In The Moment


Life is found in the moments with Jesus today.

Hello Valley Creek students and welcome to Student Circles! We are so glad you are here tonight. Wherever you are coming from and whatever day you have had- God is with us tonight and we are excited to experience Him together.
This past weekend our teaching team continued a powerful, timely series called “Along the Way.” As a family, we are looking back at this year and asking God – what have you taught us along the way? What lessons, truth, or promise are you trying to show us? Where do we need to lean into Jesus?
This week we focused in on moments.
Pastor Justin shared with us that life isn’t found in the worries of tomorrow, it’s found in the moments with Jesus TODAY!
We were created to live in the moment with Jesus. He clearly tells us not to focus on the worries of tomorrow, but to live with Him TODAY!
Moments are quick and powerful. Can you think of a memorable/impactful moment right now that has defined your life? Moments can be ordinary, or full of importance. Like the moment you moved for the first time, or the first day at a new school- or maybe the day your baby brother/sister was born.
Moments are what we remember, but they are also quick and easy to miss. So, as we look back on what God has been doing, it makes sense that we look at moments. If we are honest, we can miss out on important moments because of worrying too much about the future. If we aren’t careful- worry can steal moments Jesus offers us.
In the book of Luke, Jesus is having a conversation with His disciples about moments. In verse 25 He asks them, “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And if worry can’t accomplish a little thing like that, what’s the use of worrying over bigger things?
Tonight, Jesus is asking us the same questions- what are you going to do with the moments you’ve been given? He is asking why we worry about tomorrow, plan for tomorrow, build for tomorrow, stress about tomorrow? What does it add to our today- how does it affect this moment, right here- right now?
Have you ever found yourself hanging with friends, playing games together- or maybe just talking and you feel your mind drift to something else? Suddenly someone says your name and snaps you back to the moment? Maybe a friend said, “Hey- where were you? Where’s your head at?” In that instant you realize you were there physically… but your mind was thinking about something else…
Maybe it was schoolwork- assignments stacking up, or a test the next day
Maybe it was family drama- parents are upset, or a sibling is annoying
Maybe it was you- you’re feeling alone, anxious, or overanalyzing something you said from earlier that day
Whatever you were thinking about, it was stealing you from the moment.
*Maybe right now, I am talking, and you are thinking about something else- food, friends, or homework. * Let me pull you back in because I don’t want you to miss what Jesus has for us tonight.
If we are not careful, our lives can become full of moments that if we are honest, we never saw, didn’t realize, or simply forgot. From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, moments are happening, and Jesus is longing to bring life into every moment.
Jesus is the master of moments- He lived in the moments and he lived an abundant life. In the world’s most famous prayer, Jesus says, “Give us this day, our daily bread.” He is not asking for tomorrow’s bread, not next week’s bread- but TODAY’S! Jesus knew the most life could be found not in the worries of tomorrow, but in the moments of today.
Jesus lived in the moment; He lived an “along the way” lifestyle. Look at the Gospels, everywhere Jesus went, miracles and life change followed. He didn’t rush through life or try and “get through” it- He lived each day to the fullest- He found life in every moment.
We think of the story of Jesus as Christmas and Easter, but that’s only 4 chapters of the Gospels! There are 89 chapters in the Gospels and Jesus’ life has a lot to teach us about living in the moment.
How did Jesus live a life full of moments and How can we live a life full of moments with Jesus?
Luke 12: 31-32 gives a clear answer- “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need. So, don’t be afraid of a little flood. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.”
Jesus focused in on the Kingdom of God, not the worries of the world. We can too! The Kingdom of God is life, peace, joy, wisdom. The Kingdom of God is something we can experience HERE AND NOW.
Jesus shows us what the Kingdom looks like here on earth. It’s in the moments with Jesus that we experience the life of Jesus.
A moment with Jesus is not complicated- it’s my favorite thing about following Jesus. During this season, I have realized that moments with Jesus are game changers. Here is what I mean- I recently got married and moved into a one-bedroom apartment with my husband. During the Spring, we were both working from home and things often felt… crammed. I had a lot of moments of anxiety, worry, and frustration. I remember one moment losing my patience and storming out of the apartment. I got to the parking lot, and I heard the Spirit of God whisper- hey Mace, wanna go for a walk? I spent the next 20 minutes walking with God and processing the anxiety, worry, and anger. I felt safe, open, and the freedom to be honest with Jesus- my best friend. He met me in my worry and gave me hope- that’s what He does. He fills every moment with life.
Jesus is always with you and He wants to give you life. He wants to flip the hard moments into moments of connection, intimacy, and hope. Jesus wants to give you grace, love, and value. That is the Kingdom of God- when Jesus comes in, meets us where we are, and gives us life in the moment.
What kind of moments have filled your year?? Moments with Jesus? Moments focused on tomorrow or worried about what is ahead?
What is keeping you from experiencing the life Jesus has for you?
What about this- If you had every day to live over again, would you do things different?
Here’s the good news, Jesus has already lived the perfect life for you. One of the greatest moments is when he gave his life in exchange for yours so you can live a life full of moments with him.
Catch this- maybe you’ve missed moments with Jesus this year b/c you were too focused on or worried about tomorrow. That’s okay. Jesus isn’t mad at you. Trust that he wants to meet w/ you right now. He wants to meet with you tonight and give grace. Tonight, is a moment for you to encounter His grace and love.
And if you have never had a moment with Jesus, tonight is a moment. Jesus loves you and wants to meet you with grace, love, and hope. Right now, you can have a moment with Jesus and become part of God’s beloved people.
Wherever you’re at, I invite you to close your eyes- we are going to ask Jesus to speak to us. Jesus, help our hearts receive you right now- wherever we are, whatever season we are in- you are here, in this moment and you want to give us life.
Gen Hope- let’s ask Jesus to give us life in this moment- go ahead, in your head, in your heart, and in your words- ask Him to give life. Ask for His grace to wash over you, His peace to fill your mind and heart, ask for His joy to strengthen you. Ask for the Kingdom of God to come in this room.
Thank you, Jesus, for giving us life in this moment. Thank you for living a perfect life so we can experience life TODAY! Amen.

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