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Honor enables the move of God in our lives.

Hey Valley Creek Students i’m so stoked to be hanging out with you at student circles. I want to celebrate y’all because even in the middle of a season that is hard to navigate, you guys have stayed consistent, you’ve continued to lean in to what Jesus is doing in your life, you’ve honored those around you by wearing the masks and keeping the distance, and ultimately made it to where lost hurting and broken students can come in this place and experience hope.

& we are in this series “heart of a king” where we are looking at the life of David and learning what it means to live with the heart of a king. That we don’t live down to the world we live up to the kingdom of God. That God made us in his image and likeness to rule and reign with him but royalty doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you selfless, the heart of a king lives for the good of others and the glory of God.

And I wanted to celebrate you, because today we are talking about Honor. And this is a big one because I know for me, that for a lot of my life I lived with wrong ideas about honor or I didn’t really think that it was that important. But honor is the culture of the kingdom of God. If you’re taking notes write that down – Honor is the culture of the kingdom of God.

Honor means that you value it, you speak well of it, you celebrate it, and you draw attention to its greatness. To DIS-honor, it means to treat it as common, unimportant, and uninteresting. And the best analogy I have for you is that it would be really easy for you to show honor if you got the new iphone. You would value it because you spent money on it, you would go and show your friends all its cool features, you would put a case on it and be careful with it. Okay – why is it so easy for us to honor a piece of technology, but hard for us to honor the people in our lives?

instead of speaking well of people, we find our conversations full of gossip and slander
Instead of magnifying their God given value, we push them down, and make them feel small
Maybe instead of pointing out their greatness, we point out their failures
And maybe instead of drawing attention to them, we dismiss them.

& that’s the culture of the world. We’ve had that done to us and see it all around us – but we are different. You and me have been given the heart of the king so if that has been your experience before, we don’t live down to the world, we live up to the kingdom, and (write this down) YOU WERE CREATED TO GIVE AND RECEIVE HONOR.

When we look at the life of David we see this to be true. Specifically there was this one time, where God had made David the new King of Israel, but Saul, the current king of Israel didn’t like that so for 10 years he tried to kill david. For 10 years David was living in caves hiding from Saul. And one day, David and his men were hiding in a cave when lo and behold…. Saul walks in. & weird detail I know – but while Saul was legit using the bathroom in the cave, which you’re pretty vulnerable while you’re doing that – David’s men tell him that this is his chance to kill Saul. But David said to his men, “The LORD forbid that I should do such a thing to the LORD’s anointed, or lift my hand against him; for he is the anointed of the LORD.”So David creeps close, pulls out his sword, and cuts off a piece of his robe instead. & After Saul leaves the cave it says that David was conscious stricken about even having cut off that piece of Saul’s Robe. So “David went out of the cave and called out to Saul, “My lord the king!” When Saul looked behind him, David bowed down (he honored him) and said “ While Some urged me to kill you, I spared you; because I said, `I will not lift my hand against… the LORD’s anointed.’”

Here’s what I want you to catch. David had every “right” to not honor Saul. Saul was an evil dude, didn’t have David’s best interests at heart, was literally trying to kill him, had taken away the past 10 years of his life…. And David still chose to honor him. Why? Write this down. Bc Honor has nothing to do with the behavior of the person, it has everything to do with your heart.

Luke 6:35 “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” Which means that if there is royalty in your heart, honor is what flows out. But if there is rebellion in your heart, we will constantly dishonor the people in our life. & we don’t even call it dishonor but when we show up late, we are saying that we value our time more valuable than someone else’s. When we are on our phones while we are with other people, we are saying that someone else is more valuable to us than them. When we gossip we are saying that we value our frustration more than their reputation. So we have to ask the question- what does the honor of lack of honor that you show the people in your life, show us about your heart?

because if David can honor Saul, the guy who was trying to kill him for no reason, we can honor our parents even when we don’t think they are being fair, we can honor the person at school who is making up stories about us, we can honor our teachers even if we don’t agree with them, you can choose to not talk negatively about about that guy or girl even tho they wronged and hurt you, you can call out greatness in your siblings even when they’re just being annoying.

