When You Have No King


How you make decisions is way more important than what the decision actually is.

What’s up Valley Creek students and welcome to Student Circles. We are in our series called the Ancient future: practicing the way of Jesus. Where in order to move forward, we actually need to look back, look back to Jesus’ ways that he laid out for us 2,000 years ago that have been proven tried and true by those who have walked before, and are still the only way forward in this modern world. So pull out your PBJ, and let’s check this out together.
Okay guys, this is really important. You are in a season where there are an endless amount of decisions. What should I do with my free time? What friends should I have? How much of a priority should I make school? What kind of dynamic do I want with my family? How much integrity do I do my school work with? Should I get an after school job? What college should I go to? Should I date this person? And like we just said…. HOW you make the decision is way more important than WHAT the decision actually is. And if you start making decisions with God, start doing decisions God’s way, and you like really learn this, you are going to be able to do it for the rest of your life. And it first starts with how you answer the question – who is Lord? Am I Lord of my own life where I get to make my own decisions, or is Jesus Lord? And after that, is just going through the filters. Does it align with his word? Does Godly counsel confirm it? Is it a sacred echo? Does it require faith? And does it lead me to Jesus? So let’s get really practical in here, so we can go and live it out there. Let’s turn to our tables, and talk about it.

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