You Are Anointed For This


Because of Jesus you are anointed for this. You are anointed to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for captives, to release from darkness the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, to rebuild ancient ruins, to restore places devastated for generations, and to receive a double portion.

What’s up everybody I am so glad that you are here
It is MVMNT Night – a night dedicated to activating hope in our lives and in our generation, Because we are? *Gen Hope* A generation that refuses to be defined by anything other than the hope of Jesus
And right now there are students gathering in 4 different cities in the region and online coming together & that’s worth celebrating… Denton you need Flower Mound and Flower Mound you need Gainesville and Gainesville you need Lewisville and Lewisville you need online if we are going to be a Movement of Hope.
I want to start tonight by asking you a question…
What is your purpose in life?
– If you had to answer, what would you say?
– It’s a big question
In the past few weeks, I talked to some of you all about this and this is what you had to say…
I asked the question: When people say “your purpose in life” they mean…
– Living your best life
– Being the best version of you
– Relying on yourself
– Getting what you want
– Following societal standards
I asked if you could ask God one question about your future what would it be and I got
– What will my job be?
– Where will I live?
– Will I find love?
– Will I ever connect with my family?
– Will I still be going to church?
Someone told me “I know what I want, but it’s hard to figure out if it’s what God wants too”
Someone in 8th grade told me that they feel an immense amount of pressure from their teachers to already know what career they are going to pursue (don’t know, won’t take right classes, won’t get into right college)

