The Journey Of Discipleship


Being a disciple of Jesus means we are becoming more like Jesus. We have to be in a personal relationship with Jesus, if we want to become like him because discipleship happens through relationship.

Hey Valley Creek Students it is a great day to be at circles because this weekend we continued our series Becoming where we are talking about discipleship.

Big word. A word we don’t use too often in our day to day lives, but we should because being a disciple of Jesus just means that we are becoming more like Jesus. When you are a disciple of someone you are learning from them, they are teaching you how to be like themselves. And we can choose whether we want to be a disciple of this world, become more like celebrities and influencers which is what we are doing when we give them our time and allow them to influence what we do, or we can be disciples of Jesus. Where we learn from him how to live free as a beloved daughter or son.

And the process of discipleship is the distance between Who you are in Jesus and how you are actually living your life. The space between here is where we need to be discipled. We need to learn this from Jesus, and from others until these two things are brought into alignment.

And last week we introduced the question – who are you becoming? And off last week I heard that some of us struggled to answer this question and it’s tough because it means you have to have a vision for your life and your personhood beyond school and friends and grades and family. Some of us aren’t there yet, and that’s okay, but at some point we all WILL have to answer that question, or else we are giving the authority of who we are and who we will one day be to someone else. So Valley Creek Students, in Jesus name let’s take authority for who we are becoming.

This week we talked about how discipleship happens through relationship. That discipleship, following and becoming like Jesus, is not about a bunch of stuff we can’t do. It’s not about a bunch of stuff we do not have to do, it’s not about knowing your bible better than everyone else, discipleship is not about how much theology minutiae that you can rattle off, all of that completely misses the point. We have to be in a personal relationship with Jesus, if we want to become like Jesus.

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All of that is to say, guys catch this, all of our “Christian activity” is meant to lead you to having an experience with God that changes you. That’s the only point to all of this. And wrongly we have believed that we can become like God, without God, that we can have the things of God without God, that we are content learning more about God, without God. Let’s just call it what it is, that’s religion. Jesus doesn’t want your religion; he wants a relationship with you.

He wants to be involved in your life, in the big stuff, in the small stuff, and in every situation, he wants to show you his heart. And we say things like “I want to be more like Jesus” or “I want to carry hope” and all of those things are amazing and how we get there is by spending so much time with Jesus. Understanding the depth of his heart for you that wherever you go you carry that understanding of his heart. So, when you go out into your life you know what his heart is for that person or that situation. You have spent so much time in the presence of God that it rewires your brain to see things from his perspective.

I think the unique challenge that you are going to face in this is that the world around us is so fast, so instant, same day delivery on amazon, someone else can grocery shop for me and I just drive by, that we all want the “being like Jesus” result but few are willing to have the patience to time and time again for time upon time to sit in his presence, to be with God, privately, in a way that gets no recognition from others, that’s not instagramable. But that is the only way that we are truly transformed, through real relationship.

Check this out… (videos)

So, let me ask it like this when was the last time you enjoyed God? Not in a church building. Without the help of anyone else. Just you and him. When was the last time you liked God for who he was, not for what you wanted him to be or what you wanted him to do?

Before we go to our discussion, for the next 90 seconds, we are going to just enjoy God. You can journal, pray, or you can just sit there in his presence. and when it’s done your tables will take over, and the silence might be a little strange and that’s okay, but God is here, and God wants a real relationship with you. So, for the next 90 seconds, can we just give him our full attention, no agenda, nothing to do, except be with him? Here we go.

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