Obedience Releases Life


In this message, we learn that our obedience will always release life into the spiritual environment around us.

Everybody, welcome to Valley Creek Church. We want to give a big welcome to our Denton campus. We are so glad that you guys are here with us, and we love what God is doing up in Denton and it is the beginning of summer.

Everybody excited for summertime. Kids are out of school. It is a million degrees outside. Summer has arrived, and at the beginning of this year, we shared Psalm 65:11 together, and we said we really believe this is a theme that God has for us this year when it says that he will crown your year with goodness, and his paths drip with abundance. I believe that, that is going to continue to carry over into our summer that he wants to put his goodness into your summer and that his paths drip with abundance if we just keep following him. God has great things in store for us. And there is some great stuff. I just want to make sure that you are totally in tune with and aware of happening this summer here at Valley Creek Church. First thing is Epic week, is coming up at both campuses. Okay.

Epic week is going to be incredible. If you have never been a part of it, parents basically is this. If you have got kids you need to get your kids to Epic week. It is not, it is all I need to say. It is a week of having fun and learning about God. Our children’s ministry team and leaders and volunteers do a phenomenal job of transforming the entire building. They create this great experience for your kids to meet and encounter God. It is always hundreds and hundreds of kids, so both campuses. Make sure you get your kids here and it is a great outreach opportunity. I mean those neighborhood kids or your kids friends from school, and go and grab and say I will pick you up every week or everyday for the week and bring them to come, because it is through the lives of the kids we get into the hearts of the parents. If there is somebody you have been trying to work on for a while or pray for, maybe it is your somebody’s somebody, this is a great way to reach them. Bring their kid because their kid will be rocked and have a great week. Here it is an incredible weekend at both campuses this summer. so, check out the dates. The other thing that we got coming up is we have our hub summer camp. Okay.

If you do not know, we got a lot of students that love to be around here. They are incredible. There is more than 500 Kids already signed up for hub camp this summer. Students, if you are here and you are not signed up, you need to go because there will be a week that will change your life. I promise you. It is going to be absolutely incredible. I wish I could go to hub summer camp every summer. I am just telling you because it is incredible, and then we got some great sermon series for you that are going to bless you this summer. Some new initiatives we are excited to roll out to you. And there is one more thing that I just need to share with you about what is going to happen this summer and it is that, this summer I am going to take some extended time off. Okay. At the end of last year, somebody is excited for me to take some extended time off. I am excited too. At the end of last year, our elders we got together kind of the Year End meeting and they looked at me and they said, “hey Johnny there is something we want to share with you, but we know you are not going to like it the moment that we tell it to you. And so, I kind of smiled and looked at him and what I love about our elders is every decision we make is in 100% unity together. We do not move forward if we are not in unity. And what I love about our elders is, it is an incredibly transparent, authentic, honest group nothing is off limits. We talk about everything and so, they looked at me and they said, “hey, so ValleyCreek church is incredibly healthy right now and we have just had this amazing season of explosive growth, and we want you to stay healthy for a really long time, so we think somewhere in 2014 you need to take some extended time off, because we want you to be our pastor for a really long time.” Now, they were right. The moment they said that.

I looked right back at them and said, yeah right, I cannot take time off this year. There is just way too much stuff happening. It is, it is, it is amazing what God’s doing around here. This is not the time and so, I just kind of joked with them and they said, we need you to at least pray about it. And I said, all right at least pray about it. So, I went home, shared it with Colleen. We started praying about it and for a few weeks I just kind of barely was throwing up some prayers to the Lord. And then finally the Lord just kind of grabbed my heart and he said, “Johnny this was not their idea. This is my idea. And I am asking you to take some extended time off this summer.” So okay. Lord, if it is you, then, then I am in. And, and I share that with you to tell you that this is my next step on my journey. You see I never want to ask you to do things that I am not willing to do myself. I always want to model it to you. If we are all about taking next steps, then I got next steps too. And I need to be willing to take them. And this is my next step.

