Secure Salvation


In this message, we learn that salvation is the foundation of our security.

Hey friends, if have you got your Bibles turn with me to Acts chapter four. Acts chapter four. I want to give a big welcome to our Denton Campus. We are so glad that you guys are here with us and,

Most of us are glad that you are here with us. The rest of us are just still waking up a little bit here today. We are gonna start a new series today called Insecurity. Finding security in an insecure world, and for the next few weeks, I just want to talk about this topic that we all struggle with. You see, I do not care who you are, we all wrestle with insecurity in our lives; whether it’s insecurity in your job and relationships, the way you look, your finances. I think sometimes, we feel insecure with God. We can feel insecure sometimes when we come together here at church. We all feel insecure at different times in our lives, and I wonder how much of our lives do we waste trying to cover up our insecurities.

I mean, I was thinking about it this week, what if you never had another insecurity from this moment forward; would not your life be dramatically different. Would not, it would significantly change. See, I do not want to live with insecurity, I want to live in security. I do not want to live with insecurities in this life. I want to live in security. In fact, every insecurity in your life is a bondage that God wants to break, and I believe, he wants to break some bondages today. Are you with me on that. I think, God wants to break some bondages. So, Acts chapter four here’s what’s happening. Peter and John went to the temple, and as they are going to the temple there’s a crippled man at the gate, and they see this man and they heal him in the name of Jesus.

Man who has not been able to walk his entire life and he gets up, healed. This miraculous move of God and he starts praising God and all the people are drawn to it. This big crowd develops. People are amazed by what’s happened. 2000 people get saved. It’s this incredible movement of Jesus and the rulers, the elders, the Pharisees they hear about it and because it’s about Jesus, they are upset. So, they have Peter and John thrown in jail and the next day they bring Peter and John before them to give an account of what happened. So, pick it up with me verse eight. Peter and John standing before the rulers and the Pharisees. It says, then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit said to them, “rulers and elders of the people, If we have been called to account today for an act of kindness shown to a cripple and are asked how was he healed, then know this, you and all the people of Israel, it is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed.

He is the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone. Salvation is found and no one else for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. When they saw the courage of Peter and John, and realize that they were unschooled ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. Commodity, that’s a good passage.

That’s a good passage.

It’s an inspiring passage that really lays out a whole lot of stuff for us, and I love it. Peter and John are brought before the rulers and the Pharisees, the most powerful people in their life and Peter basically stands up and he looks at him, and he is like, are you all for real. He is like are we seriously being held to account today for an act of kindness? I mean, is that really why we are here for an act of kindness? And I was thinking about it this week. I was thinking, If you are tried for kindness, is there enough evidence to convict you? If you are tried for kindness, you were brought before people to be convicted of kindness, is there enough evidence to convict you? Like, if you look at the last week or okay, I will give you the last month, how about the last six months of your life, is there enough evidence to convict you of kindness, like miracles and generosity and love and compassion and mercy.

See the Bible, says it is God is kindness that leads us to repentance. And he releases his kindness through our lives to bring the world to repentance. If you are on trial today for kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you. You see, if God was put on trial for kindness to you, he would absolutely be convicted. In fact, the only evidence that would ever be able to be produced would be that of kindness, miracles and generosity and love and compassion and mercy. In fact, Jeremiah 31:13, God says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.

I have drawn you with a loving kindness. God would be convicted of kindness towards you. And what I love about this passage is I love how bold Peter and John are. I mean, you want to talk about extreme security. There is this incredible boldness as they get up and confront the most powerful people in their lives. You see; secure people change the world, insecure people try to control the world. Okay, secure people they change the world, insecure people try to, try to control the world and, and this is Peter and John though, like just a few chapters before this, they were some pretty insecure dudes. Would you agree with that? I mean John was known as the son of thunder, means he had an anger problem. Anger is one of the primary ways people used to cover up their insecurities.

We get angry when we feel out of control or exposed. We use anger to bully other people to protect ourselves. John was an insecure dude and then Peter. Poor Peter, that was one insecure guy. I mean, the reason he is always stepping out in every passage and situation we find him in is because he is trying to prove himself. Like, often the most confident people in your life are those that are the most insecure. So, they are always stepping out because they are trying to prove and validate something inside them and if that was not enough, Peter ran away from a servant girl. I mean, these were some insecure dudes. So, how now in Acts chapter four are they full of extreme security. Because they started focusing on Jesus’ victory and stopped focusing on their failures.

