When The Fire Goes Out


The heart work is the hard work.

What’s up Valley Creek Students and welcome to Student Circles. We are in week 2 of our Heart of a King series and I just need you to know that this is super important for us.. like Big important..

This series is about King David and what it looks like to live with the heart of a king. During this series we have invited you to join us for the reading plan as we go through 1 & 2 Samuel together and see the heart of a king played out in David’s life.

We were created to live with the heart of a king, to live a life that is royal and noble. Last week we learned that living royal is not elite and selfish, but it’s humble and selfless. And Jesus is the greatest example we have for what it looks like to live with the heart of a king. Someone who was selfless and uplifted those around him and was the greatest servant.

One of his greatest messages to us was to Repent. He said it all the time, repent the kingdom of God is here. Change your mind, there’s a better way to live. So as we continue with this message can we even right now position our hearts to maybe think differently? Because the heart of a king is the heart of passion.

Look at 1 Samuel 13:14 …

David was now called to live a life of passion, to engage in the battle, to help create the future..

And I need you to hear this.. so are YOU.

David had passion didn’t he? As a shepherd when a lion approached his sheep, he didn’t run scared, he attacked it head on and won. On a different day a bear tries to do the same thing.. What does David do? He doesn’t run scared, he attacks it head on, & defeats it. Later it would be Goliath, and what does David do? He doesn’t run scared even though the entire Israeli army was doing exactly that, David picked up his 5 smooth stones and attacked Goliath head on and won.. David had the heart of a king, a heart of passion. One that created the future and echoed hope.

So we know it’s totally a heart thing right .. but what about all those verses in the Bible that say things like

When you love God with ALL you heart (Luke 10:27)
When you seek God with ALL your heart (Deuteronomy 4:29)
Whatever your hand finds to do it with ALL your might (ec 9:10)

It’s not just a heart thing, it’s an ALL YOUR HEART thing, in other words, a heart that is full of passion.

The problem is, we cannot be both apathetic and passionate about something at the same time. In Fact, Apathy is kryptonite to your passion. Apathy wants to steal your passion.

And if we are honest in this last season a lot of things have happened and a lot has changed and things are not the way maybe we hoped or expected and maybe you have allowed some apathy in your own heart in this season. How do you know you’re apathetic? When you’re no longer doing it with your whole heart. When you are no longer passionate about it. Passion literally means something you are willing to suffer for. What are you passionate about?

Do you get hype about coming to student circles? Or do your parents have to help you see the value? Do you get hype about getting into the presence of God, or do you barely engage. In other words, are you in the game? Or you have moved over to the sidelines? Maybe even out into the stands? Or worse you’ve taken off the jersey and just gone home?

And the thing is, it’s super easy to want to blame everyone else for our apathy isn’t it? Like, it’s the corona virus that took everything away from me and ruined my school experience, it’s my parents who don’t understand me, it’s the way someone treated me at church..

I mean fill in the blank we can come up with a thousand reasons, but our outside circumstances don’t have authority over our internal realities unless we give it to them.

Apathy is something we allow in our hearts. That’s why Proverbs 4:23 says to Guard your heart

When you have a heart of passion you live for the good of others and the glory of God, but when you allow apathy in your heart you start to use others for your good and your own glory.

You are generation HOPE. A generation that refuses to be defined by anything other than the hope of Jesus. So let’s choose passion and kick apathy to the curb.

Here’s 3 thoughts from the weekend message to help us do that.

Do the Heart Work
Once David realizes his apathy, he does the heart work.

Look at Psalm 51:12,14

David realizes that sin puts the fire of passion out in his life so he CONFESSES and REPENTS. The hard work is the heart work. Being willing to acknowledge, confess and repent from those things in your life that are stealing your passion. Whatever it is that you’re allowing in your life, it’s not worth it. Maybe it’s something you have kept hidden, but it’s stealing your passion, it’s not worth it. Let’s confess and repent, let’s live with the heart of a king, fully engaged and full of passion.

The Second Thought was Do what you used to do
David went back and started doing all of the things he once did when he was passionate. Think about when you were most passionate about Jesus. What were you doing in that season? Probably engaging the Bible regularly, probably walking with some godly relationships in a small group, probably worshipping regularly, I mean think about it. Whatever you were doing before that led to your passion, let’s go back and do those things again.

Are you more passionate today about Jesus than before? Or was there a time when you were more hype to invite friends to church? Was there a time when you found more joy in the word of God then you get from social media and Netflix? Was there a time when you were more excited to pray for your friends at school and now maybe not so much?

Wherever you have accidentally moved to the sidelines, the stands or maybe even just left the game altogether, let’s go back and do what we used to do when we were full of passion. And let’s get in the game because the heart of a king is a heart that is fully engaged.

Last thought is Move Forward in faith
I know it’s easy to let our emotions lead us. Our culture often makes it feel like our feelings are truth. If I feel this way, then it’s ok. But letting our emotions lead the way is not how we move forward. We move forward by faith.. it’s the difference between faking it, and faithing it. I may not feel like coming to church, or going to student circles or reading my bible or praying for a friend or whatever it is.. but by faith I’m going to obey and choose to align my heart with God’s. And as I activate my faith, walk in obedience one next step at a time, I start to move forward. I start to fill my heart with passion once again. I start to walk with confidence and purpose way bigger than anything else I do with my life again. As I activate my faith and choose to obey, I am re-engaging in the battle, I’m getting off the sideline and back into the game, I am kicking APATHY out of my heart and choosing passion instead.

Let’s not live down to the world, let’s live up to the kingdom. You were created to live with the heart of a king, a heart full of passion. You long for it, you crave it. You have destiny written all over your life and if you choose passion over apathy you ‘ll have it.

So Wherever you are today on your journey, let’s choose to do the heart work as we confess & repent, let’s go back and do what we used to do when we were once passionate and let’s move forward in faith, choosing to activate our faith and fill our hearts with passion once again.

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