You see in Luke 5:16 it says Jesus, often withdrew to lonely places to pray. Jesus would pull away from everything else and he would go and he would just spend time with the Father. And when you look in context when Jesus does it, you would say Jesus wrong time buddy. People are getting healed, the lepers are being cured, ministry is happening, the crowd is showing up, you do not go away now. Wait till everything quiets down, and then go, but no Jesus goes right in the middle of it all because when you are healthy, that is the time to make decision so you continue to stay healthy. Okay. So, Jesus pulls away to go spend time with the Lord, with, with the Father, and really that is what spiritual leaders have to do. You have to constantly pull away to spend time with a father. And that is what I am going to do this summer. Just take some time. It is not really a big deal. It want you to be in tune with it to rest, to refill, and to receive.

You see I have been on staff a Valley Creek Church for eight years and had been the lead pastor for almost the last four. And if you look at what God has done in these last four years alone, it has been absolutely incredible. We have tripled in size. We have baptized about 1000 people. We have added a ton of staff. We did the missional move, the Flower Mound building, the Denton campus, India, and the ministry school for church planters. I mean incredible things, and one of the things that we say on staff all the time is, we say we want to do this a long time together. We want to do this a long time together that ministry is not a sprint. It is a marathon. That I do not want to be a firecracker. I do not want to be lit and go up, and boom and explode everybody, who’s and our for a few moments. I want to be a long burning flame that would stand the test of time.

I do not want Valley Creek Church to be a firecracker that goes up and blows up and everybody thinks, ooh, that was an amazing movement for a few years. No, no. I want us to be a long burning flame that withstands the test of time, that reaches generations. And the only way we do that is by making decisions for the long haul not the short run. It is making decisions for health. And I am convinced the more I do this, that very few of us have ever experienced healthy church. The more I lead, the more I realize very few people have any understanding of what healthy church really looks like, and we are a church committed to being a healthy church. So, we will make those decisions they are often the hardest decisions to make. They are often confusing sometimes, because you look and you are like oh wait.

I do not understand and I have not seeing this before, and you are telling me there is no problems and things are healthy. Yes, that is called healthy church. And we need to learn what healthy church looks like, and that is what we are committed to here at Valley Creek. So, this summer I just want you to know really again, it is not a big deal. I just need you to understand is, I am just going to rest, refill, and receive. I just need some time to rest, some extended time with my kids and my wife. The moment my kids found out this week that I was going to take some time off this summer, my kids in the car started cheering, “yay Dad is not writing messages this summer.”

Okay. Because there is a toll on our whole family. The sacrifice, the spiritual warfare and they know it and we are all ok with it, but some extended time for me to just rest and spend time with them. I need some time to refill. Every week I get up here and I feed you. And I love feeding you from the Word of God. I love feeding you spiritual food, but I just need a little bit time. I just want to feed myself for a while, and not be concerns like when mama closes the kitchen, you know, and she says like kitchen is closed. I just need some time to spend some time with the scriptures and feast for myself for a while, and then really it is to receive. My job is always to get away and be alone with the Lord to hear a vision of what he has in store for us for the next season, and he is already starting to show me what he has for us in this next season. It is so incredible as I am telling people they are getting super excited about, but I need some extended time where I am not thinking about messages but can get clarity from the Lord about what he has for us as we keep moving forward into the future, and so that is just what a little bit of this summer is going to look like. And so here is the deal, a whole lot of people say to me all the time they say, “Johnny, we love what God is doing at ValleyCreek church. How can we be a part? What is it that you want us to do? Here is what I would ask of you this summer. Are you ready for this?