They started focusing on Jesus’ supremacy and stopped looking at their own inadequacies. I mean, read the passage. They do not talk about themselves, and never once did they bring up anything about themselves, they just talk about Jesus. In fact, it is the rulers and the Pharisees who called them unschooled, ordinary men. Peter and John though call themselves that they just sit there and they talk about Jesus, and they are secure with their past, present, and future. Secure in their past because Jesus has forgiven them, secure in the present because Jesus is with them, and secure in the future because they know Jesus has prepared a place for them. You see, salvation is the foundation of your security. And you will never be secure in this world until your first secure in Jesus. In fact, here is probably how you could define insecurity. Insecurity is just chronic self-consciousness, okay. It is all of this. From that definition this week, I liked it. Insecurity is chronic self-consciousness. It is the constant sense of evaluation or judgment of self. It is this sense of comparing myself or self-doubt, disappointment and self expectations of self. It is the sense of, “I should be more like this, I should do that, I should look like this, I should be more like these people.” Insecurity is chronic self-consciousness. The constant evaluation and judgement of self. Does anybody struggle with that?

Oh, come on people humility. Honesty, it is the key to freedom. It is the beginning of freedom. You got it, served [0:08:24.0] there. I mean come on. We, we all struggle with that. Chronic self-consciousness is what leads to insecurity, which means security is chronic Jesus consciousness. See, if you are not pursuing security in Jesus, you are pursuing it somewhere else because we crave to be secure. And what I love about this passage is not only are they preaching the gospel, they are literally teaching us how to live secure. Look at verses 11 and 12, Jesus is the stone you builders rejected which has become the cornerstone. Salvation is found and no one else for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. They say, Jesus is the cornerstone. He is the foundation, the rock, the centre point, the starting place of our lives. Colossians 1:17 says, in him all things hold together. In other words, Jesus holds your life together and he is the cornerstone and the Bible says, we are like living stones, the church. being stacked and built together upon Jesus as the cornerstone and when the cornerstone is right the whole building holds together. When the cornerstone is wrong the whole thing falls apart. Jesus is our security, our cornerstone. In fact, my security is determined by the reliability of that which I trust. My security is determined by the reliability of that which I trust. How reliable, is that what you trust. That is the level of security you currently feel in your life right now. Means, you remember the story of Jesus in Matthew chapter seven. It tells us really interesting story about two guys. He says there is a wise man and foolish man. Because the wise man built his house upon the rock. And when the rains come and the winds blow and the stream rises that house stands strong, it stands firm. It is secure, because it was built on the rock. He says, but then there is a foolish man, and the foolish man builds his house upon the sand, and the rains come and the winds blow and the stream rises, and at some point, that house falls with a great crash, because it was built on the shifting sand. And what Jesus is teaching us in that moment is you are building your life on one of two things. Right now, today, you are building your life on one of two things. Either the immovable rock or the shifting sand. There is no in between. It is one or the other. And if you are building your life on the shifting sand, things like success, looks, finances, relationships, job, whatever it is, we never feel secure. Why? because it is always shifting under our feet. We know it is always moving, so we never have this sense of security, and at some point ,the storm is going to come, pressure is going to come and the whole thing collapses. But over here if you build your house upon the rock. Okay. Building your life upon the rock, does not make you immune from storms or heartache or trials. It makes you secure. Does not make you immune from the storms or heartache. Jesus says, the storms are coming to both people, but when you build your life on the rock all of a sudden you feel secure because when the storm comes and the wind blows and the rains drive, all the sudden at the bottom of it all is this firm foundation, a cornerstone, and his name is Jesus Christ; that is security.

You see, I think most of us, if we are honest, we really believe that the deeper you dig into my life, the worse it gets. That the deeper I dig into your life, I got in your life and I started digging into your heart, into your life. The deeper I dig, we really believe the worse it gets that we look the best on the outside of our lives, and the more you get in here, the worse it gets. So, that is why I think a lot of us never get involved like in a small group or godly relationships are really engaged, because we do not want anybody to get in there. We know that, we believe that, the best we got is on the outside. So, we keep everybody arm’s distance away. We wear masks. We cover up our insecurities at all costs, because we are terrified. We are terrified that if somebody gets in here we are going to be exposed, shamed, condemned, rejected. I think, most of us really believe, or we think this, is that, like, if you really knew me you would not like me. Like, if you really knew me, you would not like me. If you know what I thought about, if you knew what I struggled with, if you knew where I have been and what I have done, you would not, you would not like me. I think we think that was God. Like, God if you really knew what is inside here, you really would not like me. So, we keep everybody out here. But can I tell you something, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the opposite is true. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the deeper I dig into your life, the better it gets because at some point the deeper I dig, I am going to reach the cornerstone, and his name is Jesus Christ.

