Relationship Leads To Revelation


One of the primary ways we receive revelation is through the Word of God, the bible. What if the Word of God was one of the primary ways God wanted to change your life? To show you more of himself? To empower you to change the world?

What if this was more than a book? What if this was the most important thing in your life? Would it change your perspective on it? What if it was the most reliable source of revelation we have?

Welcome to MVMNT night! I’m so excited that you’re here tonight! Let’s go ahead
and take a minute to welcome in each of our campuses, so make some noise for
Gainesville, Lewisville, Denton, and Flower Mound.
It’s so good to be back with you awesome people and we are right in the middle of 60
days of Rest, Joy, and Relationship. And we have been reading a chapter of the bible
every day, in fact 60 of the most influential chapters in the bible. And you might be
asking yourself, why though, why are we doing this? The reason is because
the Word of God activates Hope in our lives.
Let me ask you this, if I told you there was a thousand dollars in this room somewhere
and if you found it, you could have it, would you look for it? Anybody out there?
What if I told you there was a million dollars in the room somewhere and if you found
it you could keep it all, would you look for it? Of course you would, right? Who
And after a few minutes you would keep looking, maybe even if an hour went by and you still
didn’t find it, I bet some of you would keep searching for it. Who would still be looking for it
after a day of not finding it yet? You would be tearing open the seats and digging into the floor, breaking down walls… Why? Because it’s something valuable to you. Your whole life would
change if you found it so you would do whatever it took to find it. But how much more would the revelation that God wants to give you change your whole life in ways money never could.
Not only does it activate hope in our hearts but, we live in a messy, confusing world that
wants to drown out the voice of God, distract us, and entangle us in all kinds of things
that keep us from our destiny, but revelation from God cuts through the clutter and answers three questions most of us ask ourselves:
– Who am I
– Who is God
– What am I created to do
And one of the primary ways we receive revelation is through the word of God, the bible.
Like, what if the word of God was one of the primary ways God wanted to change
your life? To show you more of himself, to empower you to change the world? What if this was
more than a book? What if this was the most important thing in your life? Would it change your
perspective on it? What if it was the most reliable source of revelation we have?