Okay, here is what I need you to do. Number one, just, just come with anticipation. Every week keep showing up in this place with anticipation. Believe that God is going to show up and he is going to meet you and he has got something great for you. And then number two, come with humility. Show up every week with a humble spirit, a teachable posture, regardless of who is communicating the word expect that God has got something great that he is going to deposit into you. There is something you need to learn, something you need to receive and then come ready to engage. Come and engage. Cheer people on as they take next steps, worship, encounter God, love each other, give, serve, bless. Do all the things that we talk about, keep taking next steps to keep the spiritual momentum in this place high. I shared with you a few months ago, I said that every Christian, every follower of Jesus should be able to say if you have seen me you have seen Jesus, and the heartbeat of the local church that I am planted in. I would ask you this summer that when people look at you in this place they would see, they would be able to say, man, I see Jesus and I see the heartbeat of what ValleyCreek church is all about. Just keep being ValleyCreek church. That is all I want to say to you, okay. Are you with me on that?

Can we do that? We are at church that is in this for a long haul. We are going the distance. We are going to be a long burning flame. We are going to reach the generations. We are going to do what Jesus has called us to do. We are going to be a healthy church, and we are a healthy church. And I am extremely excited about what God has in store for us in the days to come. I cannot wait. This is really not a big deal at all, but this is what healthy church does. It takes time to communicate as a family because we are not building an organization, we are growing a family. And what I am so grateful for is that you all.

Was a half-hearted excitement there, but that is okay.

Is that you all are more interested in health than your personal preferences, that you all are more interested in health than our personal opinions or expectations. That is the sign of a great church. That is going to do great things in the kingdom, okay. This is what ValleyCreek church is all about. So, thank you in advance, okay. So, here is what we are going to do. With the time that we have left, I want to, I want to jump into something else now. So, this is total like ready changing gears, like, we are going in totally different direction. What I want us to do is, I want us to do something a little bit different. You see I shared with you at the beginning of this year that this is a year we wanted to create more space in our services to meet and encounter God. In fact, we even reordered our services and how we do them, to create space for God to move because when you create space and say, “God, we want you to come and move.” God will show up and he will do great things, and we said that this year we want our faith level to rise, to believe God for bigger and greater things. And we are the kind of church that likes to follow the cloud. I want you to be so familiar with that term. It basically means in the Old Testament, the Israelites followed the pillar a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, which represented the presence of God and wherever the cloud went, the Israelites followed. Wherever the cloud goes, we want to follow.

We want to step out of our rhythms and our routines. Because God says, “hey, I am moving over here today and I want you to come with me.” And so, this week as I was working on my message in this series for this series, God did something absolutely incredible. The cloud moved and we are going to follow the cloud and I am going to preach that message that I was going to do today. We are going to go ahead and do it next week, because we want to stay in step with the cloud. You see, if you were here last week, we started this series and I shared with you the story of the rich young ruler. This man who comes to Jesus and he basically says, “good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? And Jesus and this man have this great conversation.

And in verse 10:21, Mark 10:21, it says Jesus looked at him and loved him, and said one thing you lack. Go sell everything you have, gift to the poor. You will have treasure in heaven, then come and follow me. And it says that the face of the man’s fell sad and he walked away because he had great wealth, and he left Jesus. And when I shared with you last week is that the man did not believe that Jesus loved him fiercely. So, he was unable to hold on to the things of this life loosely. And we said that it is not until we believe that Jesus loves us fiercely that we can let go and really follow God that if we do not believe he loves us fiercely, we have poverty mindset, fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety. We hold on to our idols. Our idols hold on to us. We have these strongholds in our lives and we grip it, because it defines us and it becomes our identity, but the moment we believe that Jesus fiercely loves us, we let go of those things and we hold on loosely and we follow him with everything that we have got, and we really ended the message by saying what is holding you back from following Jesus?

Well, while we were in that message there was a family sitting in one of the services in one of the campuses. I do not even know who these people are. I have no idea their names. They were in one of the services in one of our campuses, and they were listening to that message, and they heard the Holy Spirit speak to them. May they knew the thing, knew that. They heard the voice of God and their life, and they knew that because Jesus loved them fiercely, they could hold on loosely and so, they really felt like God was asking them to, to bless another family in our church, and they wanted to do it anonymously, so that Jesus would get the credit not so that they would get the glory and so, they wanted to do it anonymously. So, they called one of our staff leaders said, we heard from Jesus this weekend and services. We know what God has asked us to do. We want to do it anonymously. Can you help us bless this family without them ever realizing that it is us.

