How Do Thoughts Become Beliefs?


What would life actually look like if you changed your thinking? Instead of letting what’s happening in the world shape your thinking and beliefs, your beliefs would begin to shape the world around you.

Have you ever seen someone use a $100 bill to pay for something at a store and the cashier holds it up to the light or puts it under black light? Why do they do this? They do it in order to make sure that it’s authentic and not fake. It’s the same for us. We have an opportunity every time we have a questionable thought enter our mind space. We get to choose whether or not we are going to allow that thought to become a belief. And the way we do it is by holding that thought up to the light of scripture and seeing if it holds true.
An easy way to know it holds true, is if it answers these two questions
1. Does this thought glorify God? In other words, does it place the goodness of God on display. Does it show his goodness in our attitudes & affections?
2. Does this thought align with scripture? What is scripture? The Bible, it’s the one thing that gets to define truth in a world full of lies. Does this thought line up with what the Bible teaches?
If the answer to those 2 questions are YES, then we can allow that thought to become a belief we hold. That’s when we start to change our thinking and change our lives. Remember, beliefs will always determine our behaviors.
Here’s a couple examples:
How about complaining. The bible teaches us to have gratitude instead of complaining. When I get God’s perspective on this, I learn to practice gratitude when I am tempted to complain about something. Did you know studies show that if you express gratitude, it raises your happiness by at least 25%? When you repent, change your mind, about complaining and start being grateful instead, you’ll find even more happiness, your life is changing!
Or how about this scenario?
Let’s just say I’m at school and there’s a group of students that I want to be friends with, but they always talk about and do things that go against my values as a follower of Jesus? But I want to fit in so I compromise and join in as they make fun of people, talk about and do things I know I shouldn’t be doing? And one day they ask if I want to vape in the bathroom with them between classes, so I compromise and go for it. Except we get caught in the act. Now I’m in trouble at school, I lose my credibility with other students I have been trying to invite to church with me, I am in trouble at home with my parents, and the result is not a better life, but a worse one.
Now, what if instead of conforming to their thinking I had kingdom thinking, God’s view on it? Instead of trying to fit in with those students, what if I knew my identity as a loved son or daughter and was already secure in who I am. What if instead of compromising, I carried hope to them by praying for them, befriending them and inviting them to church? I don’t vape with them, I don’t get in trouble with anyone, I gain credibility as a hope carrier, and I get to walk with purpose and courage
These are just a couple of examples that when you change your thinking, you change your life.
The world is going to challenge your beliefs about everything from substance abuse, relationships, what you watch online, and how you think about everything.
You never stop being invited to think differently with Jesus, it’s a journey for the rest of your life, and it’s a journey of freedom.
The faster you repent the faster you’ll find freedom
When I first started following Jesus, I found freedom then, and I’m still finding freedom now.
If we could change our thinking, we really could change our life! And the kingdom in us would begin to bring the kingdom of God around us. Imagine if you stepped out everyday really believing those things to be true of you? It would change your life.
So how do we keep changing our thinking going forward?
2 Corinthians 10:5 says “and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
What would life actually look like if you changed your thinking? It might look like instead of letting what’s happening in the world around us shape our thinking and beliefs, our beliefs would begin to shape the world around you.
That no matter what else is happening we would know that God is good even when the world is not, we would believe that Jesus has forgiven us regardless of what we’ve done, we would know that we are loved for who we are not what we do, and that everything is possible!
Change your thinking, change your life.

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