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Do you ever wonder, why am I here? What’s my purpose? You’re not alone, but did you know God gives us our created purpose?

Do you ever wonder, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?” You’re not alone.. But did you know that God gives us our created purpose?

God is good, Jesus has forgiven me, I am loved, and everything is possible. These are the most important truths in the universe, and we want everyone to believe them. But why do they matter?

These truths come from what we call the 3 Circles and these 3 Circles are the revelation that God has given us in the gospel.

And maybe you’ve heard the word gospel, and you believe that it’s a ticket to go to heaven someday. But the gospel means good news! And the good news is that the gospel is the life and victory of Jesus and it isn’t just so you and I can get to heaven someday, it’s so we can live an abundant, & free life today, a life defined by hope!

It all starts with Circle 1, receiving his grace and having a new Identity in Jesus. And when we know who we are in Jesus we get to move into circle 2 which is all about Relationship with our good Father. There we learn that we are fully known and fully loved with no fear of rejection. And that leads us to Circle 3…

Circle 3 is all about our PURPOSE. Circle 3 is Releasing His Kingdom. Because we have received His grace and embraced our identity as forgiven and righteous, we can now live as beloved sons and daughters. Do you ever wonder, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?” God gave us our created purpose and commissioned us in Genesis.

Genesis 1:28 describes our God-given purpose: God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”
“Be fruitful” – bring things to their fullest potential
“multiply” – reproduce the life of God within you into the world around you
“fill the earth” – saturate our areas of life with the knowledge of the glory of God
“subdue it” – bring order to the chaos, bring alignment to the things that have drifted
“using all its vast resources in the service of God and man” – use your talent, your
gifting, your finances to carry the hope of Jesus to others
That was God’s design for us, But Adam’s sin wrecked our identity, separated us from our relationship with God, and destroyed our purpose. Instead of being fruitful, we became barren. Instead of multiplying life, we started dividing. Instead of filling the earth with the goodness of God, we began to fill the earth with hopelessness. Instead of subduing darkness, darkness began subduing us. And instead of using our resources to accomplish God’s purposes in the lives of others we started using God and others to go out and get a bunch of resources for ourselves.
But Jesus came to redeem our original purpose to rule and reign with God. We were created to be hope carriers – our purpose is to be a movement of hope! The kingdom of God is a movement of hope and if you’re confused about what the kingdom of God is, it’s simply the rule and reign of God. It simply means where things are submitted and surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus. The kingdom within us is supposed to become the kingdom around us! The hope that flows within us is intended to flow outside of us. We are hope carriers…and we have the keys to the kingdom to unlock hope everywhere we go.

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
– Matthew 16:19

Jesus says He gives the keys of the kingdom to His church – we are the church. We have the keys to the kingdom. Not only do we have access to the presence of God, He has given us keys to unlock the realities of heaven into our earthly circumstances. “Loose on earth and bind on earth” is often simply bringing the opposite spirit – bringing the fruit of the Spirit – into our day- to-day realities. But we have to choose to use the keys He’s given us.

Think about keys – some of us have keys, right? Keys hold the potential to unlock things. They can unlock our car, our home …keys represent access and authority. But we have to choose to use the keys to do those things. We have to release the potential contained within the keys we have by actually using them. The same is true for the keys of the kingdom. They are always there. We always have them – but are we using them? Jesus has given us the keys to release His kingdom – to bring hope – into our areas of life. He’s inviting us to be hope carriers! Our life is not meant to be about sin management. If that’s our goal, we’re in danger of falling way short of living the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

Does this shift your perspective of living a Christian life? Jesus’ prayer was “on earth as it is in heaven.” For all of us to release the kingdom of God here on earth as it exists in heaven.

Where the three circles intersect, is what we call the Father’s Heart. This is God’s heart for us. His heart is that we would know who we are, who He is, and what we were created to do. In John 14:6 we see that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. but the Father is the destination. This means the promised land of God for your life is not a place in this world to reach, it is the revelation of who you are, who God is, and what you were created to do. That’s it, that’s freedom.. That’s HOPE!

Now…let’s see how all of this works together
Order is everything. Identity leads to relationship and relationship releases purpose.
Identity determines behavior; who you are determines what you do. What do dogs do? Dogs…bark. Cows…moo. Birds…fly. Fish…swim. Cats…meow. Sinners…sin. Righteous people…live righteously. Identity determines behavior, who you are will always determine what you do, what you believe about yourself always comes out in how you live your life.
• When we receive His grace, we will experience His presence and release His kingdom.
• As we receive our new identity, we will run to relationship with Him and live out our purpose.
• When we believe we are beloved sons and daughters, we will desire to be with our Father and will spend our lives building His kingdom.
• When we know we are forgiven, we will joyfully approach Him and live with courage. But…watch how this works in reverse…if we get it out of order.
• If we resist His grace, out of fear we will avoid His presence and will strive to earn His approval.
• If we believe we are spiritual orphans, we will be afraid of the Father and will spend our lives building our own kingdoms, trying to find significance in things of this world.
• If we don’t know who we are, we won’t know how to relate to Him and we won’t know what we were created to do.
We are meant to live drawn by grace – to live life in the Father’s Heart.
But unfortunately, the world is full of expectations. So instead of life in the Father’s Heart, we are often driven by expectations and living life in the cycle of performance.
When we live the 3 circles in reverse…
• We spend our lives performing, trying to earn God’s approval so that we can become significant.
• We strive to behave to gain God’s acceptance so that we might earn our forgiveness.
• In the cycle of performance, we go against the current of grace: we “do” in order to “become”. This is an exhausting way to live.
Order is everything. This is why we are always talking about identity and receiving Jesus’ grace. Because when we get that, it changes how we live. This is why we say around here you never graduate from the School of Identity. We’re all trying to grow and fully understand who we are in Jesus.

And this is where Jesus is leading us. This is the gospel. The gospel isn’t just for salvation; it is for all of life. It’s for our healing, it’s for our deliverance, it’s to make us whole. This is a whole life, this is a whole heart, this is what God came to do for us. And it is always drawing us to live free as beloved sons and daughters.

There are a ton of examples in Scripture of the 3 Circles. One of the most powerful is found in the book of Luke and is entitled the prodigal son. Prodigal means “extravagant” so we often refer to this as the prodigal Father.

This Father had two sons. One of them demanded his inheritance and left home. He went out on his own and did everything the world told him to do. He made tons of terrible decisions and wasted everything he had in bad living, but when he finally realizes the mess he made of his life, he comes home & the father says ‘my son has come home’ (restores identity), he runs and gives him a hug (reconciles relationship) and then gives him a robe/ring/sandals (redeems purpose).

This was my story, and maybe it’s your story too. But our good Father always welcomes us home. He welcomes you home. He loves us and wants us to live free.

That’s life in the Father’s heart.

God is Good
Jesus has Forgiven Me
I am Loved
Everything is Possible

And you are Generation Hope!

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