And our staff leader said, absolutely. What is it that you want to do? And they had this conversation. And what I love about that is that it is God’s word that teaches us how to hear God’s voice and it is God’s voice that always leads us into God’s heart. It is God’s word, the scriptures that we talk about every week that teach you how to hear the voice of God. And it is God’s voice that leads you into his heart. What God has already said, teaches you how to hear what God wants to say so you can follow him into the abundant life that he has in store for you and Luke 11 tells us that blessed is he who hears the word of God and obeys. That we are not blessed just because we hear, we are blessed when we hear and we obey. In other words, blessed, happy, joyful, peaceful, experiencing the abundance that Jesus has for them and this family. They are blessed because they heard and instantly obeyed. They did not wait three weeks. They did not hem and haw about. They said we heard from the voice of the Lord, and we are going to go ahead, we are going to. He loves us fiercely.

We are going to hold on loosely and we are going to move forward with this. So, there is this other family over here that you do not know about and they have this amazing little boy, 8 year old little boy, and his name is Kyle. And Kyle is an incredible gift from God and it was Kyle’s eighth birthday last week and Kyle has made in the image and likeness of God, he has fearfully and wonderfully made. He has an incredible family and two sisters, and what you do not know about Kyle is that when Kyle was born he was born with cerebral palsy. He was also born with a number of other issues that are sometimes hard to diagnose and the family has to walk through the difficulties of that. And the reality is, is that the doctors told Kyle’s family that he was not ever going to live past the age of two. And so every year on his birthday it is an incredible celebration of the faithfulness and goodness of God.

And Kyle’s eighth birthday was this past week. And Kyle has been in a wheelchair his entire life and you can imagine the impact that, that has on the family. They have a real old minivan with 200,000 miles on it. No air conditioning here in Texas, and they always got to pick Kyle up and lay him down in the backseat and buckle him up and fold up the wheelchair and go through all that. I mean it is an incredibly difficult reality that this family has to face, but they love their son, Kyle. And so, this first family hears from the Lord and they decide that they really feel like God is asking them to throw a special birthday party just for Kyle this week. And because they want to do it anonymously, they are not there and we do not know who it is, but the staff person is the liaison and kind of sets it up and so, 40 people really get invited to this birthday party and I got to be one of them.

And so, here we are in this room and Kyle and his family come in, his parents and his two sisters and, and they come running in and they are all excited and the staff leader gets up and says, well, hey everybody is here today and we get to celebrate Kyle’s eighth birthday and everybody cheers. And he says, like every good birthday party you have to sing happy birthday. And so, everybody in the room we all sing happy birthday to Kyle. And then when we finish that he says in like any good birthday there is always a good birthday cake, right, because no party is complete without cake and so, they bring out this big cake that says happy birthday Kyle and everybody is excited and then the person says and like every good party there is always good presents when we celebrate someone’s birthday. And so, everyone kind of tunes in at that moment and the staff leader looks at Kyle, and he reaches in his pocket and he says Kyle on behalf of a family in our church and more importantly on behalf of Jesus, we want to wish you happy birthday. And here are, he pulls out a set of keys, a brand new set of keys, for a brand new fully loaded top of the line handicap accessible minivan.

The parents just break down, weeping. Every person in the room tears up because nobody saw that one coming. Nobody saw that one coming, and all of a sudden there is the sense of this overwhelming goodness of God in the room and the staff leader says, hey, he says, why do not you go look out the window because there it is parked right out there and everybody goes, and here is the minivan and all the doors are open in the handicap ramp is down and everything set up and staff leader says, we hope you like white because there is no returns. Okay.