The deeper I dig, the deeper I dig into you or dig into me, the better it gets as a follower of Jesus. Yeah, I got to go through some layers of flesh. Yeah, I got to go through some sin. Yeah, I got to go through some sand that we have piled on top of the rock. Yeah, I got to dig through some of that stuff but eventually, I am going to get down to the cornerstone and his name is Jesus, the firm foundation who has given you a new heart, who resides inside you, who is your cornerstone, your rock. You see the problem is not that we dig too deep, the problem is that we do not dig deep enough. We get in like one layer and we are like that is gross man retreat, retreat, retreat.

No, it is like, that is gross man. That means, I am on the right track, to get into Jesus, in you. Because Jesus changes you from the inside out, not the outside in. So, you will always look better the deeper you go. That is where your security is, firm foundation. It is in John 15:13, Jesus says greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends. Do you realize at the bottom of your worst fear and insecurity called death is Jesus. It is like Jesus laid down in the tomb so you could stand up in him. At the bottom of your worst fear and insecurity is Jesus. In fact, under every insecurity, you have right now in this room as a follower of Jesus, if you dig beneath that it is Jesus; the cornerstone, the firm foundation. You see, we got to dig a little bit deeper to remind ourselves of what it is that we built our lives upon. Listen, in my own life, when I started feeling insecure, like feeling insecure about teaching a message on insecurity. Okay.

Just saying until you have done that, you have not felt insecurity.

Where if I feel insecure about my relationships or the way I look or what is happening in my life. When I started looking at this, this chronic self-consciousness and feeling insecure, I got to remind myself, “John you got to dig through the layers.” Yeah, there is some flesh. Yeah, there is some sand. Yeah, there is some sand I have piled on top of that rock, but I get down to the bottom, and I put my feet back on the rock and I remind myself that at the bottom of it all, my security is not based on how I look, what I do, my performance. It is based on the fact that I am standing on the name above all names, the cornerstone and when my feet touch that bottom, all the sudden I am reminded that I am not really worried about being exposed or being condemned or being rejected or being abandoned, because my feet are firmly planted on the cornerstone. That is where security comes from. That, that is security guys. The Christ in you is the hope of glory, the Bible says. David says, if I go to the depths in Psalm 139, you are there in the deepest parts of you as a follower of Jesus. Christ is there. Second Corinthians 4:7 says, we have this treasure in jars of clay. Listen, we spend all our time focusing on the jar of clay. We want to paint it, polish it, bedazzle it, put a little bling thing on it, right?

Ladies, we put good makeup on. Guys, we need a little bit of makeup sometimes.

We think our security is based on this jar of clay, and the better I can make the jar of clay look to you, the more secure I am. The security is that the treasure is inside. The treasure is Jesus; your firm foundation. He is what makes you secure. The jar of clay will go in this ground. The treasure lives forever. You see, maturity is not that I never feel insecure anymore. Maturity is that I get to the foundation faster, and so maybe we need to stop spending so much time focusing on the aesthetics of our lives and start spending a little bit more time focusing on the foundation of our life. Because you could have million dollar furniture, the wrong foundation and be an absolute mess, or you can have a rocking chair with the right foundation and have everything. You got to stop comparing your aesthetics with everyone else’s aesthetics to determine the security in your life.

So, God says man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. So, we compare our rocking chair to the people with the million dollar furniture. Right? You are like, but I want the million dollar furniture. I know, that is okay. But can I tell you, usually the people with a million dollar furniture have a crumbling foundation. The disciples and Pharisees, Pharisees had all the outward million dollar furniture. They looked amazing on the outside, but they had no security, they had no foundation. The disciples, looked like a mess on the outside but they had a strong foundation and his name was Jesus. We think, James 5:16, and God says confess your sins to one another that you might be healed. Confess your sins to each other that you might be healed. Some of you are thinking, wait a second if God is convicted of kindness that does not seem so kind.