Check out 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is God-breathed
I tell you that because I feel like God wants to reveal so much to us, but we spend so
much time and energy looking on our own, without him and without asking for his help
and without looking in the word of God.
But what if we searched for the revelation God wants to give us each and every day the
same way we would look for a million dollars ???
Jer 29:13 says … If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.
If you look, if you search, if you try to find… you will discover..
God promises to be found by us. To reveal Himself to us. He is the million dollars that is yours
for the finding, you just have to look for him. Why wholeheartedly? Because what he wants is
your whole heart.
And I know we say that word often around here, but maybe you’re asking, What is
Revelation is simply when God reveals something to you that you didn’t
previously know or understand. Everyone say revelation!
Revelation when you discovered the Dominos pizza logo was an actual domino..
Or that there was a hidden arrow in the fedex logo, or when you discovered that one of
your favorite restaurants had a hidden menu.. Something you didn’t know before that
has now been revealed to you.
That’s what it’s like reading the Bible. You read something you’ve read before and then
all of a sudden, it makes sense. All of a sudden it stands out, it’s like a light shining on
this truth and it comes to life. And that was my story….
I remember when I first started following Jesus and someone gave me a bible.. They said I
needed to read it everyday, that it was super important and it was how God wanted to talk with
me. So I opened it up all excited about my new relationship with God and I started to read.. And
man… it was terrible.. I didn’t understand anything. I was reading stuff in the old testament that I
had no context for, people with really strange names doing weird things, and it didn’t take long
before I started to get discouraged. I felt like it was impossible for me to understand, that if
this was how God wanted to talk to me then maybe I was never going to hear from
Has anyone else ever been there?
My leader at the time encouraged me that like any good relationship, it takes time and
consistency to understand each other. So every day I would open the bible in the
morning and at night to read.. Still it didn’t make any sense. This happened for days..
But I kept looking and searching for God.
And there was someone in the bible who did the same thing… In the book of Acts
there’s a guy on his way back from the city. He was just at church and he’s reading the
bible and it makes no sense. He was searching for God.. he was going to the weekend
experience, he was reading the bible .. but it still didn’t make sense .. until this dude
named Philip, hears the voice of God to go over and talk to this guy. Phil was in
relationship with God, and could recognize the voice of God, and could receive
revelation from God, so he runs over and unpacked what this guy was reading.
Don’t miss this.. The guy couldn’t understand it, he asks for help, and it changed
everything. Revelation..when God reveals something to you that you didn’t previously
know or understand. Right then and there, he places his faith in Jesus and gets
baptized. … Why? Because the Word of God activates hope in our lives.
We know this because it says “and he went away rejoicing” … activating hope..
And when we search scripture and receive revelation from God, it activates hope in us..
It’s one of the ways God speaks to us.. It builds our confidence in the goodness of God.
Hope is the confident expectation of the goodness of God in our lives.
So as we look for revelation, here are 3 simple questions we ask the Holy Spirit to help
us discover what He wants to reveal to us… Write these down
– What does this say about who I am
– What does this say about who God is
– What does this say about what I was created to do
With those questions in mind, let’s look for revelation in Mark 3:14… says
He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to
What does this say about who I am? This speaks to IDENTITY – Jesus appoints them
as Apostles, he declares their identity over them. Their Identity is determined by Jesus.
Jesus determines our identity too & no one else gets to do that.
What does this say about who God is.. It’s all about RELATIONSHIP – it says “that they
might be with Him” … He wanted to be with them… and he wants to be with us.. And
the more we are with him and experience his presence we find that relationship leads
to revelation..
What does this say about what I was created to do… it’s all about PURPOSE – it says
“that he might send them out to preach” That their life has purpose… to carry hope.. And
that it’s only found once you have received your identity, been restored in relationship…
then you get revelation about your purpose..
In fact you have probably seen this around here before… (THREE CIRCLES
GRAPHIC) It’s the revelation we just unpacked … Identity Relationship Purpose.. And
all of that revelation is in just one verse!!! Imagine what God wants to reveal to you in
the rest of the bible still !!! There’s so much to discover.. So much revelation
And what’s wild about revelation is that we believe with Jesus there’s always more..
Right? Like you might get revelation from God through a verse.. But come back to that
same verse a year later and catch new revelation..So don’t give up. Don’t think “oh I’ve
read that before, oh I’ve heard that before”. God wants to give you fresh Revelation,
more revelation about who you are, who God is, and what you were created to do..
And if you didn’t see that on your own while reading the bible, or you struggle seeing
that kind of stuff when you engage the scriptures on your own.. Ask for help.. ask your
godly relationships, or your leaders just like Phil helped that guy on the road… and
most importantly ask the holy spirit to help you, check out John 14
John 14:26 – But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name,
will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.
Like ask the HS for help and it says that he will teach you things you don’t know, he is the key to