I mean, it is you got what you got and there it is. And I mean here is this brand new handicap accessible minivan that this family has been praying for, for 8 years. 8 years they have been praying for this for their family. When you want to talk about a miracle. You want to talk about the move of God. You want to talk about the fierce love of God showing up through someone else’s willing obedience. Man, this is a miracle. Okay. And I want to show you, let me show you a picture, this is what Kyle looks like. This is Kyle in front of the van. Brand new van. I mean, stickers are still on it. There was the radio sticker, still on the radio. I mean it was brand new to bless them and so, we all went down and we went out and we watched Kyle get in it for the first time and get hooked up in the van. It is going to change this family’s life. This is their miracle and, and one of the people that was there, this lady she was laughing. She is like, she is like, man, I thought this was like the Oprah show. She was like.

We get together and first they are singing, then there is cake, I thought maybe we are just going to give him a new wheelchair, and then he gets a brand new car. And another guy goes I am not going to lie to you, I reached under my seat to see if there was a pair of keys for me.

Well, I was in the room you know. I mean, because you could taste the tangible goodness of the loving father in that moment. And here was a family who knew Jesus loved them fiercely, so they held loosely and they obeyed fully. And so the question I want to ask you is this. Are you following Jesus like that? Are you on that kind of an adventure with him? Are you experiencing and encountering the abundant life? Are you radically obeying? His heaven showing up to earth through your life. Are you dreaming with the king of what his kingdom is supposed to look like here on this earth? Do you believe he loves you fiercely? Are you holding loosely and obeying fully? Like, when God speaks do you just listen and go for it or do you step back and hesitate? You see your obedience releases life to the world around you. Every next step you take you go deeper into the Father’s heart of love and you release his love in the world around you.

Think of Jesus for a moment. Every next step Jesus took, every step, he took released grace and life to all the people around him. And it says, he only went where he saw the father going. Everywhere the father wanted him to go, he obeyed. He took a step, life and grace were released. Do you realize the Bible says where and how the agents of grace. Then the father tells us where we are supposed to go and he asks us to be obedient and he gives us next steps, and when we take those steps, he releases his fierce, passionate, pursuing love into the world around us. Listen, for a long time I wanted to preach a message here called this, how much will your sin cost me? Okay, so I was preachers work. We get an idea, we see something happen, we read some in scripture, we start formulating messages in our minds and we wonder when we will be able to preach them. And so for a long time now, just not worked out, I wanted to preach a message called how much will your sin cost me, because make no mistake about it your sin cost the people in your life a lot.

Jesus has paid for the consequences; Jesus has paid for your sin but the consequences ripple effect out into the people around your life. So, I have been wanting to preach that message but then I thought this week, a better message for ValleyCreek church is how much will your obedience bless me. Let us not worry about how much our sin will cost each other. Let us just be more focused on how much our obedience will bless each other. Think of Noah. Noah’s obedience saved the world. Joshua’s obedience took a nation into the promised land. Gideons’ obedience saved the Israelites. Paul’s obedience took the gospel to the Gentiles. Jesus’s obedience got you into heaven. Dads, how much will your obedience bless your kids? Wives, how much will your obedience bless your husband? Children, how much will your obedience bless your parents? Bosses, how much will your obedience bless your employees? Friends, how much will they bless your friends? Strangers how much will your obedience bless the strangers in your life? See obedience releases life.

It is like a boat going through the water that leaves a way behind it and the way keeps going until it hits something, another boat or the shore, but it rolls until it hits something. That is what happens in the spiritual realm. When you obey, your obedience releases awake of life and it rolls in the spiritual realm until it comes into contact with someone else and blesses them. I mean, imagine what it would be like if every person in our church this week just took one next step and not the normal 20% that are all in on following Jesus and the 80 that hesitate. I am saying if you, not the person next to you, you what if we all just took one step this week, talk about the explosive ripple effects of life that would be released all over this place. See, your next step might be someone else’s miracle.

