Remember Again


Did you know you’re radioactive with hope?

Remember this is your harbor, a place week in and week out to receive encouragement, to have life spoken over you, and to experience hope so you can release the hope of Jesus everywhere you go.

Hey Valley Creek Students! Welcome to Student Circles! If you were here for our weekend experience, let me hear you say, “Oh yeah!!”

This weekend we continued our series titled, Again. Where we’ve been learning different ways that God is inviting us to do “AGAIN” in our lives. And what our Campus Pastors taught us this weekend was to Remember Again.

Everybody say, “REMEMBER”. To remember again, to be reminded of God’s goodness to us in the middle of all the things going on around us. Yes, even in the middle of snowmageddon, God is still good to you and to me.

So, what are we supposed to remember again? Check this out:

That’s so good, when we remember to focus on Jesus, we’re reminded that He is with us and He is for us no matter the circumstances. And maybe even right now, you need to be reminded to focus on Jesus. A simple way to do that is to ask Jesus to open your eyes so that you CAN focus on Him. Jesus, help me see you moving in my life, when I’m at school, or with my family or as I’m preparing for what my next season is gonna look like, open my eyes so that I can see you. So, remember to focus on Jesus.

The second thing we’re invited to remember is that you are a Hope Carrier. Everybody say, ‘THAT’S ME!” Yeah it is! You are a Hope Carrier. You’re walking our Romans 15:13 where it tells us that we have a treasure chest full of hope to share with the world, or another translation says that we radiate with hope.

You’re radioactive with Hope. Radiating hope everywhere you go. Your school, your neighborhood, your friend groups. All those places are areas where you can radiate with hope.

I can tell you about Tyler who this past week went up and down his street shoveling snow off driveways so his neighbors could get in and out. BOOM Hope Carrier

Or I can tell you about Maddie who sent countless texts this past week checking in on her friends making sure they were ok. BOOM Hope Carrier

Or how about all of you, who while being stuck at home with your brothers and sisters, were kind to each other. BOOM Hope Carriers.

That’s who you are, you’re Gen Hope, radiating with Hope everywhere you go! So, remember, you’re a Hope Carrier.

And finally, we were reminded that this is a Harbor of Hope. Check this out:

Come on Valley Creek Students, remember that this is your harbor. The place that you can come in week in and week out to receive encouragement, to have life spoken over you, to experience HOPE.

So, value the harbor, be here at Student Circles and our Weekend Experience each week you’re in town and gather with the people of God, in the presence of God with the Spirit of God. Whether you realize it or not, you need this.

You need a Harbor of Hope to fill you up so that you can go release hope to others, that’s part of being Gen Hope.

So, can we choose to remember again, to Focus on Jesus, that YOU are a Hope Carrier, and that this, is a Harbor of Hope. Come on Valley Creek Students, it’s time to Remember Again in Jesus’ name.

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