revelation. Remember Relationship leads to Revelation. Those two are directly connected.
And if your relationship hasn’t been great.. Choose to lean in tonight.. If you don’t have a
relationship yet.. You can start following Jesus today… in fact if the bible doesn’t make
sense to you it’s because you can only receive revelation of what it means thru
relationship. It’s almost like another language that cannot be understood without
knowing HIm first.. Like a secret code.. Check out 1st Corinthians..
1 Corinthians 2:14 NLT But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from
God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who
are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.
Outside of relationship with Jesus, revelation can’t be understood. So if you need to
start a relationship with Jesus today, talk to a leader in a red shirt after this and they
would love to show you how to do that.. Because God has so much revelation for you …
And as awesome as it would be to find a million dollars in this room.. that doesn’t even
compare to how amazing it is to receive real revelation from God, from the creator of the
universe. The hope that begins to rise up in your heart that God is speaking to you, the
joy that fills your heart that cannot be taken from you.. The truth that sets you free in a
world that wants to get you all tangled up. Revelation is life.
It’s like finding clues in an escape room.. One leads to the next which leads to another,
which leads to the next and eventually it leads to freedom… fRevelation leads to
ultimate freedom… freedom from the chaos of the world.. Freedom from anxiety and
worry and hopelessness.. Revelation is life.
Look at this verse with me…
Deut 29:29 “The secret things belong to the Lord, but the things REVEALED to us belong
to us and our children forever”
God wants to reveal Himself to you.. He wants you to continue to discover who you are, who he
is and what you were created to do with your life.. And the more you discover the more you
realize that there is even more to still receive… and each time it activates hope in your life..
C’mon, we talk about “activating hope” all the time at MVMNT NIGHT.. this is what it means, an
encounter with God that activates hope in you, it changes you, it triggers your ability to connect
with God in a noisy world
When you’re facing difficult choices, you need revelation
When you’re going thru friend drama you need revelation
When you’re feeling hopeless, you need revelation.
Revelation empowers you to walk into a weird friend situation and bring peace, it allows you to
pray for a stranger, it allows you to make the right choice even when it’s difficult. It gives you
wisdom to live the life you were created to live in any scenario. It’s the truth that sets you free,
it’s the light to your path, it illuminates your next steps, it’s the very voice & heart of God.
Remember when I told you about my first experience trying to read the bible earlier…
and it didn’t make any sense to me, I kept searching for God searching for revelation..
My leader encouraged me and said, like any good relationship it requires time and
consistency. So I just kept reading and asking God to speak to me.. well, one day I
picked up my bible and started reading and for the first time in my life a verse leapt off
the pages and highlighted just for me.. It was Phil 4:19. God will meet all of your
needs according the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus…
God spoke to me, it was personal, it was revelation, it was truth revealed that I didn’t
know yet. It was about how God would provide all my needs, that he was going to take
care of me and he was mindful of what I was going thru and what I needed in life,. and
that same day I received a package in the mail with some things I had just asked God
for that day .. that’s wild… God had it sent in the mail, before I ever asked, and it arrived
after I had just received revelation about that truth.. Now I know it doesn’t happen like
that every single time.. But man, God spoke to me. It activated Hope in my heart, it
triggered my faith to rise, it gave me a confidence no one else could take away from
me.. And guess what.. I was radiating with hope.. I was telling everyone about it.. You
couldn’t keep me quiet … and that’s what happens when you receive revelation …
One of the primary ways God wants to activate hope in your life is through the word of
God? Revelation..
What if this summer you searched for him with your whole heart? What if the scriptures
came alive for you and leapt off the pages and spoke to your heart in such a real way
that you didn’t care what anyone thought about you because the God of the universe
spoke directly to you!!! Not through someone else.. But to you … what if you didn’t have to
wait for Student Circles, or The Weekend Experience, or MVMNT Night to hear from
God or experience him yourself???
Relationship leads to revelation
In a moment we are going to have some space for you to do just that. It’s mvmnt night,
where we activate hope in our lives.. And one of the primary ways God does that is thru
revelation… and the thing is .. no one can do this for you. Not your parents, not your
guardians, teachers, coaches, leaders, no one.. This is something that only you can
pursue. You have to look for him wholeheartedly if you want revelation.
So right now as we create space we are believing that the Holy Spirit is going to teach
you, He’s going to reveal something to you that you don’t know yet about who you are,
who He is and what you were created to do..
Music is going to play, and we want you to just have this time with God.. There will be
some verses on screen.. It’s only going to be for a few minutes, so lean into it and ask
the holy spirit to speak to you.
Grab your journal, let him reveal truth to you, write it down.
4 core truths are beliefs we hold because of revelation we have found in
scripture… that’s where these come from.. they aren’t just cute phrases.. but beliefs we hold
because of revelation that has been discovered.. And they activate hope in us each and every
time we believe & declare them over our life.

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