This one family’s next step, they just did it. It was this family’s miracle, 8 years. They could not buy that van in 1000 lifetimes. We all say we want miracles in our lives. You know how you get miracles in your life. By being like Mary. When the angel shows up and says, “Mary, the father wants to birth the savior of the world through you,” and Mary says, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” You want miracles in your life, then when Jesus asked you to do something, say, I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said. You see, I would even bet most of the time our next steps are not about us. They are about God revealing his faithfulness and his goodness to the people around us. In fact, your next step might be the only message to some people ever hear in life. I mean, never show up to church, they may never come to a gathering but they see your next step and it touches them and changes them. Bible says you are living epistle, you are a story, you reveal the goodness of God. And no, not everyone can give a van, but everyone can take a next step.

And God is not asking you to give a van. He asked someone else to give a van, and they did it. What is he asking you to do? Maybe he is asking you to restore your marriage, because in 5 years another couple with a broken marriage is going to show up and your restored marriage is going to help them restore theirs. Maybe he is just asking you every day for the next month to wake up in the morning and just spend 15 minutes reading the Bible, because there is someone going to come in contact with you throughout that time and they are going to need the wisdom that you have been getting from the counsel of God. Maybe he is asking you to create margin in your life and give us some things you do not even know why, but maybe it is because someone is going to show up in your life, God is going to ask you to disciple them, and you are already going to have the margin figured out. Maybe it is buy someone cup of coffee, forgive someone, let something go. Maybe it is just to sit with the kid that nobody wants to hang out with at lunch.

I do not know, but I know this your obedience releases life everywhere you go. In fact, listen to this for a second with me. John chapter 1, you do not turn there. Let me just read this to you. John chapter one verse 35, it says the next day John, the Baptist, was there again with two of his disciples. When he saw Jesus passing by he said, “look, the Lamb of God.” When the two disciples heard him say this. They followed Jesus turning around. Jesus saw them following and asked, what do you want? They said Rabbi, which means teacher where are you staying? Come, he replied, and you will see. So, they went and saw. It is two guys look at Jesus, and Jesus says, “come and see.” And it says, so they went and saw. Imagine if they did not go.

Imagine if they would have said, I am out Jesus, come back around next year. I will be ready next year, maybe next month. Let us be honest. How about 5 years. What would they have missed out on. They would have missed out on Jesus raising people from the dead, seeing lepers cured, seeing the deaf hear, the blind see, watching Jesus walk on water, see Jesus calm the storm, see Jesus turned 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5000 people. They would have missed the crucifixion. They would have missed the resurrection. They would have missed Pentecost and having the spirit poured out upon their lives. They would have missed living as the first church with the power presence and purity of God all over. They would have missed everything. But they did not. Because it says, they came and they saw. What are we unable to see in our lives, because we are just unwilling to come. What are you unable to see of the goodness of God because you are just unwilling to say, okay, you said it, I will do it, I will step into this place. I mean, think of this one family, they took one next step they wanted to be anonymous, nobody is supposed to know anything, and their obedience touched the entire life of our church now. They have no idea I am sharing this, will surprise if you are here.

I have no idea who you are. But I am very inspired by your obedience, and your obedience has released so much life. It has touched every person now in ValleyCreek church. And that should inspire you, because it is not about a van. It is about saying Jesus loves me fiercely, I can hold loosely, I will follow him in the secret quiet places when no one else is watching, because he says it, I will do it. I share the story with you, Kyle story, because testimonies reveal God. They inspire our faith. They, they motivate us to move. They fill us with hope. Testimonies remind us that if God can do it for them, God can do it for us. And maybe you are here and like 8 years you have been waiting for your miracle and you think God is never going to come through. If God came through for them, he will come through for you. And maybe you are here and you hear someone else, be obedient to do something incredibly inspiring and you think, well I cannot do that. If they could do it with God, you can do it with God. I tell you this story because it illustrates what I am trying to share with you in this series better than I can preach it, is what I am just saying. That is, that is what I mean, that God did this week and it was like, I felt like the Lord was saying this, this, this is what I am trying to share with ValleyCreek church in this series. Your obedience releases Life. And here is the crazy part about it, you may totally disagree with this but I think this is true. That is a great way of setting something you know.

By the way, communicators do not ever do it that way.