Confess your sins or your insecurities to each other that you might be healed. Why, because God is always trying to help you get back to the bottom. He is trying to help you get back to the bottom, to put your feet on the cornerstone that you can feel secure again in your life. And when you confess your sins or your insecurities to other people what you are doing is you are discovering and declaring that your security is not based on what you do, it is based on what he did.

In fact, in my own life I can literally think at times I have sat down at a table with somebody, and I am confessing sin or confessing an insecurity to someone in my life and it is coming out of your mouth like put it back in, put it back in. Because, because you know if it comes out of your mouth you are going to look at me like I have got four eyes and you are going to leave me and we are never gonna be friends again. But the reality is, is that when you confess and all of a sudden this freedom comes because your feet go back to the rock and you are reminded I am not secure based on what I do, I am secure based on what he did. It sets you free. When was the last time you confessed sin or insecurity to somebody. So you could be secure and be free.

You see all insecurity is misplaced trust. It is all it is. It is misplaced trust. So, Psalm 24:7, some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, but we choose to trust in the Lord, our God. They will fall to their knees, but we will rise and stand firm. Insecurity is just misplaced trust. It is trusting in someone or something else for security in our lives. Like if you are insecure with your looks, it means you trust in your looks. If you are insecure with money, it means you trust in your money. If you are insecure about your success, it means you trust in success. You are in secure in relationships, it means you trust in those relationships. If you are insecure about the facade that you build in your life the way that people view you from the outside, then you trust in the facade of your life. That is all insecurity, is it is misplaced trust. It means, you are looking to someone or something else to determine your value, significance, identity, and safety.

The only problem with that is what happens when you do not look like that anymore, what happens when the money runs out, what happens when that relationship falls apart. You see, you are enslaved to that which you serve. You are enslaved to that which you serve. So if you think looks is, is where your security comes from you are actually enslaved to looking good. If you think it is money, you are actually enslaved to making money. You are enslaved to that what you serve. I mean, just think of some examples in the Bible. Think of the rich young ruler, that dude was insecure in money. He was insecure with money. Jesus says, hey, go sell everything you have, give your treasure to the poor, come follow me you will have treasure in heaven and the man grabs it all, backs up. He cannot even part with $1.

Just telling you, if you cannot part with $1 you are insecure about money, it means he trusted in his money more than Jesus. How about the disciples in John chapter six. Jesus teaches this really hard sermon. He says if anyone would come after me he must deny himself, and he must eat my flesh and drink my blood. Okay. I know you all love the really hard service. That was a really hard one. Eat my flesh, drink my blood. And many of the disciples say this is a hard teaching who can understand that. And from that time on, they turned around and no longer followed him. In other words, they trusted in their logic, more than Jesus. How about the Pharisees? Realize the Pharisees were insecure about the law. Their misplaced trust in the law.

They thought the law was gonna bring them into right standing with God instead of embracing Jesus when he was right there in front of them. It is all insecurity, is it is misplaced trust. They trusted in someone or something else to determine their security. So my question for you is, what do you trust in. Like today, right now, what are you insecure about. What if in your life if it was removed, do you literally feel like everything else would come crashing down. My security is not based on what I have, it is based on who I have and his name is Jesus. And if insecurity is misplaced trust, see if you can catch this, then all insecurity is idolatry. If insecurity is misplaced trust and all insecurity in your life, it is idolatry because you are trusting in someone or something else besides Jesus, which means every insecurity in your life has a place you do not trust God.

It is where you are trusting in a name other than the name of Jesus to bring you safety and security, and the reality is, is God will always challenge the idols in your life, because God is at war with everything that interferes with his love for you. God is not at war with you. He is at war with anything that interferes with his love for you and since idols want to enslave you and God wants to free you, he will challenge the idols or the insecurities in your life and the paradox of it all is, we come to church and we show up in here, and we actually ask God to bless the very things that enslave us. What’ll we do. Come on, we ask God to bless the things that enslave us. God bless my money and bless my house and bless my car and bless my job and bless my performance and bless my looks, the very things that are keeping us in bondage. We ask God to bless. The things we trust in more than we trust in him. And we get offended when he does not do it. Come on, you all with me?

You ‘all are getting real quiet. You are getting offended right now.

We get offended? God cannot bless something that enslaves you. He cannot bless it. He wants to set you free. So, he wants to strip it all away until the only thing that is left is you and the cornerstone and then he will give it all back to you. So, you do not use it as the foundation because it was always meant to sit on top of the foundation, not serve as the foundation of your security. That is why salvation is the foundation of our security, not your money, your car, your job, your success, your looks, all that stuff. Are you with me?