I remember coming to church as a student & hearing about God’s plan for my life so I merged those two thoughts together and genuinely believed that I could miss God’s plan for my life. That God has one very specific plan for my life and if I somehow made the wrong decision about what college, who to date, how I should major, that I was on my own.
And I thought that if I could just get God to tell me what job I was going to have & who I was going to marry then I would be set.
Which makes sense because in the Bible Jesus went up to Peter at the Sea of Galilee and said “hey man, I’m God, just btw, you… are a fisherman, your welcome”, walked away, never saw him again. Yes? No. Or what about when Jesus told a crowd of 5,000 people who their spouse was going to be and then immediately ascended into heaven? Or what about whenever Jesus made the blind man a millionaire??? NO! That is not what happened! But isn’t that how we sometimes wish Jesus would talk to us? Tell us what we want to know, give us the things we want, and then leave us alone to live our life?
A trap that I see a lot of people fall into is to spend their life trying to answer the world’s questions with Jesus but don’t ever get to a place where they pay attention to the questions that Jesus is asking.
And it took me a while to realize this and sorry to break it to you…God never promises you a fulfilling career. Jesus never promises you a relationship. The Bible never promises you worldly success and if that’s disappointing to you it shows you that maybe your vision of your life is too small & maybe your view of God is too small because what he DOES promise is so much better.
Let me show you what a God sized dream is for your life: Isaiah 61
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, rebuild the ancient ruins and renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. You will be called priests of the Lord, you will be named ministers of our God. You will receive a double portion…and everlasting joy will be yours.
Everybody say I’m anointed.
Anointed is a funny word we don’t use it too often but in the Old Testament when someone was anointed, oil was poured all over them to symbolize that God was with them. & They got that from shepherds. What do shepherds take care of? *sheep*
These are sheep. Bugs from the field would get in their fur, crawl into their ears and eyes, and burrow in their brain. The bugs would be eating the sheep’s brain and it would hurt them so much that they would start banging their heads against rocks to try to get the pain to stop but would crack their skulls and die. Shepherds noticed that all of their sheep were dying, so they started covering them in oil so that the bugs would slide right off.
That is a picture of what Jesus does for us.
Jesus is the Good Shepherd and when we are with him, the bugs of the world that try to burrow in our brain have to slide right off. The bugs that tell you that you are not good enough, unwanted, unlovable, the ones that cause so much pain that you start slamming your head into a rock (things that actually hurt you more because you don’t know what else to do) things like substance abuse and self-harm and toxic relationships. Jesus saw that his sheep were dying and that he was anointed to…
(Isaiah 61)
– Where you feel there is never enough, Jesus says I am more than enough.
– where others have abandoned you, Jesus says I am always with you.
– Where sin wants to keep you trapped and tell you that this is all there is to life, Jesus took your sin and all of darkness upon himself so you could be free.
– Nothing is too far gone that Jesus can’t repair.
– no matter what you’ve done or what you do God is supernaturally working all things for your good
– not only does he save you from hell, he adopted you into his very own family and calls you his beloved son or daughter.
The world says the bugs are inevitable, accept that depression, that anxiety, accept that anger, keep pushing people away, live your truth. Keep banging your head against that rock, don’t move forward in life, settle for just surviving till you graduate. And guys that was me, I was banging my head against the rock of self-harm and broken relationships from the bugs that told me I was too far gone, that I had messed up too much for God to still want, I settled on just making it through high school but Jesus got ahold of me, he did this for me and for the first time I was able to look up, take a breath, look into the loving eyes of my good shepherd and let him lead me into a life I never thought was possible.
He is anointed.
For someone here today – it’s time to trust Jesus for yourself. It’s time to stop living like a sheep without a shepherd and come home. Because God has a bigger purpose for your life than banging your head against a rock – let me tell you about it.
Everyone say anointed. In the OT, priests and kings were anointed with oil, oil was poured on their head to signify that God was with them, and they were now qualified, empowered, given the authority to serve and lead people. When someone was anointed God made everything, they did it successfully because they were doing it for him. They were someone that God was using to change the world around them. Now, because of Jesus, that’s not just for a select few – this is what the Bible says about you-
Rev 1:6 He has made us kings and priests unto our God (we were all created for purpose)
1 Cor 3:9 For we are co-workers in God’s service (that we are invited to partner with him in what he is doing)
John 13:15 I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.
Good news guys. When the world is trying to stress you out with figuring out how you are going to be significant, you have a God given purpose whether you go to community college or A&M. You have a purpose if you are a doctor or work at Walmart. Whether you get married, don’t get married, go to college, don’t go to college – If you are following Jesus, you can’t miss God’s plan for your life because Jesus is God’s plan for your life & you might have a purpose in the world, but being anointed means that your first purpose is unto God. What he wants to do in the world comes before what the world wants to do with you.
And what he wants to do in the world is exactly what he did for you (IS 61)
To bring good news to the poor
This might be those in physical poverty, but there are more people living in spiritual poverty than financial. Do you know someone at school who acts out? Either for attention and they’re labeled the annoying kid or gets in trouble a lot and is labeled as the rebel? They are trying to get something from others that they can only get from Jesus. They Are poor in spirit. Living like there isn’t enough and they have to take all the love and attention they can get their hands on. You are anointed to speak good news into their life. It’s good news because they are living in a place where they are always expecting bad news. Poverty mindset is waiting for the next shoe to drop, there’s not going to be enough money, no one is going to accept me, you get to be maybe the first person to give them good news of Jesus, yes, but more than what you say, show them the good news of Jesus by how you treat them.
To bind up the brokenhearted
It could be from a breakup, or a family tragedy, or a hard circumstance, but they walk around with the pieces of their heart in their hands that have been shattered and maybe they try to fix it with toxic relationships or cover it with an attitude, but you are anointed to speak the love of God that can literally begin to mend sorrow in the human heart.