I think this story builds our faith more than if I got up here and shared a miracle story with you about someone’s arm growing back or a physical healing. And the reason I believe that is because I believe one of the predominant prevailing spirits in the DFW area is what Jesus would call the spirit of Mammon. So, Jesus would not have time to get into that. Jesus defines it as the spirit of Mammon, in other words it is called the love of money. It is the predominant prevailing spirit in the DFW area, the love of money. So, when we hear stories of someone who decides to topple down the idol of the spirit of Mammon and love Jesus more than they love money and glorify Jesus over the worship of money. It does something inside of us, inspires us. It breaks down the strongholds that have been holding us back, because every person sitting in this room has to deal with the spirit of Mammon, because it is a spirit of supernatural spirit that resides in our region and it builds our faith even more so than a physical healing. And it forces you and I to kind of wrestle through, who really has control in my life. See, we all get a choice and we can say this, we can be the God did people or the God is doing people. I do not want to be the God did people. The God did people, those are the people that are like, yeah God did it somewhere else. He can do it. He did it in Africa. He did it with a friend of mine somewhere over. He did it in the Bible, is really when he did it. He does not do that kind of stuff anymore. That is the by, he did it then and it is kind of, I do not want to be those people. I want to be the God is doing it and he is doing it right now, because Jesus is the not the great I was, he is the Great I am.

And so I want to share with you more and more in the days to come, because it is crazy stuff like this happens all the time and it is not crazy, it is called the kingdom of God.

You say like what, what is this, who does? It is the kingdom of God. We live so caught up in the kingdom of the world. We think things like this are crazy or should be on my channel, whatever news. This is just normal in the kingdom of God. Because our obedience releases waves of life into the world around us. So Jesus says, man, I have given you authority, your co-laborers, your co-rulers, dream with me. Come on, this is my kingdom and I brought you to this place of ruling with me. Why do not we want it to look like? What are you dreaming for? What are you hoping for? What do you believe in for? It is not just go to work 9 to 5, make some money, come home, watch some TV. Man, let us release the kingdom. You got maybe 80 years to release the kingdom on this life then you live in it forever, if you follow Jesus. Let us see it come now. I do not want to wait 80 years. Heaven can come to Earth now through your obedience. That is why we obey. You do not obey, to gain favor with God, you obey because you have favor with God. I am not getting my head myself, because that is next week.

We are going to get excited next week. God is moving, are you moving with him. It is really what I want to say. I think, Jesus just wants to ask every one of us this question, are you following? Like Jesus does not want a one time decision. He is looking for commitment. He does not want a big splash. He wants faithfulness. He does not wants servants. He wants friends. Do you believe he loves you fiercely so you can hold loosely and obey fully, because he is looking for people to receive and release the fierce love of God all over this place. So, here is what we are going to do together. We are going to close this all out together today, by taking communion. Okay. So, our ushers are going to get up. If you want to put the rest of your stuff away for a moment. Our ushers are going to get up and they are just going to start passing it out. Because here is the deal, church is not a place we come to hear about God. It is a place we come to hear from God. Church is not just a place where we want to learn about God that is where we want to experience and encounter God. And I believe he wants to encounter you that he wants you to experience him in a profound and powerful way.

And so, as our guys begin to pass this out it is for anyone who is follower of Jesus. And if you are here today and you have not said you are a follower of Jesus, that is okay man. I am so glad that you are here, hang out with us, experience what the kingdom feels like, the power and presence of God. We would just ask that you would pass communion plate along until Jesus becomes your Lord and savior. You see every one of you when you, it gets to you and you have the bread and the cup sitting in your hand what you are holding in your hand is the fierce love of God for you. If you ever wondered whether or not God loved you fiercely, all you have to do is look at the cross. All you have to do is hold the bread and the cup. I mean listen to these verses. Romans 8 says, for I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord. That sounds pretty fierce to me.

