and he wants to see your face when you discover the great and
unsearchable things. He wants to be a part of each memory made along the way.
Think about whenever you’ve given someone a gift. Isn’t there so much joy in
watching that person open the gift, have that moment of discovery and
excitement and you get to be a part of it? God wants that with us. He doesn’t
want us to come back later and tell him we liked it; he wants to be a part of
each moment. Because we’ve been talking a lot about dreaming tonight, we wanted
to know “Who do you think of when we talk about someone who dreams with God?”
Here’s what some of you said.
All throughout the Bible, history, your life there are people who
have dreamed with God that we get to learn from. Pull on David. I love how a
few of them mentioned David because David was known as a man after God’s own
heart. He was daily talking to God to where he started dreaming like God! It
just occurred to me! we should totally build you a temple! Dreams were not for
himself but good of others and glory of God because he was so in relationship
with God where Gods dreams became his dreams The Bible is full of stories of
people who dreamed with God. Joseph it was in his relationship with God that he
had an actual dream that saved Israel and the line of Jesus. Paul it was in his
relationship with Jesus that he was able to dream about reaching everyone
outside of the Jewish world with the same hope of Jesus. Esther, it was in
relationship that God revealed that she would play a major role in rescuing the
people of God. Moses in relationship with God, had a burning bush moment where
his purpose to rescue Israel from 400+ years of slavery was birthed. What about
Abraham who in relationship with God had the ability to believe God for the
impossible, and he becomes the father of many nations defying all biology and
logic and there’s a whole lot more awesomeness. Dreams happen when relationship
meets purpose see for all these people, God had a bigger dream for their life
than they did, and they got to dream WITH God) I want you to write these down.
Romans 4:17 the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that
were not. Dream = believing with God for something that doesn’t exist yet. Some
of you right now don’t believe God wants to do this for you. Sometimes it’s
easier to believe that God has big dreams for other people, but not us. That we
should just stick to our thing, focus on just doing our best with what’s in
front of us and not worry about much more than that. I used to have a belief
that if I didn’t get excited about things, then I wouldn’t be disappointed when
they didn’t happen the way I wanted. Somewhere along the way I had been
disappointed by circumstances too many times that I intentionally stopped
having those “what if” moments with God, I stopped dreaming, and honestly I
stopped being excited about my future. Maybe that’s exactly how you feel right
now, can I encourage you that God has you here tonight for a reason and let me
also encourage you to keep an open heart and open mind right now. You see – I
forgot that he is the God of the impossible. He is the God that parted the red
sea, the God who won countless battles without Israel having to even pick up
their swords, he’s the God who embedded himself into human history. And He did
it through imperfect people just like us. I didn’t know it at the time but
while I was dreaming small dreams about how to get through middle school and
high school, while I was dreaming about how to deal with friend drama, God was
dreaming about great and unsearchable things for my life. See this is where
Relationship meets purpose: He was dreaming about the level of freedom he
wanted to lead me into, he was dreaming about joy that I didn’t even know was
possible, he was dreaming about all the relationships that he was going to
reconcile, he was dreaming about how I would use my story to lead others to
Jesus. And slowly over time as I grew in relationship with him he started
sharing with me some of his dreams for me and it was an opportunity to know my
creator better, an opportunity to step into the impossible, to call to him and
know that he will answer me. God created you to dream and he wants to dream
with you. And tonight, this can become true for you too. Alright, we asked you
what some of your thoughts are on this and here is what you had to say.
Yo this is real life faith. I don’t have all the answers but I’m
excited, and seeing school as a mission field, and going to college with the
goal to disciple people and see them come to the Lord. Those dreams happened in
relationship. I know every one of those students and how they’ve chosen to
follow Jesus on the days when it’s easy and the days when it’s not, and from
there they’re able to look to their future with excitement even if they don’t
fully know what it’ll look like. God created you to dream, GOD wants to dream
with you, and you know what’s wild? God has been dreaming of you the whole
time. Psalm 139, “Every single moment you are thinking of me. You cherish me
constantly in your every thought. O God your desires toward me are more
numerous than the grains of sand on every shore.” God created you to dream.
Every day, every moment, more than all the sand on the shores in the whole
world, God’s dreams are for you. I can’t tell you what those are because they
have to be discovered in relationship with Him. Tonight, if you’ve been outside
circle one and you don’t know Jesus personally. Or you’ve been sin managing and
feel like you’re barely surviving. Or you’ve wandered into circle 2 checking
out the relationship, but you’re still just checking the boxes of all the right
things you have to do to be a good Christian. There’s a reason you’re here
tonight, Jesus wants to awaken your soul tonight. He wants to activate hope in
your life. He wants you to discover that there’s so much more for you. He wants
to dream with you. He wants to experience dreaming with you. But dreaming with
God only happens when relationship meets purpose and you discover there’s so
much more to be found in Him. it’s all about the Relationship, being in close
relationship, being with Him. Not being busy for him or being around Him. But
with Him. Valley Creek Students, it’s time to dream with God. So, here’s what
we’re going to do tonight. We are going to create space for you to dream with God.
God has great and unsearchable dreams for your life that he wants to show you,
and we just have to call out to him. So, in the seat back in front of you, or
if you’re on the front row under your seat, you’ll find a card that simply asks
God, what are your dreams for my life? We’re going to create space, the piano
will be playing, someone might sing, and this is time for you to talk to God.
Put your phone away, don’t talk to your neighbor, because what if you actually
heard from God? Just like Joseph, Paul, Esther, Moses, and Abraham. What if in these
next few minutes, you really heard God’s heart and dreams for you? Love your
neighbor enough to not distract them from that. And in this time, you can pray,
ask him the question, write down what you hear him say, you can journal, you
can read the scripture that’s on the back, you can worship. For the next 8-10
min, we’re not going to be leading you through it, and that might feel weird if
you’re not used to it just being you and God. If you need help go find a leader
in a red shirt. But there is no agenda, except to be with your good father.
This is the place where dreams are born. You can’t dream with someone you don’t
know, so maybe tonight it’s: starting a relationship with Jesus; or stepping
out of sin management and into relationship; or spending the quality and
quantity of time experiencing his presence so you can actually dream with God.
God created you to dream, God wants to dream with you, God has
been dreaming about you. So tonight, let’s activate hope in our hearts, let’s
elevate our faith to believe for greater things and let’s celebrate that
whatever God says, he will do it. So, take your card, and let’s dream with God

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