And the reason why honor is SUCH a big deal is because dishonor literally stops the move of God in your life. There is a story in mark 6 where Jesus shows up to his hometown ready to perform miracles and do the impossible but it says “Only in his hometown is a prophet without honor. He could not do any miracles there”. Because there was no honor, he could not do any miracles. Dishonor disables the supernatural move of God. & I wonder how many times does God show up and want to do the impossible in our lives but *cant* because of the dishonor in our hearts? Dishonor does not belong in the heart of a king. So dishonor does not belong on your mouth, in the texts you send, in the thoughts that you think, or on your social media.

But think about it – if dishonor disables, then that means on the flip side, that honor enables, and like a magnet, honor literally attracts the supernatural power of God into our lives. I want that for you, hopefully you want that for you. & we’re not going to learn it from the world, so 3 ways we can begin to be people of honor.

Number one – Honor God.
You will never honor the people in your life if we don’t first honor God, his word, his presence, and his people. David was so used to honoring God that it was easy for him to honor Saul. So, do you treat God, his word, his presence, and his people as valuable, or do you see it as common, unimportant, and uninteresting? The problem isn’t that the bible is hard to read and that you are too busy to spend time with him when you’re not at church – the problem is that we don’t see him as the king of the universe who has crossed all boundaries to have a relationship with you. God is deserving of our honor. He is deserving of our time, our attention, and our worship. And the more you spend time in the presence of the king, the more you will develop the heart of a king. Number one – honor God.

Number two – Remember who they are.
Whoever in your life it is the most difficult for you to honor, That person was made in the image and likeness of God, have been given gifts by God that demonstrate his greatness, and have a calling and a destiny on their life. And the thinking that someone has to “deserve or earn honor” for us to give them it is a thought of the world, that our generation specifically really likes to hang our hat on, but it’s not from God. David honored Saul based on his calling, not his behavior. & even if they don’t *deserve* it, we are required to give it because if Jesus could honor you at your worst, if he could attribute value to you when you didn’t deserve it, we can get beyond our opinions, preferences, and hurts to honor them. & if you forget who they are, it’s because you have forgotten who you are. Jesus honored his authority. He honored Caesar when he was persecuting Israel and he honored Pilate when he was sentencing him to be crucified because all authority is given by God, and so he honored them in that space. If Jesus can do that – we can honor our parents because its God chose them to be our parents. We can honor our teachers because the school system didn’t make them our teachers, God did. We can honor our government leaders because yes they were elected in, but more importantly God put them there. Number two – we have to remember who they are. & if God honors them, we can too.

& number 3- Refuse to be offended.
After 10 years of hiding from Saul, Saul dies, and it says that David weeps. He doesn’t rejoice, he cries. David didn’t get offended after 10 years, guys, we get offended in less than 10 seconds. & what no one tells you is that You can still honor people you don’t agree with!! In Mat 5 Jesus says that anyone can love their neighbor and hate their enemy – But I tell you love your enemy.” Only kings honor those they don’t naturally get along with and agree with. & there will be plenty of opportunity for offense so the more offended you are, the more you need to go out of your way to honor them because that is how the offense gets out. & offense does not belong in the heart of a king.

Generation Hope. It is absolutely countercultural to be a people of honor. Specifically young people get a bad rep for how they don’t honor their authorities, but that’s not a young person thing, that’s a heart that needs Jesus’ thing. The heart of a king goes out of their way to show honor when it isn’t deserved because that is what Jesus did for us. So let’s flip the script. Let’s change the narrative. & let’s refuse to let dishonor be the pattern we follow in, and choose to be a people of honor because honor attracts the supernatural move of God into our lives, into our families, into our cities, and maybe just maybe, honor is how we see our world changed by the hope of Jesus.

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