Ephesians 3, says that you may have the power together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. And Jeremiah 31:3 says, I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have drawn you with loving kindness. I love that. He is drawing you today unto to himself, and saying I love you fiercely. I love you fiercely. Do you believe it yet? Do you believe it yet? Like Romans 5 tells us that we were still sinners, Christ died for us. In other words, when you were at your most unlovable place, his love was the fiercest over you. When no one else pursued you and no one else was passionate about you, no one else wanted you, he did and he came after you with a ferocious, all consuming, pure, powerful love.

My sense is that some of you are here today and you just need to receive the love of God over your life. In fact, where do you need to receive the fierce love of God? Are you stressed out at work, is your marriage falling apart, got an issue with the kid, cancer in your body, a broken relationship, you find yourself stuck in an addiction, you are numb, you are stressed out in life, you are bored, you are anxious, you are worried, you are full of fear. You receive his fierce love for you today. And then, there is all a lot of us that we need to choose to release that fierce love. And it is because we know he loves us fiercely that we can even take that step of faith, that we can even follow in obedience, that we can hold on loosely. So here is my question for you, is what is your next step?

Can you just think about it for one moment? Holy Spirit come and speak. Give us ears to hear. What is your next step? What is that place of life and adventure. Freedom and hope, he is inviting you into. Every one of those in this room you have a next step. Do not think about someone else’s, just yours. Just yours. Holy Spirit speak. And when you have identified that step, maybe it is to forgive, maybe it is to bless, maybe it is to love, maybe it is very tangible that he is asked you to do something. When he speaks to you, ask him for the courage to follow. Ask him for the empowerment to move forward. Just say, “Holy Spirit, I need you to move through me, to take this step. Because I am scared and unsure.” There is something about hearing stories of other people just like you, sitting right next to you. There may be the person sitting right next to you right now, something about hearing those stories that just build our faith and reminds us. If they can do it, I can do it too. So you have the courage to take that next step, to release waves of life in the spiritual realm all around us. How much will your obedience Bless the people you love.

You see on the night the Lord Jesus was betrayed after he had given thanks, he took the bread and he broke it he said this is my body, which will be broken for you. So, I am going to be broken so you can be made whole. In other words, he says, guys I am taking my step because I only go where I see the father going and he showed me what I need to do and I know if I take this next step, the waves of life that will be released in you will allow you to be healed and whole. Can we receive the wake of the life of the obedience of Jesus that still carries on to this day together. And in the same way, after the supper Jesus took the cups said this is the cup of the new covenant, a new agreement. This is my blood which will be poured out for you. He says, guys I am going. I am doing it. I know how much my father loves me and nothing will keep me from following after him. And because I follow him, you will be cleansed and free, renewed. You will be a new creation as often as you do this remember and receive my fierce love for you that still ripples on to this day. Can you receive that in the spiritual realm by Faith Church. Receive that miracle that still is rolling and rolling and rolling to bump into you. Let us receive it together.

So Lord Jesus, we encounter and experience you tonight. We say we love you in this place. Would you come and do what only you can do. And would you give us the courage and the faith to follow. Here is what I am believing, I am believing this week 1000s of ValleyCreeker’s are going to take one little next step. And the wave of life that is going to be released in our homes, our businesses, our schools, our jobs, our neighborhoods, our cities is going to be incredible, because he loves us fiercely. We can hold loosely and obey fully. Can I just challenge you do not be, do not be numb with this. Do not just let it bounce and roll. So I receive it Lord, I receive it Lord. Hey, if you are here and you need prayer, we want to pray for you. Maybe you need prayer for courage for your next step, maybe you need prayer for a miracle that you got high faith. You heard about Kyle’s miracle, come receive a miracle from Jesus. Let us pray for you, for those of you that want to give your tithes and your offerings. There are boxes at all the doors. Maybe that is your next step and that is the thing God is asking you to say, just trust me with your finances before you even walk out the door you do that next step for those of you that are called and want to do that in obedience and for those of you who are new, we would love to invite you to guest central right out these doors and introduce ourselves to you, but I pray you go with a big faith, knowing your obedience releases life to everyone around you. I love you, blessings.

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