To proclaim freedom for captives & release from darkness the prisoners
In America, the Emancipation Proclamation is what outlawed slavery. It said, “that all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” Boom, once and for all, they were free. But there was no cell phones or internet, so a lot of people stayed in slavery after they had been declared free, because no one had told them yet.
We all start off as slaves to sin and death because without Jesus we have no choice but to obey it. But in his death and resurrection he once and for all ended our slavery and set us free. But some people don’t know because no one has ever told them! They’re still living captive to an addiction to pornography, a prisoner to self-harm, a slave to gossip because they don’t know another way of living. But in Jesus name you are anointed to tell them!
To Proclaim the year of the Lord’s Favor
Favor means that God is for you, that he supernaturally works on your behalf to bring good things into your life. There is no such thing as a coincidence in the Kingdom of God. It was God who brought that opportunity into your life. It was God who reconciled that relationship. There are people who feel like everything and everyone is against them, you get to tell them that God is for them.
To rebuild ancient ruins, restore places devastated for generations
There are things that people think are beyond repair but in Jesus, nothing is too far gone, and you are anointed to rebuild them. You can rebuild the city of faith for your family. You can rebuild a culture of kindness for your friend group. You can restore hope in a hopeless situation. You can rebuild someone’s ruined self-esteem; you can rebuild a relationship between two people when they’ve said there’s been too much damage.
And this is where we need each other. If I had to build a house alone it would take my whole life. But if you all helped me, we could get it done pretty quick. A Movement is when unique individuals submit their time, talent, and resources to a common vision for an exponential impact. If you’ve got friends here, you need to figure out your vision for what you are building. If you are trying to rebuild something you need friends here so they can help you.
To receive a Double portion
– One of the best moments in life is at chipotle when you pay for one scoop of guac and they give you two. When you pay for a kids ice cream cone but they are out of those and have to give you a double scoop for free.
– Being anointed and walking in it is the double scoop of life. Because not only do you see him be good to you, you see him be good to others. You don’t just see him restore things in your life you see him do it in others as well. Living for more than yourself is double the relationship, its double the revelation, its double the freedom, and it’s your purpose in life.

I asked some of you all to tell me about a moment when you knew you were living in your purpose.
● A high school guy told me about a time when he prayed over a random woman at a dollar store. That’s when he felt most purposeful in life.
● Another guy told me about how he is the captain of his football team and his team was losing really bad. He huddled them up together and prayed. And he told me “Even if we didn’t win, I fulfilled my purpose as a leader because I brought my team together”.
● A girl told me she is most operating in her purpose when she serves in Kids ministry.
● Another girl told me that it’s when she shares what she has been learning at church with her friends.
● Another student told me it was when every day they decided to talk to an atheist at their school about God between classes and now that person is going on mission trips.
These students get it. These are middle school and high school students who see their whole life as being used by God. They understand that little things they do because they are anointed have massive kingdom impact. They don’t want to graduate high school and only have stories about friends and grades, they’re going to talk about how they lead their teacher to Jesus, how their family started coming to church because they kept asking, how they invited the weird kid to church, that kid finds Jesus and tells them that the day they invited them they were planning on going home and ending their life. I know of a friend group that decided to rebuild faith in their school by coming early and reading their bibles by the front door so everyone could see. I know of a student who when they were in middle school struggled with depression, found Jesus in high school, and now are studying to be a school counselor to help others.
Here in a moment, you’re going to have an opportunity to respond to what God has been saying to you tonight. Maybe you’re here and you realized that you have never let Jesus bind up your broken heart. Maybe you feel like you have been living in darkness and for the first time heard that you don’t have to anymore. Maybe you feel like you’ve been banging your head against a rock from all the bugs that have burrowed in your brain and you need to receive the anointing that Jesus is offering. Maybe you’ve never actually trusted him for yourself. In a moment you are going to head to the back of the room, there will be leaders there to pray for you, and they have something they want to give you.
Then, if you are here and you know that it’s time to stop living for yourself, it’s time to start seeing your life as a part of something bigger, it’s time to take some authority and grow in belief that you really can have an impact, if you’re ready to make what God is doing in the world more important than what the world wants to do with you, if you want to join God is rescuing people from darkness and rebuild things people thought were too far gone, in a moment, there will be leaders at the front, they have something to give you & as a sign of faith you have to go up to one of them and take a hold of it.
Hey – you are anointed for this. But it’s a get to not a have to. So, don’t move just because everyone else is. If you move, let it be a line in the sand moment where you know there is no going back. 3,2,1… go.

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