Listen, do you remember the woman with the flow of blood in Mark chapter five? So, it is really interesting story about this woman that has a constant flow of blood for 12 years. 12 years she has had a flow of blood. She is done everything she can do to try to find healing. She is spent all her money. She is gone to doctors. She is tried it all, and in fact, everything she has tried has just made her worse. So, you want to talk about a person with an insecurity. I mean, everywhere she goes she has to cover herself up, everywhere she goes she has to pretend, everywhere she goes she has to hide. She is an unclean person, which means everywhere she goes she has to declare that she is unclean. If she touches someone they become unclean. If she uses something and someone else uses it they become unclean. I mean, how in the world do you even have relationships with that as the reality of your life. Talk about an insecurity, talk about a sense of hopelessness.

And my guess would be there is a bunch of us sitting in this room today and we feel like that woman for 12 years, we feel like we have been trying to hide and cover up this insecurity in our life and we feel hopeless. What insecurity have you been trying to cover, figure out how to just live with in this life. And one day Jesus comes to town, and as he is going through the crowd develops and this woman has this thought. She says to herself, “if I could just reach out and take a hold of the hem of his garment I will be healed. So she does the unthinkable. An unclean woman enters in the midst of the crowd and she starts pressing her way through the crowd to get to Jesus. And she gets right up besides Jesus and she literally does the unthinkable. She lets go of her insecurity in order to reach out and take a hold of Jesus.

She stops covering herself in order to find freedom. So you are going to have to expose yourself to Jesus if you are ever going to really want to have freedom. And she grabs a hold of the hem of his garment, and it says power flew from Jesus and she was instantly and miraculously healed. And Jesus stops. And he says, “who just touched me.” You know, in the insecure disciples are like, “what are you talking about Jesus.” Everybody is touching you, all crowds, pushing it. I mean, what are you talking about Jesus. Jesus says, no. Because I felt power flow from my body, which means that it was her faith that released his power.

Her faith released his power. Jesus was not walking down the side of the road and saw a woman with an insecurity and said woman be healed. No, she walked up to him and her faith reaching out and taking all of him, released his power, which means your faith releases his power. So he says, “who touched me.” And the woman with shame, kind of bends her head down and she says, “it was me Lord,” and she tells him the story and, and in that moment you have to remember that in Jesus’ time when an unclean person touched a clean person, the clean person became unclean. But with Jesus when an unclean person touches the clean person, the unclean person becomes clean. And so, Jesus looks at the woman and she is waiting for a review and he looks at her and he says to her and he says “Daughter, take heart”. Your faith has healed you. Healed you.

Now, stay with me on this. When Jesus says your faith has healed you. The word in the Greek, the original word is the word SOZO. S O Z O, it is the word for salvation. So some translations will say your faith has healed you, some translations will say your faith has saved you. It is SOZO, the word for salvation and you and I, the American church we have a terrible view of what salvation is. We think salvation is coming to a church service, hearing a message, responding to an altar call, raising our hand, signing a card, getting a ticket to heaven, and then going back out and living our lives however the heck we want for the rest of our lives, but we are good at the end because we are making to heaven. So the American church believes salvation is, but that is not what SOZO means. You see the word SOZO, it means to save, to heal, or to make whole.

To save, to heal, or to make whole. In other words salvation makes you whole. So when this woman with inadequacies and incomplete nature in her life with all kinds of insecurities reaches out and takes a hold of Jesus, she is literally saved, healed and she is made whole. Her insecurities fade away. When she takes a hold of the secured one, the wholeness is released into her body. Jesus did not just heal her, he literally made her whole. So when she says, if I could reach out and take a hold of him, I will be sozoed, healed literally. I will be whole. She reaches out and grabs him, and then Jesus says, take heart daughter, your faith has sozoed you. It is made you whole. No more hiding. No more pretending. No more thinking you are defined by this inadequacy in your life, you are home.

See the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we feel like we are inadequate, incomplete, or lacking something. But, salvation makes you whole. It is sozoes you. Colossians 2:10 says you are complete in Christ, which means his victory is now my victory. And if I am completing him, I am no longer incomplete in me. We say, do I have what it takes. Am I enough. Jesus has more than what it takes, and he has more than enough, and if I am him, I am now made whole, and if I am in him, I am no longer in me. I am sozo. I got a treasure inside this jar. Clay, the jar clay, does not define me anymore. The treasure defines me and determines my security.

