Who Are You Becoming?


God shapes our lives just like the potter shapes the clay through these 4 ways: The Word of God, The Spirit of God, The People of God, and The Circumstances of Life. We get to choose who we are becoming, we get to choose life as a disciple.

What’s up Valley Creek Students and welcome to Student Circles. And this weekend we launched a brand-new series Becoming, Life As A Disciple. And man, all I can tell you is that if you missed it , wow, you need to go back and watch because Pastor John was dropping Spiritual bombs every two seconds like a spiritual captain marvel and my pen couldn’t even keep up with all the revelation. Like my pen was melting just trying to keep up.
But here’s some of the amazing revelation that we received on Sunday.
And he continued to drop ridiculous amounts of fire and revelation of what it means to be a disciple, and who we are becoming in Jesus. But to bring it all together he gave us this analogy right here in Jeremiah. Check it out.
And here’s the 4 ways that God shapes our lives just like the potter shapes the clay. I want you to write these down:
· The Word of God – In 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that the word of God shapes and molds us and teaches us who we are in Jesus. It’s absolutely foundational
· The Spirit of God – In John 16:8 we see that the Holy Spirit points us to Jesus, and because he’s the spirit of truth he convicts us and reminds us when we are living below who we are in Jesus, that those things don’t define us, Jesus does. Then He leads us back to our relationship with Him.
· The People of God – In Ephesians 4:15 that when the people of God speak the truth in love, we become mature. We start to become who we are in Jesus. And even though it’s super easy to push people away, and nobody likes to be corrected, we need each other, it’s God’s design
· The Circumstances of life – God will use all the pressures of this world to help us call on God and look to him. The same way the potter is intentional, and gentle and purposeful, God will use circumstances to help shape your life too.
And the thing about all of this is that if you don’t have the first 3, when the circumstances of life show up, they will crush you. But when you do have all 3 of these active in your life, everything that comes at you helps you become who you already are in Jesus, a disciple.
So, Valley Creek Students, this is who God has destined you to be, a disciple. Let’s talk about it.

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