See, salvation is so much more than just this ticket to heaven. It makes you a new creation. It forgives you and empowers you with the spirit. It redeems your purpose. It takes you out of the kingdom of darkness, insecurity, and dark. Brings you into the kingdom of light, security. Second Peter 3:1, his divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness. Your insecurities fade away when you reach out to grab a hold of the secure one, because you become sozoed, whole. We got to have a better view of salvation. Salvation is choosing to receive the fullness of his love. And if I have died with him, I now live complete in him.

And I now know who I am, a beloved son or daughter. I know where I am going, to a place he is prepared for me in heaven. And I know what my purpose is, to make disciples and release the kingdom. I mean some 56:11 says, in God I trust I am not afraid. What can man do to me. That is security guys. That is security. It is only found in Jesus. Listen, in this life you are going to do crazy things, okay. Look at the person next to you and just say you crazy man. You are crazy.

Alright. Some of you are a little more crazy than others. You can do crazy things in this life. You will either do crazy things to find security or you will do crazy things from security. A lot of us will do crazy things to find security, like sacrifice our family for work, because we really believe that security is found in how much money I make, my job title, my performance, my safety is found in that. So I will sacrifice my family for that. That is crazy. That is crazy. But some of us will keep a secret inside of us our entire lives. It is literally eating us alive from the inside out because we are terrified that if I actually confess it, I am going to be vulnerable be exposed and everyone will leave me. That is crazy.

Some of us will compromise our morals or our standards, so we can get in with the cool crowd. Because if I could be part of the cool crowd, I am going to have this great identity. I will finally have significance. That is crazy. Some of us will spend our whole lives making sure the outward appearance of the way we physically look, and the things we drive, and the house we have all and that stuff it is presented just right forever. That is crazy. You do crazy things to find security or you will do crazy things from security, like Moses. When God says, Moses go confront Pharaoh and tell him to let my people go. Why God? Go to the most powerful man on the face of the earth and tell me let your people go. Yeah Moses, that is what I want you to do.

Moses walks right into the throne room of Pharaoh. Hey Pharaoh, God wants you to let his people go. Pharaoh looks at Moses and he basically says, wait a second. Are you the guy with a speech impediment, with stuttering problem, that does not know how to talk. Moses looks right back at the Pharaoh says, “no, I am the guy with the firm foundation who has built his life on the great I am now. Let my people go.”

That is crazy. That is crazy. How about Abraham. Abraham get up and go to a place that I will show you. Well God.

Yeah, get up, go, I’ll show you. What is Sarah’s mom gonna say about this God.

Okay. Hey, Sarah’s mom. God told us to get up and go to a place he is gonna show you. Wait a second. Are you the nobody that married my daughter. No, ma’am. I am the guy who built his life on the cornerstone called the lord is my righteousness, and we will follow him because we are secure in him. That is crazy. That is crazy. Peter and John standing before the most powerful people in their life’s, the rulers, the Pharisees, the chief priests, and they look at Peter and John they say, wait a second. Wait a second. Are not you the unschooled, ordinary men who ran away from servant girls. And Peter and John look right back at them and they say no. We are the guys who reached out and took a hold of Jesus, we are now made whole in him and this cripple was healed in the name of Jesus, and he wants to do it for you too. That is crazy. That is crazy. So the question is what kind of crazy are you living?

Jesus says there is no in between you get that. There is a wide road and a broad gate that leads to destruction, and there is a narrow road and a small gate that leads to life. There are those who build their lives upon the shifting sand that always feel insecure, always trying to make themselves, look a certain way, focused on the jar of clay and then there is those who build their lives on the immovable rock and just care about the treasure inside and say, I know my jar of clay out here, ain’t all that great but the treasure inside is amazing. What kind of crazy you live in. See, I love that Jesus refers to us as his sheep. Because sheep are like the most secure animals on the face of the earth.

Sheep do not care about the color of the fence, what the grass looks like. If there is algae in the pond or you know, there is a storm brewing in there. Sheep do not, they are focused on the shepherd. That is what makes them secure. And so when Jesus looks at you and me, and he looks at the crowds and he says, oh, have compassion for them because they are like sheep without a shepherd. Sheep without a shepherd. Look to the quality of the fence to find security, quality of the pasture, the condition of the water, the storm in the sky, the direction of the horizon. That is where they find their security. Jesus says, ha I longed to gather you and bring you in and be a shepherd.

And even though we will walk through the valley of the shadow of death together you will fear no evil, because I am your security your firm foundation. The cornerstone. If you would reach out and take a hold of him, he will sozo you, make you whole. Insecure people become secure when they build their lives in Jesus. So we close your eyes and here is my sense. My sense is that some of you here today and today is your day of salvation. Today is your day of security, putting your faith and your trust in the Lord Jesus. Today is your day to just say to Jesus, probably there is some of you have been journeying with us for a while, today is the day to cross the line. To say Jesus, I choose to build my life upon you as the rock. I choose you as the cornerstone.

I no longer trust in the things of this world. I trust in you, Jesus. And I believe that you died for me, you rose again, and that in you I am made whole. So some of you today is your day just reach out and take all the Jesus. Say, Jesus I receive you. I make you my cornerstone and my foundation. Today is your day of salvation. My sense is that some of you are making that step right now. He is becoming your good shepherd. Instead of just an interesting guy, he is becoming the savior of your world. And then my sense would be that there is a lot of us here who are followers of Jesus but man we feel insecure. My sense would be there are some of us that we use a lot of anger and religion and success to cover up the insecurities inside of us.

There is a cornerstone somewhere down in there, but we have piled so much sand upon it, that we have forgotten what it feels like to put our feet on the firm rock and stand strong. And I think Jesus wants to set you free. And so yesterday right before the first service, I felt like the Lord just gave me this picture to invite those of you with insecurity, who feel insecure in this life, to stand up as a sign of faith like that woman reaching out and taking a hold of Jesus to be healed and made whole from her flow of blood. And so with everybody is eyes closed, here is my invitation to you. If you feel any insecurities in your life, will you just stand up as a sign of faith right where you are. Do not worry about anybody else. Only stand up if you mean it. Do not let insecurity keep you from actually standing up, because no one is looking at you.

See there is something about responding and faith to God that releases his power in our lives. And as silly as it is to stand up in a chair what it is, is it is saying Jesus you lay down in the grave so I can stand up in you. And so I choose to reach out and take a hold of the one who will make me whole. And so maybe right now in your own way we just confess those insecurities to Jesus. Holy spirit, show us where they are. Maybe it is, Lord I am insecure in the way I look. I am insecure about my marriage. I am insecure about my kids or my finances, I am insecure about my health, my success. What is it that you are insecure confess that to him, because as you are confessing that to him the layers of sand are blowing away and you are getting down to the rock, the cornerstone, your firm foundation in Jesus. And just as that woman’s faith released his power in her life I believe right now, your faith is releasing his power in your life.

So, holy spirit would you just move in the lives of every person that by faith has stood up, would you break off the shackles and the bondage, the things that we trust in in this world, the items that ensnare us, the things that have held us down, the things that make us afraid, the things that we are chronically conscious and looking towards, would you break those things off in the name of Jesus and set us free, that we may look to the one the name above all names, the cornerstone of our lives, the God who died for us that we might live free. Would you release sozo all over this room. Not only salvation, but healing and a wholeness in you would you renew our minds to help us know that we are complete in you which means we are no longer incomplete in us.

We look past the jar of clay and we look to the treasure inside. And we say treasure glow. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Can you see that flame burning inside of you, that is your security. That is your security. Thank you Lord, for releasing a new measure of security over our lives right now. So everyone else we just stand to your feet. Thank you Lord Jesus, that you move in this place that you move in our lives that you break bondages and you set us free. And we choose to say there is no other name above the name of Jesus in this church, in this family, and in our lives. You are the name by which we must be saved, made secure and whole, and we reach out and grab you today Jesus. Listen, some of you is just a picture. I got some of you are reaching out with one hand to grab Jesus and you are holding on to the insecurity in the other hand. Stop covering yourself and reach out with both hands and grab him expose yourself to Jesus that you might find freedom in him.

Hey, if you are here and you need prayer, let these people pray for you. Let them minister to you, do not leave this place, if you need a miracle let their faith release his power in your life. For those of you that want to give tithes and offerings, that are boxes at all the doors as part of our worship and our response to God. If you are new to Valley Creek, I would love to invite you right out here. Our leaders will be in there, we would love to say hi to you and get central but I pray you go, secure with the cornerstone, and his name is Jesus. I love you.

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